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    one of the first reviews i read about this show

    By arsnel, Oct 29, 2011

    the first review i read said they went back to much filling in bits and bobs but if u ask me the best bit are when they fill in and the only reason the last few episodes have had load of fillers is becuase there being canceled and there trying to relase whole seasons in one episode so they have to do loads of filler all at once bucuace they can't do them later on still can't belive its getting canceled

    oh and realy can't wait to see what they have planed for the movie about atlantis season there still waiting for the go ahead but sounds great "exstingtion" it been Mothballed but there still a chane and the other movie i waiting to sdee about is "stargate revolution" also mothballed but still a chance well they have to do somthing after univse so they probaly will wait a while before doing anything elsemoreless

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    Finally the Stargate series it should of been.

    By Darkflame2006, Jun 02, 2011

    Just a shame it's too late.

    Reading through the reviews over the last couple of episodes about how upset and surprised people are at the show being canceled, i simply can't believe how many people have forgotten how bad the first season actually was.

    It was so boring, non sci-fi and soap operaish that i was surprised it even got the green light for season 2.

    TV shows get canceled (before their time) all the time, a few good ones i can think of off the top of my head is SG Atlantis and The Dead Zone, it's nothing new, i've kinda got use to it.

    And after the terrible first season of Universe, it comes as no surprise that it is facing the end so soon.

    May this be a lesson to all writers out there - grab the attention (of the majority of the audience) from the get go and avoid having such a slow and boring story build up for the entire first season.

    Now correct me if i'm wrong but i believe the majority of the previous Stargate show audiences loved the shows for their strong likable characters, uplifting humor, it's wonderfully written sci-fi ideas and finally the daily use of the awesome Stargate (ya know the whole premise to the creation of the show?)

    All these elements were severely lacking in the entire first season of Universe and that is what concreted its downfall from day one.

    With all that said as we come to the end of Universe i can't help but feel robbed and teased at the same time of how great the show could of been if it was allowed to live longer. Not just because i was forced to endure the crappiness of season 1 but also because i'm now going to lose the awesomeness that has been created towards the end of series 2 (it got good from the point where they opened the Bridge and gained most of the control of the ship).

    But hey, i guess that's just show business. Give the audience what they want straight away or get canned early.

    May the next incarnation of the Stargate series live long(er) and prosper.moreless

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    It simply boils down to...

    By Exavion, Jun 02, 2011

    Money. It's business. The show is being cancelled because its not being viewed enough. It sucks, but what can we do? SGU ranks among the top shows of all time (for the second season at least) but even if it was the best show every created by humanity, if it still got low ratings (it goes over the heads of a lot of people) it would get axed.

    I can't entirely blame the executives and suits. They aren't in it to go broke. I blame the people for not watching better quality entertainment. I can't believe how popular crappy reality TV and WWE is.moreless

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    Watching in wonder how well the storyline is unfolding ... and having the same thoughts as all the others on how could this show be cancelled vs. the reality garbage that is shown ...

    By 777_CB, May 04, 2011

    ... As previously mentioned - not an exciting episode, but really cool in seeing from where the community developed. Small things - like the wooden bowls on the tables ... very well done! Still - some intrigue in what Rush was up to again - on his own mission - but for the greater good. It is really sad to see this one go as the actors are perfect for their characters & the storytelling has been fantastic over the last dozen-or-so episodes. I watch many different TV shows (never reality nor sitcoms) and many times it's 'merely on'. This one, I sit back & really watch it!!!moreless

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    Why oh why is this show getting canned?

    By Shredmastahflux, May 01, 2011

    We all know Universe had a rocky start. Some episodes in season 1 were just plain bad, but no one in their right mind can deny the show has made a complete 180. Ever since it came back for the 2nd half of season 2 its like a whole new show. This episode was no exception, as we got to see how things would of played out/did play out for the destiny crew if they were stranded. Most of it was pretty predictable with all the hookups, babies, etc etc but it was still very interesting to see how they built a society from the ground up. I especially liked how Eli became a teacher.. talk about setting your future generations on the right track with knowledge lol. Overall not exactly an 'exciting' episode but it was very entertaining to watch and it finally.. finally feels like a Stargate show. My final words for this review are a big F U to syfy or whatever they call themselves these days with their WWE and reality crap. We need a new sci fi channel to pick up the slack and not cancel every decent show..moreless

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    As with all good shows story lines get intense towards the end of the season. This is a seriousley good show now.

    By cerberouse, Apr 30, 2011

    How could you possibly watch this episode and not constantly be woundering "holy s**t whats gonna happen next". How the hell can they be cancelling this show ? The visuals are epic and convincing, now theyve actually got into the Sci-Fi thing this is a seriousley watchable series and the possibilities for what could be coming up in the future is unbelievable. You cant help but watch these last episodes and be both intrigued by whats going on and totally pissed that some dumbass behind a desk somewhere thinks that this has no future. They decided to cancel half way through season 2, but they'ed already seen what we hadn't and they decided to cancel ? what dumbass makes these desicions ?moreless

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