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    This IS my favourite Stargate series, I still hope they will pick it up again ...

    By smolenicandre, Dec 11, 2014

    ... and judging from where they left off I think the series could be resurrected (that is IF they can get the band (actors) back together). Fingers crossed

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    Great show

    By sremnes, Dec 05, 2014

    Its a show just as good as the other Stargate serieses, great acting, great story, it should have survived much longer than Atlantis, but thanks to "fans" of the other Stargate shows it didnt. What a shame, but they got what was coming when the producers said "ok you dont want any more Stargate, then alright, we wont make the planned Movies. Its Your own fault.

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    Stargate; A Mercy Kill

    By Whimbi, Nov 22, 2014

    It seems that after they announced its cancellation that creators Brad Wright and Robert Cooper placed the blame for its failure on disgruntled Stargate fans who sabotaged its chances, how petty.

    It didn't fail because Stragate fans were throwing a hissy fit it failed because it was a god-AWFUL show; it was bleak, depressing, gloomy and thought just because it had sex and shaky cam it was an "adult" show. The characters were flat, unlikable and underdeveloped which was unfortunate in a "character-driven" show because there was no plot so to speak of and even less momentum.

    I loved the stargate series and grew up watching it and admit I wasn't pleased with the crappy ending that Atlantis got but I didn't fly into a rage and childishly decide to boycott the syfy channel, I gave Universe a chance and found it genuinely painful to watch.

    This was a show that desperately wanted the Peabody-winning prestige of BSG but simply did not have the talent to back it up, put quite simply the writers and creators of the stargate franchise were hacks which was all well and good when they were paddling in the shallow end, the Stargate series is a pretty low bar; it's a formulaic, adventure of the week, black and white morality, unimaginative, flamboyant space-opera with silly, unrealistic characters and simplistic contrived plots but it's fun and easy to watch, like a western or a buddy-cop show in space "popcorn for the brain", much like StarTrek but less saccharine...

    Also I have to admit the way the creators treated their loyal fans of over fifteen years is nothing short of shameful and actually WOULD possibly discourage me from watching anything they would have a hand in, in the future. Cooper and Wright pretty much came out and said that they wanted to attract a, for want of a another term "better" audience, and were "moving in a different direction, away from stargate fans" and essentially that disgruntled Atlantis fans should basically suck it up and stop whining because they "didn't matter" and then as soon as this abysmal show tanked,

    They turn around and childishly point the finger at the decade-plus fans who apparently didn't matter to begin with

    Long story short this show was a plotless mess with lackluster characters, a dumb premise, crappy cinematography (I LOVED the "gritty" and worn design of destiny in stark contrast to the sterile and ascetic ships seen elsewhere in the franchise, but it was so DAMN dark, and that over-used "found footage" style, seriously?) and delusions of grandeur a show that wanted to be adult but didn't seem to know how to make that happen


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    Why Oh Why

    By mothershaboo, Oct 11, 2014

    Still to this day I cant believe they cancelled this show, one of the best sci-fi shows out there, which was going to rejuvenate the Stargate franchise.

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    revivle time.

    By Jonkat2020, Sep 22, 2014

    Ok! This is gone to far now, they have been between universes long enough now. It is time to bring them back to finish the series off. This is ridiculous, a lot of very good Syfy shows come on and get going then a year or two into it they cancel. Sometimes it is about content not numbers. This is a classic and now it needs to be revived. Start now, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it,moreless

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    How will I cope without my fav tv characters!

    By TVanimal, Jun 04, 2014

    When does SGU fit into the Stargate Universe chronologically? I've just started to re-watch the show and I can't remember. Is it after Atlantis (the city) returns to earth in the SGA finale?

    Whatever the answer, I was gutted that fan favourites from SG1 and SGA did not have more of a presence on the show interspersed with the new crew. Surely it would have made sense for Daniel Jackson, Rodney McKay and Sam Carter to be next to the communication stones at least once in it's run, especially given their experience and knowledge of Ancient systems and language. Dr Rush had the knowledge but none of the experience, Eli was a college drop-out who got lucky and everyone else went around without a clue and getting caught up in the machinations of the military / IOA / Lucian alliance etc. Maybe I'm selfish for wanting to see more of the fan favourites than a fresh-faced cast but I can't help but think that more appearances by familiar faces could only have helped with ratings etc.moreless

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    Save SGU!

    By VanessaSchrap, May 27, 2014

    It ended just when it was on its best. So sad.

    Please help to revive this amazing show on Netflix. You can visit a Petition under change. org

    We have almost 70.000 signatures, but need more!

    Sign the petition, we are close!

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    Michael Cr

    By michaelcere5, May 15, 2014

    Michael Cr

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    Save Stargate Universe

    By Ares1369, Apr 28, 2014

    This Show Is Amazing And Should Never Have Been Cancelled

    I wanted to let you know about the fan petition to save stargate universe. I will include links to the pages mentioned so you may see for yourselves. The petition was started by Richard Dickenson in an attempt to unite fans and save a great show. The petition has grown to over 63,000 signatures and now has an official facebook page with over 3,000 likes. The signatures on the petition include members of the cast and members of the cast of stargate atlantis. Screen shots of this can be found on the facebook page. People from all over the world are signing this petition and creating a global movement in an attempt to save a wonderful show that was cancelled due to false ratings. All of the info and stats can be found listed in the petition. There are and stats that MGM did not have at the time when they decided to cancel the show. Thank you ~R


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    Please come back

    By ekim726, Mar 01, 2014

    I watched the show again with my son and I really want them to revive this show. I forgot how much I love this show and miss it. I hope it can be revived into a few more seasons and not a movie where it ends. Please give us more Stargate!

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