Starsky And Hutch

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  • Hutch: I'm Hutch. (points to Starsky) He's Starsky.

  • Hutch: You know, there's something you ought to know about Starsky and me. We're not like most partners. There's the one guy who's kinda folksy, the guy who wants the best for everybody, the 'Pat O'Brien' kinda guy. And then there's the rough'em-up, hardnosed kinda guy. Well, that doesn't work for Starsky and me. See, we're both hardnosed, Rolly. And we don't like it when people don't give us everything we want.

  • Starsky: (bangs bar top with a platter) All right, folks, all right! Time we set up some new lines of communication here. Now, you all know me an' Hutch. That's Hutch over there. And you all know we're cops. And we know you know. And we know that you don't like us. But, gang, that's the way it is. So, all day long, everybody's been lookin' at us, like we were Lazurus. The day after. And it's starting to get to us. You follow? So, that's the question...what's so special about two cops patroling the same district they've been patroling for the past three years? Now, somebody in here's got the answer. And that's what we wanna find out. You see, if each one of you would be so good as to write down what you think might be the answer--no names are necessary, 25 words or less will do, neatness and originality will be taken into consideration. Bar floozy : What's for first prize? Starsky: A 100,000 units of penicillin, sweetheart. Share it with your friends.

  • Starsky: You still seeing what's-her-name? Hutch: Sure. Still seeing what's-her-name. Took her to the whatchamacallit. Gave her my thingamajig. Starsky: (laughs) I didn't know it was that serious.

  • Starsky: I think-- Capt. Dobey: Don't !

  • Dobey: (to Starsky)Oh yeah, about this report, it reads like a comic book, 'The fiery-red Torino fishtails to a halt. We spill onto the street ready for action.'

  • Hutch: I'm beginning to think that everybody in this town is crazy except you and me. Starsky: Oh yeah, I was beginning to have serious doubts about you.

  • Angel: Now why should I help the police force finger a couple of hypes? Starsky: I don't know, maybe because they're giving heroin addicts a bad name? Angel: (laughing) You're cute!

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Notes (171)

  • This Pilot film was shown five months before the series began. Some sources overlook it and as a result it is sometimes forgotten in some episode listings. It was 90 minutes long.

  • Michael Lerner returns as informant Fat Rolly in the episode, "Texas Longhorn".

  • In this Pilot, Captan Dobey is played by Richard Ward. Bernie Hamilton would take over the role for the series. Richard Ward would go on to play another character in the fourth season episode 'Huggy Can't Go Home [a.k.a. Huggy Can't Go Back]'.

  • Although not an official alternative title, occasionaly this episode's title is confused with the 1976 terrorist thriller, Black Sunday.

  • The closing credits of this episode use an edit of the season's opening theme tune, the only episode to do as such - all other episodes in the season have the season's regular closing theme.

  • Bobbie Mitchell makes her first of several appearances in the series as Diane Sills, a waitress at Huggy Bear's bar, but is uncredited on-screen for this episode as she is for several of her appearances in the series.

  • Bernie Hamilton takes over the role of Captain Harold Dobey, Starsky and Hutch's gruff but fair superior, in the first regular episode of the series. His casting as a black urban Professional has often been noted as a breakthrough for African-Americans on 70's American tv.

  • Zack Tyler's gun in this episode is a long-barrel Colt Python with wooden grips. When this episode was completed, David Soul asked for and was given this gun to use as his character's gun for the remainder of the series, replacing the 6-inch Colt he had used up until then. The wooden handles were changed to a more cop-like black plastic/rubber type.

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Trivia (161)

  • In one scene Hutch reveals that his ex-wife was called Nancy when he says to Starsky, "It's like when I was married. Nancy and I'd go out and we'd leave the house." Yet in the season 3 episode "Hutchinson: Murder One", which features his ex-wife, she is called Vanessa.

  • In the scene where Starsky and Hutch are following Henderson to the two hitmen, Starsky pounds at the door to announce his present, causing Cannell to shoot twice at the door, leaving a big hole in the wood. But the damage is only seen in the shots from the outside, in the shots from the inside the door is whole and undamaged!

  • The series-long running gag of "I'm Hutch, he's Starsky" starts in this episode when the assistant D.A. can't tell the two apart. This gag will go through many variations over all four seasons.

  • In a blooper infamous amongst fans, in the scene at night outside the hotel, where Starsky and Hutch end up falling in the pool, Starsky has his cardigan on. In a shot of him in the water, there is no sign of the cardigan, it seems to have come off, yet when the two emerge, dripping wet from the pool, it is suddenly back on again.

  • On the DVD full version the car actually went halfway down the alley and you can see the tire come off in the shot.

  • As Starsky dives out of the green Chevy near the end, the trunk lid can clearly be seen to completely fall off the car. Seconds later it is intact and is blown off the car when the bomb explodes.

  • The white '63 Chevy is shown to have the bomb in back well before it has been painted green by thieves Wilber and Greg. However, when the bomb is shown, the steel-wheeled spare tire is clearly shown painted green. On cars back then, the steel wheels were commonly painted the same color as the car.

  • Huggy Bear is seen owning a bar, 'Huggy Bear's'. He runs it until "The Hostages" later in this season, in which he gives up the bar biz. He takes up a number of odd jobs until the third season episode "The Collector", when he opens up another establishment, 'The Pits'.

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Allusions (6)

  • The Corsican Brothers Written by Alexandre Dumas, Sr. (1802-1870), it's the short, adventureous tale of twin brothers from the Italian isle of Corsica with wildly different personalities and manners, but with an almost psychic sense of connection to each other. In the story Dumas becomes a friend to and an observer of both brothers and is on hand when one brother is killed and the other declares a vendetta on his murderer. Dumas is famous for many other 19th century swashbuckling, fraternal novels like The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte-Cristo.

  • Hutch: (to Officer Nedloe and his wife) What I don't understand is what's wrong with these watch Police Story, don't you? You know cops aren't supposed to be happily married? He's referring to the mid-70's NBC police anthology show as notable for its psychological dramas as its police procedurals. The allusion's especially notable because tv shows of the time rarely referred to shows on rival networks.

  • Mitchell: Just gambling and bumming around, huh? For a minute there I thought someone was putting on Guys and Dolls. He's referring to Starsky and Hutch's grey and black 'Nathan Detroit'-like get-ups. Guys and Dolls is the popular Damon Runyon-inspired stage and screen musical about the gamblers' sporting life in the 1940's.

  • Hutch: Well, we gotta do something--right?--if we're not gonna be cops? Starsky: Well, maybe we outta go down to South America and try robbing banks. A small, sly reference to the 1969 buddy Western Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and their dreams of Bolivian bank-robbing.

  • (As Starsky and Hutch see off some brawling rednecks) Redneck: Lousy cops, what right've you got hanging around Sue Ann? Hutch: Mess with the lady again, friend, you're gonna find out. Starsky: Hey...that's terrific. You sound just like Dirty Harry. Hutch: Dirty who? Starsky: Harry. Cop over in San Francisco. Hutch: Oh. A nod to the Dirty Harry movies, in which David Soul (Hutch) co-starred in the second, Magnum Force.

  • The plot of this episode pretty much reworks (or at least, has a number of resemblances to) the plot of the 1971 Clint Eastwood movie Play Misty For Me. [Slight SPOILER] The sequence at the climax of the story--as Diana, wielding a knife, tries to stab Hutch through the shower curtain--resembles the classic 1960 Hitchcock thriller Psycho.