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    Iyanla Vanzant

    By JUICER95, Sep 01, 2012

    Iyanla has a new show on the OWN network, it's called Iyanla fix my life.

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    Starting Over was a great show!

    By ejwlover, Jun 21, 2011

    Starting Over was a great show, that should have never ended. I would watch this show everyday and I loved every minute of it. I'm very sad that It's no longer on air. I loved everyone's stories and the coaches were great! If I was ever on the show I would have loved to work with Iyanla because she was the best life coach, she was very upfront and real.

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    What did you think of Starting Over?

    By SWEETSTREAKS, Apr 19, 2008

    Starting Over has taught me so much about life just by watching.It was one of my favorite shows because I found it very inspiring. I wish they would bring it back!There were times when I thought about going on the show myself, because I felt that I needed a life transformation, but somehow I managed to do it by myself. Of course, I give alot of credit to the show because I learned so much from the women in the house. Some people say that television has a negative impact on your life,but I thinkit depends on what your watching! Congrats to the women who "started Over" I hope they continue to progress throughout life.I'd like to see a where are they now shjow,because you start to attach to you favorite women in the house and wish nothing but the best for them.moreless

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    very good show, will miss it.

    By cindy1977, Sep 05, 2007

    All three coaches were outstanding. Watching the show helped me understand things I did not know about. I really hope they bring back "The Starting Over House", I really miss it a lot. I am still needing help, but can only afford to watch the help I can get on tv. I still have issues that need to be covered, but watching the show helped me out a lot. I wish the producers will bring the show back. It was one show I was really in tuned with. I can relate to most of the woman on the show. I am glad I was able to watch it while it was on.moreless

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    One of the most brilliant reality programs!

    By shiran123, May 08, 2007

    I really loved this show.

    It was a genuinely exquisite program.

    I loved the show from its very begining, with the first six wonderfull women: Andy, Cassie, Maureen, Nyanza, Christine and Lori.

    The Life Coaches, Rhonda Britten and Rana Walker, did a great job with those women. I was very sad when I heard Rana wont be a part of the second season.. I thought she was very good at her job, and it is a shame not to let her be in another season. [and dont get me wrong, I think Iyanla is awesome at her job].

    I think this kind of show is very important. It helps not only the women in the house, but the women (and possibely men) all around the world who watches this show.

    I truely belive that everyone can realate to at least one woman staying in the house at every given moment. Everyone cat take some of the things that were on the show, and really learn from them.

    The show was very educational, and I fill like I learned from it.

    I saw myself in a lot of different women, in one way or another.


    That was an awesome show - and it is an horrific loss now that its OVER :(moreless

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    All three coaches were outstanding. Dr. Stan gave the male perspective & sensitivity that has never been seen on television. Rhonda what can you say about her except that she was great. Vanzant was there to give them a reality check when it was neede

    By bettyboop721, Dec 20, 2006

    I have watched this show since it's inception and I cannot believe the show was cancelled. You have no idea how long I have been waiting for the show to come back. I don't understand todays television. All the shows that send a positive message and help individuals on a day to day basis you cancel and you keep the large amount of garbage programs that are out there, that are not sending a positive message to anyone. You have no idea how disappointing this is to the viewers. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only that feels this way.moreless

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    Wow,I have been looking for Starting Over to come back on NBC. I asked my husband "have you seen anything about SO?" So, I decided to google it and found out that it is no longer. I'm so hurt that the network doesn't see what we see. I will trul

    By ragenna33, Nov 29, 2006

    Who in their right mind would cancel this show. I learned so much and felt so much of what the women had gone through. I would TVO the show because I'm at work when it is on. When I get home from work, I would watch the show and my husband and son would ask me what I was watching? I would tell them and next thing you know they were sitting with me watching. My husband and I learned so much from what others were going through, because we were going through similar things. Bring back SO.!!!moreless

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    please bring it back. the show has really helped in my life

    By niverrtkb, Nov 15, 2006

    the show has covered many issues that i have had to deal with in life. i have laughed and i have cried with all of the women. i did not even know i had some the problems i did until i saw my actions in the women and in the eyes of these women. i want to be a better person because of these brave ladies. i don't know if i could have been brave enough to expose my faults and limitations in such an open forum, but have tried to live through the ladies to heal myself. i have also stopped keeping my problems to myself and have finally began receiving professional help. the world needs this show i need this show.moreless

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    SO helped me in so many ways. Being a single mother, it gave me strength to know that I could do it, no matter what. I hate to see the show end and I truly hope that someone out there hears our cries and brings it back.

    By jasmom05, Oct 06, 2006

    SO was honestly the best show around. I don't know how I'm going to start my mornings now. Please won't someone hear us and bring it back!!??The coaches helped so many women in various areas. Not to mention the men and women they helped out in Tv land. I genuinely hope that all that work wasn't in vein. It would be a terrible thing to let all that hard work go to waste knowing there are so many other women out there that could benefit from such a wonderful experience. I personally drew such strength from the show and the coaches. I found that I could really understand and feel what the women were going through. There was a little bit of all of them in us. Please bring it back.moreless

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