Starting Over

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  • Sinae: "I have a license, but I won't drive" Kim: "Why not" Deborah: "Dont be gettin in her business, maybe she is afraid!" *pause* Sinae: Because im blind.

  • Deborah on the phone: "A blind girl told me she pitied me."

  • < b >Towanda< /b >: "In 1996, we released an album called 'The Braxtons'.........." < b >Deborah< /b >: "Wait, you are not Toni's sister!" < b >Towanda< /b >: "Yes, I am."

  • Sinae: "Bye bye, Kim's anger." Said as she sweeps up the plate Kim broke.

  • Rhonda : The feelings we refuse to feel run our life.

  • Iyanla : woman love to talk, and the one thing we really love to talk about, is each other.

  • Iyanla: Everybody is entitled to a momentary breakdown, once we have the breakdown we have the breakthrough.

  • Jill: (refering to the men that will help them build a house for Habitat for Humanity): "First I think oh good we have help then I realize we have just lost Christina and Lisa"

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  • Life coach Rhonda Britten appeared in an episode of Married With Children

  • The show has relocated from Chicago to Los Angeles for season 2.

  • Having never reaching her goal last season, Josie returns

  • In some areas, this episode was skipped and the next day's was played instead

  • Today's Life Resource is a biography of Amy Harkin and an update on what she has been doing since graduating last season.

  • As of Feb. 05 it does not appear that Deborah will be returning to the Starting Over house. But we never know what season 3 will hold.

  • Today's Life Resource deals with the questions that Kim has to ask her mother and father. As well as gives tips on how to become and animal trainer.

  • Today's Life Resource is information on gastric bypass surgery.

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