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    Static Shock.

    By Vermillionx, May 08, 2015

    Well written dialog and story.

    Awesome music

    Great characters what more do you need?

    Shock to your system!

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    Static Shock Music

    By OriginalGamerZero, Jan 16, 2015

    Someone knows the music of the Episode a League of their own 1? At min 02:20?

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    I love this show one of my favorite DC tv shows

    By MaryKelly88, Nov 03, 2014

    Pretty much we have a teenager named Virgil getting electric powers and becoming a hero called Static Shock there's also his best friend Richie it's a great and entertaining show not to mention well written and has a likable main character I recommend it Superman and other DC superheroes appearing in some episodes of this show is cool as well there was even an episode where Static ended up in the future and met the future Batman so cool this show is cool I love Static Shockmoreless

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    This show got me into superheroes and when Saturday morning cartoons were worth watching

    By Gryphon-Guide, Apr 28, 2014

    Original in so many ways and a real treat to watch. I loved watching how the characters and plots developed and so many action sequences with very interesting villains. The main character Virgil/Static was sure funny and smart. He faces numerous foes and can use his power in so many ways. Not only that, but he is still in high school. This show got me interested in superheroes. For the longest time I didn't really care much for them.

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    About this series

    By JordanWelch, May 26, 2013

    It had great music score in Season 3.

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    Season 5 and 6 That Should Have Been a Long Time a Go

    By JacksonCarrol, Apr 10, 2013

    Could Have Made Wonder Woman Batgirl Nightwing and Supergirl Appear in the Series a Long Time a Go.

    Oh Will is Only a Series

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    Only 9 words to say!

    By Lyoko88, Mar 18, 2013

    I only have 9 words to say: I PUT A SHOCK IN YOUR SYSTEM, STATIC SHOCK!

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    I'd Loved if this show would come back on the hub showing reruns

    By DeangeloHill1, Jan 19, 2013

    This had me struck when i was a kid and it was still active static shock had me hooked he was at least 3rd behind Spider-Man and The Flash The show acually had a great plot and all with Bang Babies and other stuff but all isn't lost because Static Shock real name Virgil Hawkins was in a couple of The hit series Young Justice episodes but i hope he's all ready a super hero before he starts dressing up in the show but overall the show was great i still watch it to this day i acually find the Cross-Overs with Super-Man and Batman-Man and The Justice League and I loved itmoreless

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    Static Shock

    By JDML23, Nov 03, 2012

    Even after all these years I still love this show. I rewatched the entire series only a couple of years ago and it still holds up. The story lies are hilarious, thoughtful and interesting. I adore the fact that I always accept Virgil and Richie as being teenage boys with good hearts. I always wish the show had gone on longer because I wanted to see where they would go after Bang Babies where cured.

    Man... now I want to watch it all over again.moreless

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    Why don't they continue it

    By artemide68, Dec 21, 2011

    I am a bored 17 year old teen who started watching cartoon shows as means of procrastination.. but as soon as i started following this series I completely fell in love with it. The characters are original, the voice acting is AMAZING, and compared to the other shows i had watched it looked half as ***ed. There were some moments where I could strongly relate to the situations, and I loved the fact that the aim was not only to entertain but to educate, and that there were serious themes hidden beneath the kid-approved content. For some reason this show just gave me happiness as i saw Virgil struggle against the death of his mother, always following the right path... It is a real shame that after 52 episodes it has to end... there could have been so much more content....

    I read that the show was cancelled right after the death of the writer, to which I give enourmous props.... I do understand the fact that hiring a new writer might compromise the spirit behind the show.. but the show CAN be continued if competent people are chosen...

    I seriously wonder why they do not do some new seasons after all of the speculation and re-makes this industry has done. Hey guys, easy source of money right here, Y U NO TAKE ADVANTAGE!!!!?????moreless

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