Steel Angel Kurumi

(ended 2001)
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  • Episode Guide
  • S 1 : Ep 28

    The Eternal Steel Angel

    Aired 10/4/00

  • S 1 : Ep 27

    Kurumi, Become an Adult...

    Aired 3/9/09

  • S 1 : Ep 27

    How Kurumi Became a Woman

    Aired 9/6/00

  • S 1 : Ep 26

    Karinka, a New Love!

    Aired 8/2/00

  • S 1 : Ep 25

    Saki Becomes a Star

    Aired 7/19/00

  • Cast & Crew
  • Monica Rial

    Steel Angel Saki

  • John Swasey

    The General

  • Hilary Haag

    Steel Angel Karinka

  • Kira Vincent-Davis

    Nakahito Kagura

  • Shelley Calene-Black

    Dr. Reiko Amagi

  • show Description
  • Onmyou Prayer recited by Claudia Black: Supreme gods, bless us so that calamities do not befall us. May there be peace and happiness, and long life, and may our descendants prosper and become notable, not through fortune or fame, but through love and deed. May our rice field flourish and our silkworm cultures thrive, may our works be blessed in your eyes. May evil spirits be banished, and ghostly auras be destroyed. Divine talismans hold something unfathomable, they settle eternally in the courtyard. Their tally miraculous. Numerous in the past, blessings impossible to put into words. May the gods protect us all our days. May Heaven, Earth, and Water guard all living things. May all constellations sustain and protect me. May all the seasons of the year, all hours of our day be free of disaster, innocent of harm. May the stars of good come, and the stars of evil disperse. . . Nakahito is an 11 year old with a big responsibility. He is to save the world. Steel Angel Kurumi is chronologically placed in the 1920's. Our main characters are Nakahito, Kurumi, Saki, and Karinka, of which 3 of the 4 are Steel Angels. The theme song is performed by the Steel Angels. They are the three Japanese actresses who perform the roles of Steel Angels Kurumi, Saki, and Karinka. Kurumi: Atsuko Enomoto Saki: Rie Tanaka Karinka: Masayo Kurata During the end credits at there are eight eyes individually shown. After watching several episodes you should be able to tell which character is associated with each eye. Lyrics to the opening theme song, "Kiss Kara Hajimaru Miracle (A Miracle that Starts with a Kiss)": Pawafuru mirakuru ima kuru Hajikeru majikaru wandafuru Ririkaru komikaru koisuru torokeru Mi-ra-Ku-ru-mi Kiss kara hajimaru miracle datte aru yo ne (aru yo ne) Ame demo hare demo anata ga iru kara Itsumo zunzun ikeru yo Tsubasa no haeteru tenshi ni natte tondara (tondara) Ginga no kanata no kirameku chaperu de Wedding bell narasu no Shimpai shinai ki ni shinai Naku no wa ureshii toki dayo Mamotte ageru watashi no mune de Kyuinn-tte dakishimete ageru Pawafuru mirakuru ima kuru Hajikeru majikaru wandafuru Ririkaru komikaru koi suru torokeru Mi-ra-Ku-ru-mi Ririkaru komikaru koi suru torokeru Mi-ra-Ku-ru-mi Mi-ra-Ku-ru-mimoreless

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (39)

    • Kurumi: Please make sure you are watching in a bright room and that you are not sitting too close to the TV. And yes, that means you! Okay, let's roll it!

    • Dr. Ayanokoji: Kurumi! I gave you an order! Battle Mode, now! Kurumi: Who are you that you think you can boss me around, Mr. Big Mouth? Dr. Ayanokoji: "Mr. Big Mouth"? Kurumi: I'm sorry. Is it "Ms. Big Mouth"? Dr. Ayaynokoji: Don't be ridiculous! I'm your creator, Kurumi! You do as I say! Kurumi: Huh? Hmm... So you're my mother!

    • Nakahito: Um... Please watch in a brightly-lit room and sit a good deal away from the TV. Okay? Let's, uh... start the show now!

    • Kurumi: I don't know who you are, lady! But you put Master down!

    • (Kurumi goes to see who is at the door.) Kurumi: I'm coming! (Kurumi opens the door and sees that it's Dr. Ayanokoji. Then, she closes the door.) Kurumi: (to Nakahito and Kamihito) It's that guy who keeps bugging me. Dr. Ayanokoji: Open the door. (Kurumi opens the door again.) Dr. Ayanokoji: Why'd you close the door on me? Kurumi: Huh? Oh. Master wanted me to find out who was at the door, so that's exactly what I did! Dr. Ayanokoji: You know, you could be a little bit nicer. It's not as if I'm the one who created you or anything.

    • Dr. Ayanokoji: Kurumi, please inform everyone to watch the show in a brightly-lit room and to not sit too close to the- Kurumi: You quit telling me what to do! (Dr. Ayanokoji groans.)

    • Kamihito: When you watch the show... Dr. Ayanokoji: Make sure you're not sitting too close to the television. Kamihito: And you've got the lights on... Dr. Ayanokoji: Nice and bright.

    • Saki: Where is the target?

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    Notes (87)

    • Opening Theme Song: "Kiss Kara Hajimaru Miracle (A Miracle that Starts with a Kiss)" performed by the Steel Angels, Atsuko Enomoto, Rie Tanaka, and Masayo Kurata

    • Ending Theme Song: "Eien no Koutetsu Tenshi (The Eternal Steel Angels)" performed by the Steel Angels, Atsuko Enomoto, Rie Tanaka, and Masayo Kurata

    • This episode marks the first appearances for Steel Angel Kurumi, Nakahito, Dr. Ayanokoji, Dr. Amagi, and the General.

    • The picture that Nakahito sees before he finds Kurumi is of Steel Angel Karinka, who will appear later in the series.

    • Original Japanese Title: "Kurumi Daichi ni Tatsu Desuu!" (Translation: "Kurumi Stands on Solid Ground!")

    • Kurumi was awakened when her and Nakahito's lips touched. She now considers Nakahito as her "master."

    • This episode marks the first appearances of Steel Angel Saki and Kamihito Kagura, Nakahito's older brother.

    • Original Japanese Title: "Goshujin-sama wa Hitori Desuu!" (Translation: "Only One Master For Me!")

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    Trivia (20)

    • The bully leader mispronounces the term "Onmyou." He pronounces the "On-" as in "the lights are on." The "On-" in "Onmyou" is supposed to be pronounced as the long "o" sound, as in "oh no."

    • This is the first episode in which the Japanese title does not end with Kurumi's trademark "Desuu".

    • The pony-tailed female spy Koganei mispronounces her own name. She pronounces it as "ko-ga-nee." It's really supposed to be "ko-ga-nay."

    • Dr. Amagi mispronounces "Izumo" as "Izuma."

    • Steel Angel Kaori is based on fanart. The person who created Kaori is Kageyoshi Kirimoto from Saitama Prefecture.

    • Steel Angel Tsunami is based on fanart. The person who created Tsunami is Kaori Kubo of Chiba Prefecture.

    • Kurumi thinks about what will happen if everyone sees Kurumi and Saki push the boulder off the train tracks. Kurumi and Saki are eventually shown on a stage holding microphones. In the Japanese version, they were singing the opening theme song, "A Miracle That Starts With A Kiss."

    • When Kurumi and Nakahito run away, they leave without putting on their shoes. But later, when they arrive at the world fair, they are wearing shoes!

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    Allusions (8)

    • "Desuu!" - In the Japanese version, Kurumi has a very odd speech pattern, indeed! Simple declarations in Japanese ("it is...") end in desu, with the "u" sound underemphasized. Kurumi, however, stretches it out into "des-oo," and attaches it onto the end of other sentences where it doesn't even belong. This is a "cuteness" affectation... similar to the grade-school girl tradition of dotting "i"s with hearts. The "desuu" ending becomes one of Kurumi's trademarks, so much so that is is used by other characters to imitate Kurumi!

    • The "kyuinn" sound that Kurumi makes - "Kyuinn" is not a word in any language. It's roughly translated as onomatopoeia for the sound of a tight hug. (In the opening song, it is translated as "light hug".) This is not in use in the general Japanese language; it was pretty much made up just for Steel Angel Kurumi. Cute, isn't it?

    • There is a pun in the opening theme song, "A Miracle That Starts With A Kiss." The lyric "Mi-ra-Ku-ru-mi" can mean two things: "Mira-Kurumi" or "Mirakuru-mi." "Mira-Kurumi" means "Look, it's Kurumi" (Kurumi being the main character who the show is named after) in Japanese. The "Mirakuru" in "Mirakuru-Mi" is how the Japanese pronouce "Miracle."

    • At the end of the prologue, we see a group of inanimate Steel Angels. Three of them will make appearances later in the series.

    • Love Shack: Title The title for this episode is the same as one of the B-52's songs.

    • "Tamaya! Kagiya!" - Kurumi and Nakahito go outside to look at the Nagoya firework festival, cheering "Tamaya!" and "Kagiya!" These cheers refer to the names of the two families that became the biggest fireworks producers during the Edo period and helped popularize the tradition throughout Japan. During a festival in 1733, the Tamaya family set off some 20 rockets, creating a sensation. In 1810, the Kagiya clan branched off from the Tamaya, resulting in an annual battle for fireworks supremacy that became a favorite event for the Edo period. The fireworks festival that Kurumi and Nakahito are enjoying is called the "Great Owari Fireworks Show". This festival still takes place in modern Nagoya, attesting to the enduring popularity of fireworks in Japanese society. Owari is the feudal name for Nagoya - the traditional names for cities are typically still used for this type of ongoing festival.

    • When Karinka says that she got over Nakahito, the scene cuts to the General with an odd look in his eye. This could be foreshadowing what happens in the next episode, in which Karinka gets an anonymous love letter, which turns out to be from the General.

    • The Eternal Steel Angel: Title The title for this episode is the same as the title for the show's first ending theme song.

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  • Fan Reviews (2)
  • It's powerful, it's a miracle, it's coming right now! It's popping, it's magical, it's wonderful! It's lyrical, it's comical, I'm falling in love, I'm melting! Look, it's Kurumi!

    By kenn_judai_88, Apr 16, 2006

  • Lets see nudity, anime, and bouncing I guess this is a boy's dream show.

    By Helpless_writer, Aug 25, 2005

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