Stephen King's It

Stephen King's It (2)

Season 1, Ep 2, Aired 11/20/90
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  • Episode Description
  • The Losers return to Derry and each encounters It in the form of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Once they are reunited, they must decide if they can oppose It and destroy it once for all. Meanwhile, Pennywise has its own plans, abducting Bill's wife Audra and freeing the Losers' childhood nemesis, Henry Bowers, to destroy them once and for all.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Ben Heller

    Stanley 'Stan' Uris - Age 12

  • Seth Green (I)

    Richard 'Richie' Tozier - Age 12

  • Adam Faraizl

    Edward 'Eddie' Kaspbrak - Age 12

  • Brandon Crane

    Ben 'Haystack' Hanscom - Age 12

  • Jonathan Brandis

    William 'Stuttering Bill' Denbrough - Age 12

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (15)

    • Pennywise: Excuse me, sir? Do you have Prince Albert in a can? You do? Well, you'd better let the poor guy out. Wah-hah, wah-hah, wah-hah!

    • Eddie: I'm okay. I think I remember who Pennywise was now. Big white guy, red nose, about 75 feet tall, mouth full of razor-sharp teeth.

    • Ben: How many times have you been to the altar, Richie? Richie: Oh, four or five. Who the hell keeps count? Women all want the same thing. No offense, Bev. Beverly: None taken, creep. Welcome to the 4th century.

    • Richie: It's greet to be back in Derry, breathing in that old "Derry air."

    • Stan/Pennywise: I finally made it, guys. I'm in the deadlights now. And you know what? It's true what they say. We all float down here. And you will, too. In fact, they all float! They all float!

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    Notes (1)

    • Music: The Way You Do the Things You Do (The Temptations), It's All Right (Curtis Mayfield)

    Trivia (8)

    • When Beverly goes to her childhood home, the closeup of the doorbell says "Marsh." However, in the next longer shot, it says "MARSH." Also, the red and white wire going into the bottom of the doorbell in the closeup become two white wires in the longer shot, and the position of all four wires, two on top and two on the bottom, change.

    • When Beverly flees from the Marsh house, a truck approaches her and the horn honks. However, the shots of the driver show he has both hands rock-solid on the wheel, which means he can't honk the horn.

    • When Mike opens the refrigerator and the balloons pour out, there are four cans of pop in the door. There are three clumped together toward the refrigerator and one separate on the outside. When the camera cuts to a shot of Stan's head inside the refrigerator, all four cans are clumped together.

    • When the wind blows through the library, it blows off most of the books on the top shelf. However, in the next shot they are back in place as the ones on the lower shelves blow off.

    • When Ben goes to Beverly's room to get her shawl, the cloth she picks up is white with blue flowers. However, when Beverly comes in and he gives it to her, it is purple and pink striped.

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