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    Deligthful is a big rip off

    By 95ettedrub, 14 hours ago

    Hi Steve, I am 74 years old. I took your advise and joined Delightful. Well Steve they are a rip off. I joined for 6 months because I am on a budget. I cancelled as soon as I joined so they would not charge me for more time and printed it out. A couple months later I checked my credit card charges and a $80 charge had been added. I called the BBB because I could not find a number. The man I talked to tried not to listen to me. He just kept telling what I could get and I had clicked to renew. I did not. When I told him I have a copy of my cancellation and had talked to the BBB, he finally said he would take the $80 off. I only have about 100 days left, somehow they have blocked my likes. I find them in my spam. I also had a big spam. This has been a nightmare.moreless

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    Hey Mr. Harvey

    By almadnieves, Jun 26, 2015

    Hi,my name is Alma Nieves and I just love your show. Watch it everyday. I'm kind of new on Twitter so bear with me because I just want to ask you or your staff a question. I was wondering watching today's show that if any of the couple you got together have gotten married. If so which?

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    By Mafu2391, Jun 21, 2015

    Hey Steve, I need your help with a school scholarship... #fan in Zambia #africa... please email me pm .

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    Steve Harvey needs A Halo.

    By PattyDove, Jun 01, 2015

    I think that Mr Harvey is one of the kindest men in the world. And on national tv. He has a heart of gold and I'm so glad he's a godly man that makes him even more special. He can make you laugh and then turn around and have you crying. The way he talked to that girl today June 1st 2015 just melted my heart and almost made me cry. Mr Harvey you will have your rewards in heaven one day and I'll be there to see them. I just think you are one of a kind, I know you wasn't always like you are now,but I thank god that you are the person that you are now. I see how much you love your wife and other people that you don't even know. I just love Mr Steve Harvey. I'll see you kind man in heaven one day.

    Signed, Patty Dovemoreless

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    By CarleneJackson, May 11, 2015

    I love the show.

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    Steve and Majorie

    By marciejackson10, May 08, 2015

    Steve I love your show. Enjoyed Majorie this week, wish you'd have her on your show more often...


    Marcie Jackson (live near New Orleans, LA)

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    Awesome show today for Mom's

    By OnyxsMom, May 05, 2015

    I love watching your show and wished I could enter into the contests for the fantastic prizes you give the audience but your web-site does not show anything, can you please advise?

    Thank you and God Bless.


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    Mr. Harvey, stop bashing dogs and cats !

    By loveourdogs, Apr 28, 2015

    Mr. Harvey, I have enjoyed most of your shows. But I find it interesting that you like to bash dogs and cats. If you don't like animals, that is your choice. But to tell people to take their unwanted animals out and "lose" them, or take "fluffy" for a ride in the car and keep the windows down, is really irresponsible and in bad taste. I think you are offending more people than you think you are.

    Frankly, I don't really like kids, but would you advise me to go "lose" them? I don't think so.

    I am certain you have many more subjects you could laugh and joke about than poor little animals.

    Think about it.moreless

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    Domestic Violence

    By kww19, Mar 05, 2015

    Mr. Harvey I had a vision that you and a panel of experts could start a mentoring program for professional atheletes. A lot of these people are not educated in the ways of the world some and are barely out of high school now days. College should have refined them but lets be straight they're superstars at that level. Some careers and lives are being totally destroyed. Do these people deserve what they're experiencing absolutely should a few moments of bad judgement and behavior destroy them, NO, education and rehabilitation the road to redemption advocates against Domestic Violence. Your panel Dr Phil, Judge Mathis Joel Osteen Gene Simmons and Ellen and Chris Carter and 16 Retired successful business owning players. Steve if can't help turn around these issues please be inspired enough to pass it on to someone who can this is to important to just let it go. Long time fan love man keep up the great workmoreless

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    We were not in love but married out of obedience

    By Wesimplylove, Feb 11, 2015

    I love that couple who was married 60 years! My husband and I hope to have that many years! We were looked down upon, rejected, I wasn't allowed to serve in my church and much more all because I married my husband out of obedience! People couldn't understand why I'd marry a man I wasn't in love with, they judged him because of his colorful past. However, to the glory of GOD and more than a decade later, we counsel married couples, speak at conferences to couples who are in ministry together, pastor a church and people think it's some secret to our marital love and success but we just married out of obedience. Keep doing what you do Steve, it's your calling. Tchalla & Lanette Pinkard "We simply love" 2-11-15moreless

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