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    Best Show

    By micaelaak, Apr 05, 2015

    Best show ever made. They really need to release it out on DVD. I'd buy the whole set if it came out. Absolutely love this show. It is so funny. If you have not seen it, you'll love it.

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    One of the best sitcoms.

    By DisneyVillain, May 22, 2013

    This remains one of my all time favorite sitcoms and for good reason. Each character is well done.

    Bill is a chubby, lazy dad, similar to Homer Simpson, but not that lazy and was even trying to prove he could do stuff in one episode.

    Judy has to be the funniest sitcom mom ever, sometimes going against Bill's schemes but then joins in and acts like she's still in high school, breaking the responsible mom formula found in most sitcoms.

    Brian, is the most responsible member of the household, which often makes him the joke of the family, yet both Bill and Judy have admitted they would depend on Brian's success.

    Lauren is the middle child of the family, suffering teenage drama, yet also showing almost zero effort in high school studies.

    Tina, the youngest, is the second smartest of the children and often has better schemes and is considered quite creepy.

    I love how Bill makes fun of Linda's love life.

    I loved this sitcom so much that during its ABC Family run, I would get extremely angry when ABC Family would run a marathon of one of its dramas especially considering the fact that I'm not a big fan of dramas. I miss this show.moreless

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    Married with children meets King Of queens

    By crystalglimme, May 15, 2013

    Please. Stupid show - got what it deserved - cancelled! Fat guys, ugly wives spawns Mike and Molly...

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    Love it Where it is on TV??

    By dstimsis, Mar 02, 2013

    I love this show. I can't find it on DVD anywhere. Jamie Gertz is good in Undercover

    Christmas. Help please to find the tv channel to watch old episodes.

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    Wow! Seriously, this show is NOT popular?

    By chris_friends, Nov 05, 2012

    I don't understand how "funny" shows are not popular and don't last so long while "stupid" shows are on the air for decades. This is the most underrated, under-appreciated show I have seen EVER.

    Honestly, every episode will make you laugh. It is very rare to find a show where the characters are weaved in perfectly with one another, the writing is smart (if a little lame sometimes, that's fine) and the laughs are just unexpected.

    Seriously, Two And A Half Men is funnier this? Wow. Some people just don't understand entertainment.moreless

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    Just discovered this show

    By pra4snw, Apr 20, 2012

    I'm working on my PC and had ABC Family on in the background. Not many shows can make me stop what I am doing and really have a good laugh. This show provided many of those moments. I have never seen a single episode of this show until now. And after watching 2 in a row, I am looking forward to watching many more.

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    What an awesome, hilarious show. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys watching family life at home.

    By superhero678, Jun 11, 2011

    WOW. WHAT A SHOW! I just love it so much. It is another family show that is about a wife and husband that have three kids and live together in a house. Bill and Judy and their three kids Brian, Lauren, and Tina. It's very similar to My Wife and Kids and 8 Simple Rules. Each episode is full of fresh humor and hilarity that makes me laugh in literally almost every single spoken word in literally almost every single character line. It's just freaking hysterical. After something is said, I laugh so hard that I can't forget about it and sometimes have to put the show on pause so I don't miss anything that's coming after that. Oh boy. This show is full of fun and surprises that will keep you coming back for more every time. It expresses quintessence of the typical family life at home, and shows viewers what it is like to have a family and how hard it is to raise kids. Some kids may even be able to relate the things that happen on the show to things that happen in their own lives at home. There are some episodes that are hard to understand and you sometimes have to pause it to think about what the heck they are talking about, what the heck they mean, and what the heck just happened. But that rarely happens. There are some episodes every here and there and every now and then that are boring and make you not want to watch because of that, but again this rarely happens. This show is the purest, most perfect example of family life at home and the kind of crazy situations that happen with kids. Not every episode is focused around the kids. Some episodes leave the kids completely out of it and have the adults dealing with their own problems. I like it better when the kids are involved and the very few episodes that are boring are always the ones that leave out the kids. I'm not saying all the episodes that leave out the kids and deal more with the adults are boring. A lot of them are actually as great and fun to watch as the ones that involve things with the kids. I'm just saying that the very few boring episodes are only ones that involve adults and not the kids. But there are absolutely no episodes involving the kids that are boring. I would say about 90 percent of this series involves situations with the kids, and only about 10 percent of this series leaves the kids out and deals more with the adults.

    I just love the theme song. It is fun to listen to every time and is soothing to the ears. It makes you very happy and puts you into a very good mood. It brings you joy. It has the perfect melody and tune. It happens at just the right time in every episode after one character says the perfect thing that is so hilarious to hear. It goes with the flow of things in the show and just works out to be great. Regardless, this is still an awesome show in terms of episodes altogether, and I was glad to finally see another classic, light-hearted, hilarious family show that I could once again enjoy watching. It is funny and makes you laugh when you are angry, depressed, or stressed out. It can help you forget about everything that is on your mind and just relax and chill out. Even when you are feeling fine, normal, and happy, it is still funny, makes you laugh, and is something that you can enjoy and look forward to seeing.moreless

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    How is this show "Still Standing"....?

    By pfmdestiny04, Jan 23, 2011

    Horribly predictable and unoriginal, "Still Standing's" jokes fall completely flat, and it relies on every tired family TV sitcom cliché out there: the slow-witted somewhat overweight husband, the hot wife, the moody teenage daughter, and the nerdy son. This show is one of the reasons the traditional sitcom is dying.

    I might also add that "Still Standing" is a complete waste of Jami Gertz and Mark Addy's talent. I've always liked these two actors in their multiple film roles, but cringe anytime each of them delivers a tiring line in this show.

    To the viewers, recommendation.... Turn this drivel off, and try a classic family sitcom, like "The Dick Van Dyke Show" or "Everybody Loves Raymond", or something with more wit and originality like "Arrested Development" or "Scrubs". "Still Standing" is a waste of precious airtime.


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    horrible sickcom

    By Izanami-no-kami, Jan 23, 2011

    this is a horrible sick com that never makes me laugh. The family is stupid and pathetic. The plot for all the episodes suck and all the characters are non likable. This show has never made me laugh. Even time i watch it i barf because its that bad. I'm glad that this show is over and i hope nobody watches it because if they do then they are wasting there life. I hate sickcoms like this. They try way too hard to be funny and even when they come up with a slightly funny joke they butcher it. I hate this showmoreless

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