Still Standing

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Quotes (613)

  • Judy: Sweetie, it's time to get ready for bed. Tina: But, I wanna show Daddy my drawing. Bill: Aw, what is it? Tina: Daddy on the potty. Linda: This is a very nice drawing, but it couldn't be Bill because this man is reading.

  • Bill: Miss Bodin—I'm gonna take a leap here and assume it's still Miss Bodin. Miss Bodin: Mr. Miller—I'm going to take absolutely no leap and assume it's not Dr. Miller.

  • Judy: You owe me from April 22, 1987. I let you watch the end of the hockey game during sex on our anniversary. Bill: Hey, that doesn't count. It was a playoff game. We were both watching it. Judy: Yeah, but you didn't have someone behind you who thought it was funny to keep yelling, "Down in front!"

  • Judy: Be nice to Linda. Bill: Why should I? You sister treats me like an idiot. Judy: You want to win her respect? Try not doing that impression of her ovaries drying up.

  • Lauren: Hello, mother. I love your new hairstyle. I mean, you're already a beautiful woman, but it really brings out the brown in your eyes. Judy: Thank you. And it brings out the brown in your nose.

  • Linda: We should play "Truth Be Told." Judy: What's that? Linda: Well, it's where you tell your partner something that you've always wanted to say, with the understanding that there is a safety zone, okay. Which means they can't be angry at you. Bill: I got another game. It's called "I'd Like to Have Sex Again Someday."

  • Tina: Mama said I can take my clothes off. Judy: But remember, the underwear stays on until after dinner. Bill: Same rules as when we were dating.

  • Judy: On my lunch hour I had a little something done you might like. (Bill looks at her breasts) Judy: It's my hair, you idiot!

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Notes (63)

  • The sets for the Miller house are different than the rest of the series.

  • This is the only episode to open with a cold open.

  • Guest Kerri Kenney later returns in an occassional role as Marion Fitzsimmons, wife of Bill's friend, Danny.

  • Some on-screen guides cite "Taylor" as deciding to cheerlead, confusing actor Taylor Ball for his character of Brian Miller.

  • Though credited, Soleil Borda does not appear in this episode.

  • Though credited, Soleil Borda does not appear in this episode.

  • Though credited, Taylor Ball and Renee Olstead do not appear in this episode.

  • Music: Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again"; Ludwig van Beethoven's Minuet in G

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Trivia (32)

  • We learn that Linda skipped ahead in school and graduated with Bill and Judy in the Class of 1982.

  • When Judy and the kids hear the crash noise outside and rush to the window, the red-headed kid stumbles and is one of the last kids to get up. But in the very next frame he's instantly right up against the window.

  • In the earlier "Still in School," we learned the Bill and Judy graduated high school in 1982, but here it's implied he had a failed college career starting in 1986.

  • Eric invites Bill to his luxury box for the Blackhawks game, but when we see Eric at the game on the Miller's television, he and his friend are in the front row.

  • When she goes downstairs, and then races back up, Judy is barefoot, but when she barges back into her bedroom she's suddenly wearing slippers.

  • The football game that's seen in the opening minutes was the Mississippi State Bulldogs vs. the Florida Gators on Sept. 29, 2001, Florida won 52-0.

  • When playing "Mystery Can", all three cans are missing their labels, but when Brian picks his up it has a label with a green food on it.

  • Judy originally grounds Lauren for four weeks, which she says is two each for the bracelet and MP3 player. After it's been discovered that she didn't steal the MP3 player, but comes clean about the bracelet, Judy is so proud of her that she reduces the grounding to two weeks, but since that was her original punishment for stealing the bracelet anyway, she really didn't give Lauren a break at all.

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Allusions (70)

  • Complaining that Brian's room is too neat for a teenage boy, Bill claims the "bubble boy had a messier room," referring to Randal Kleiser's 1977 TV movie The Boy in the Plastic Bubble.

  • Brian explains playing a videogame called Existence, an obvious reference to the Civilization series of games.

  • Bill wonders if there's a way he and Judy could wish Mary "to the cornfield," a reference to The Twilight Zone's episode, "It's a Good Life."

  • Lauren mentions Brian wore "Vulcan ears" for a class picture. Vulcans are the logic-oriented race from the Star Trek universe.

  • Linda states she's pretty sure the father of her cat's kittens is "a tabby who goes by the name Nathaniel Pawthorne," a play on author Nathaniel Hawthorne. This also implies Nathaniel is not hers, though later in the series she has a cat by the same name.

  • Judy refers to Bill in his basement man-fort as "Spicoli down there," a reference to Sean Penn's character in Amy Heckerling's 1982 film Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

  • Rusty asks for a copy of Shaving Ryan's Privates at the adult video store, a play on Steven Spielberg's 1998 film Saving Private Ryan.

  • Linda asks for a copy of Two Cheeks Notice at the adult video store, a play on Marc Lawrence's 2002 film Two Weeks Notice.

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