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  • "Stand by for Action! We're about to launch Stingray! Anything can happen within the next half hour!"These were the words spoken by Commander Shore at the beginning of each episode of Stingray, the first Gerry Anderson Supermarionation show to be made in colour.Set in the year 2064, Stingray is about the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (WASP) who patrol the world's oceans, helping and defeating underwater races. The pride of WASP is the revolutionary submarine Stingray, which is controlled by Captain Troy Tempest and Lieutenant George Lee Sheridan, better known as "Phones".The WASP headquarters at Marineville, a huge complex, 10 miles inland. The heart of WASP operations is the control tower, where Commander Sam Shore, Lt. Atlanta Shore (also his daughter) and Sub-Lieutenant Fisher can control and communicate with the entire WASP organization.When Marineville is under surface attack, Battle Stations sound. What happens next is that the whole complex sinks beneath the ground on massive hydraulic platforms. Huge concrete blast doors then protect the base, as well as WASP Interceptor and hydraulic missiles.The WASP call is "PWOR" (Proceed With Orders Received).The main villain of the WASPs is Titan who rules the underwater city of Titanica and has sworn to invade the surface world. His slaves are the Aquaphibians, who control mechanical fish called Terror Fish, armed with deadly missiles that have destroyed many unsuspecting victims. Titan is also assisted by Surface Agent X20, who talks incredibly like Peter Lorre. X20 can infiltrate Marineville through cunning disguises. He lives in an old house on the Island of Lemoy, where he can communicate with Titanica by pressing a button in his living room, which changes the room into a communication centre within seconds!Before becoming a member of the WASPs, Marina, a tailless, voiceless mermaid was the slave of Titan before Troy Tempest rescued her from his clutches. Her father, Aphony is the ruler of the underwater city Pacifica. Marina and her people have been sworn to silence by Titan, who said if they were to speak again, they would be destroyed.Occasionally, Marina accompanies Troy and Phones on their missions and sometimes Atlanta goes in place of her if they feel the mission is unsuitable for Marina. Troy has love interests for both women. Rarely seen on missions is a seal named Oink.Each episode ended with a song called "Aqua Marina" which was composed by Barry Gray and sung by Gary Miller.Not only was Stingray the first Supermarionation series to be made in colour, it was also the first British TV series to be made in colour! The series has also been repeated on BBC 2 over 1992-4 and 2001/2 and recently on weekday mornings over 2003/4. It has also been shown on Sky One.moreless

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  • S 1 : Ep 40

    Japanese Linking Material


  • S 1 : Ep 39

    Aquanaut Of The Year

    Aired 6/27/65

  • S 1 : Ep 38

    The Lighthouse Dwellers

    Aired 1/17/65

  • S 1 : Ep 37

    A Christmas To Remember

    Aired 12/20/64

  • S 1 : Ep 36

    Eastern Eclipse

    Aired 3/7/65

  • Cast & Crew
  • Robert Easton

    Lt. George Lee 'Phones' Sheridan / Surface Agent X20

  • Ray Barrett

    Commander Sam Shore / Titan / Lt Fisher

  • Lois Maxwell

    Lt. Atlanta Shore

  • Don Mason

    Captain Troy Tempest

  • David Graham

    Admiral Carson / Maren

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  • Quotes (2)

    • El Hudat: I am a great big toe, and vengeance shall be mine! Muahahahahaha!

    • Titan: So Duke Dexter is coming to Marineville! Who is Duke Dexter!?

    Notes (77)

    • Parts of this episode were incorporated with material from "Plant of Doom" and "Subterranean Sea" to create the interactive story for the Century 21 mini-album "Into Action With Troy Tempest".

    • One marine minute is said to be equal to about 2 terrainnean (human) minutes.

    • Stingray's maximum speed is given as 600 knots (approximately 682mph).

    • The launch tunnel computer display used in the Marineville Tower would go on to appear as the Anderbad Tunnel Control Chart seen in the Thunderbirds episode "The Perils Of Penelope".

    • The Marineville power plant model would later go on to appear as the machinery on the end of Thunderbird 2's pod conveyor belt throughout the Thunderbirds series. Other components would later become the Empire State Building support structure and the TB2 servicing equipment, both seen in "Terror in New York City".

    • The top section of the Marineville control tower would later be reused in Thunderbirds as a London heliport platform in "Vault of Death".

    • The two round buildings in front of the Marineville tower would later be reused as part of London Aiport in the first Thunderbirds episode "Trapped In The Sky".

    • First appearances of Stingray, Troy Tempest, Phones, Commander Shore, Atlanta, Marina, the Terror Fish, Titan, X2 Zero and the Aquaphibians.

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    Trivia (35)

    • When he appears for the second time, the WASP Commander has a completely different voice than before.

    • Troy uses the Surface Video Scan (SVS), but later calls it the "SVC".

    • Gadus pronounces his name "Gay-dus", but Maran later calls him "Gad-us".

    • The pilot of Search Vessel 2 has a different voice when he speaks to Atlanta than he did previously.

    • As Stingray is caught in a whirlpool, its hydroplane fins on one side were damaged, but they were fine in following shots.

    • Missile Ejector 2 starts off with a crab design on its side, but in later shots it has a fish. This is due to footage of Missile Ejector 1 being reused.

    • When the Gargan attacks Titan's vessel, Sculpin has the control device for the sounder so he could just turn it off to get rid of the Gargan as he did earlier at Titanica.

    • Everyone refers to the professor as "Sanders", as does the poster seen at the main gate, but X20's letter is addressed to Professor Sauders.

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  • I liked Stingray a lot. It was a great Gerry Anderson show right up there with Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet.

    By D-LinkUK, Dec 11, 2006