Stoney Burke

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Notes (5)

  • Also known as "The Contender".

  • Part of the charm of old TV series is seeing contemporary stars in their first bit-parts. In this episode the charecter of the boxer is played by Leonard Nimoy - cut and buff! He should have used the Vulcan Death Grip in this episode's final fight scene.

  • Author Helen Gurley Brown plays the part of Maxine.

  • The part of the Derelict is credited to "Enoch Gates". Enoch Gates is actually the famous British actor James Mason.

  • Actors Henry Darrow(credited here as Henry Delgado) and Rudy Solari have small roles as Mexican police officers. Jack Lord and Antoinette Bower played similar roles in an episode of Hawaii 5-0 titled "Six Kilos".

Trivia (1)

  • Continuity please! In a scene where Royce Hamilton is saddled up in the chute ready to go he has the bronc rein in his right hand. Camera cuts to full arena shot as the horse and rider come out of the chute - rein in his left hand. OOPS!