Stories of the Century

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    Matt Clark -- Railroad Detective

    By Boot_Hill, Dec 08, 2010

    This was an action-packed syndicated television western from 1954. Matt Clark and his female assistant Frankie Adams (later replaced by Jonesy Jones), protected the Southwestern Railroad from the bad guys. And these weren't your garden-variety evildoers, either! Matt and Frankie crossed paths with such notables as Frank & Jesse James, Billy the Kid, Crazy Horse, John Wesley Hardin, and Black Jack Ketchum. The show played fast and loose with history and sometimes it seemed that our intrepid detectives must have had a time machine, but these are minor quibbles. It's fun to spot such veteran western actors as Lee Van Cleef, Jack Elam, and Slim Pickens in early roles.

    Since there wasn't much competition back then, "Stories of the Century" actually won an Emmy Award for best western or adventure series (1954).moreless

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