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Discovery Channel (ended 2011)
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  • S 5 : Ep 9

    Behind the Storms 2011

    Aired 12/26/11

  • S 5 : Ep 8

    All or Nothing

    Aired 11/10/11

  • S 5 : Ep 7

    The Storm Within

    Aired 11/3/11

  • S 5 : Ep 6

    Too Close To Home

    Aired 10/30/11

  • S 5 : Ep 5

    No Rest for the Weary

    Aired 10/23/11

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  • Sean Casey

    Team TIV

  • Marcus Gutierrez

    Team TIV

  • Brandon Ivey

    Team TIV

  • Joel Taylor

    Team TVN/Dominator

  • Reed Timmer

    Team TVN/Dominator

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  • Season 1 follows Sean Casey as he tries to get IMAX film footage of tornadoes. Season 2 added Reed Timmer who tries to get film footage of tornadoes while getting as close to them as possible.

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    • Josh: (surveying the tornado wreckage at Tulia, Tx) When I'm targeting a storm and collecting data, it's very abstract. But when I come into a place like this, I really see the human impact. There's nothing I can do to stop the tornadoes. The only thing I can do is study them, and if we have better warnings, better forecasts, then the deaths from these tornadoes can go way down.

    • Mara: (about to chase her first tornado) I've never gone into a dangerous situation just for kicks. I'm just trying to counter balance the freaky-deakiness of it by just staying calm.

    • Sean: (backing up the TIV on a narrow dirt road as a huge super-cell comes their way) We're dancing a slow dance with the devil right now, and we're dancing too close.

    • Josh: (on missing the EF5 Greensburg, KS tornado) If I had been at the Greensburg tornado, I would have gotten a lot of amazing radar data, there's no question. So there's a lot about that tornado which we will never know, because the DOWs weren't there, and it's gone.Tragedy comes with no even speckling of a silver lining, that we might have learned something. We missed the big one.

    • Mara: (guilty about last night's adrenalin rush, as they drive by the devastation caused by an EF5 tornado at Greensburg, KS) I mean, I know that what...what this mission, you know, serving science, and it's serving good. But I just felt really guilty for how excited I was.

    • Justin: (after their entire day of storm chasing comes up empty) How do you feel?
      Hannah: How do you feel?
      Josh: How do you think I feel?
      Hannah: So far, storm chasing is basically what I expected, a lot of driving to nowhere for no reason.

    • Herb: (hearing that Reed has tornadoes near Lamesa, TX) How come we're not on that storm?
      Josh: Because we're dumb!

    • Reed: (teasing Joel about being a pessimist) I continually hear Joel sigh every time say a positive statement, but...
      Joel: I'm positive we're not going to see a tornado today.

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    Notes (34)

    • Josh decided not to chase the southern storms near Abilene, TX because he was worried that if he took his team too far south, they'd be out of position for the next day's chase. There were 18 tornadoes on April 23, 2008, all of which formed in a line from Seminole, TX to Fort Worth, about 250 miles south of his position in Amarillo. The next day, there were no tornadoes at all in either Texas or Oklahoma, though there were 3 tornadoes in northern Kansas, about a 7 hour drive from Amarillo.

    • Reed's team films a tornado southwest of Lamesa, Texas. There were actually 4 EF0 tornadoes in the Lamesa area on April 23, 2008 at 2:45, 2:56, 3:08 and 4:30 pm, all of which touched down within less than 20 miles of each other. Reed's team spotted the final tornado which touched down the farthest to the west.

    • The construction of the new TIV2 is shown in this episode, and everyone is impressed by its design, certain that it will remain safely intact when hit by a tornado. Before it could prove itself in the field in season 3's intercept, it was tested on an episode of Mythbusters, along with a vehicle Reed Timmer uses in later seasons called the SRV Dominator, to see if they would be able to withstand winds of tornadic force. After a miscue (Sean forgot to lock one of the doors), the TIV2 stood rock solid under a 250 mph wind, the windspeed of an EF5 tornado with only a little bending to the anchoring spikes. A Boeing 747 engine at full throttle was used to simulate the storm winds.

    • The first tornado spotted by the Probe team was an EF2 near Rock Valley, Iowa which occurred on May 1, 2008. The second chased by the DOW team near Fredonia, KS was an EF0. Reed's team saw a third tornado near Pawhuska, Oklahoma which was an EF1. The last tornado seen in the episode was also chased by Reed's team, another EF1 which touched down northeast of Carlisle Arkansas on May 2, 2008.

    • The teams covered over 10,000 miles in 10 weeks chasing tornadoes in over a half dozen states.

    • The first tornado intercepted by Team Dominator was an EF0 (erroneously identified in the episode as an EF2) which touched down just south of Crawford, OK on April 26, 2009. The second tornado that developed northeast of Crawford as the original died was an EF2. Neither tornado caused much damage, though the second destroyed a mobile home.

    • Reed's team TVN are in a new iron plated vehicle this season named the "SRV Dominator". He tells Joel that he thinks it can hold its ground under winds of 260 mph. He actually got the chance to test the vehicle on the show Mythbusters alongside Sean Casey's TIV 2. The Dominator was subjected to 250 mph winds from a Boeing 747 jet's engine to simulate the force of an EF5 tornado. The vehicle was pushed about 50 ft, but did not flip over onto from the wind pressure.

    • Teams Dominator and TWISTEX intercept the EF0 southeast of Whites City, New Mexico that touched down on April 28, 2009. The next day all three teams converge on an EF1 (identified in the episode as an EF2) near South Plains, Texas, and later, its smaller EF0 sister tornado. Neither tornado did much damage except knock down a few trees and power poles.

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    Trivia (5)

    • After no intercepts all season, the TIV conducts two intercepts successfully. However, Sean does not get the shot that he needs.

    • Chronologically speaking, most of this episode takes place before the previous episode "Tornado Intercept Tank". However, the tornado which the DOW team is shown chasing occurred on April 24, the day after Reed's tornado intercept in the previous episode. DOW's was an EF0 which touched down just south of Stockton, Kansas.

    • The EF-4 tornado which hit St Louis, Mo in this episode is the Good Friday Tornado of March 22, 2011. There were five tornadoes in total associated with the pair of supercells which passed through the area.

    • The tornado chased by the TIV WNW of Ada, Oklahoma touched down on May 21, 2011 was an EF1. The tornado seen by Team TWISTEX on May 22 was also an EF1 which was on the ground for 4 miles ENE of Neodesha, OK.

    • There were five different tornadoes being chased by the teams in this episode, all of which were from the June 20, 2011 outbreak in Nebraska. The first was an EF2 south southwest of Hampton chased by the TIV. The second was an EF2 near Elm Creek which Team Dominator intercepted. The third was an EF0 east northeast of Westmark which Team TWISTEX chased. The fourth was an EF2 southwest of Rockville intercepted by the Dominator. The fifth and final tornado was an EF2 southwest of Bradshaw intercepted by the TIV.

    Allusions (6)

    • Sean: (sharing a hotel bed with Byron to save money) I can't quit you, Byron.

      Sean is paraphrasing the movie Brokeback Mountain, which follows a pair of cowboys who embark upon a homosexual relationship while they are alone and isolated watching their herd of sheep.

    • "Nightmare on DOW Street" is an allusion to the Freddy Krueger movie A Nightmare on Elm Street.

    • No Place Like Kansas? More like "no place like home". This episode's title is taken from that famous line in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy is trying to get home to-where else?-Kansas.

    • Sean: (ticked that Reed's just passed him in his new red "SRV Dominator") Of all the chasers, in all the gin joints, on this rural road in New Mexico, we got to run into a red shoe.

      Sean is paying homage to the well known movie Casablanca. Humphrey Bogart, playing Rick, says of his ex-girlfriend Ilsa when she arrives at his North African bar, "Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine."

    • Highway to Hail:
      This episode's title is a nod to the AC/DC song "Highway to Hell".

    • The title is an allusion to the 1888 poem "Casey At The Bat", which became a popular vaudeville performance piece, as well as being the subject of a silent movie in 1927 and a pair of animated films by Disney.

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