Storm Chasers

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    The closest thing to a perfect show.

    By what2donext, Dec 02, 2007

    I don't know about you but in my books Stormchasers is somewhat at the top. This show, newest in a line of quailty discovery channel shows, is by far the most weather-related series I have ever watched. The title stays it all but one major sidenote is the fact that they dont just chase the storms, no no no they try to drive into a torando. How do they do this you might ask? Well they use a custom made vechile called the Torando Intercept Vechile or TIV for sort. The TIV is bascilly as the cast describes it, a 14,000 pound tripod on wheels. The show is a must-watch show for weather eithuests looking for a decent show!moreless

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