Storm Hawks

Cartoon Network (ended 2008)
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  • S 2 : Ep 26

    Cyclonia Rising Part 2


  • S 2 : Ep 25

    Cyclonia Rising Part 1


  • S 2 : Ep 24

    The Key


  • S 2 : Ep 23



  • S 2 : Ep 22

    A Wallop For All Seasons


  • Cast & Crew
  • Scott McNeil


  • Sam Vincent

    Aerrow / The Dark Ace

  • Matt Hill (III)


  • Chiara Zanni


  • Lenore Zann

    Master Cyclonis

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  • Using their powerful motorcycles that transform into flying vehicles, five young teens: Junko, Piper, Finn, Stork, Aerrow and their sidekick, Radarr must defend Atmos against the evil Cyclonia empire. They are The Storm Hawks, a name passed down from the legendary Sky Knight squadron from Atmos' past. Theme Song My name is Aerrow. I'm a Sky Knight. This is my squadron - Piper, Finn, Junko, Stork and of course my co-pilot Radarr. We live in the world of Atmos. Our Mission: To protect our world from the evil hands of the Cyclonia. We're the Storm Hawks and for us, the sky is never the limit.moreless

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  • Quotes (203)

    • Stork: We are doomed!

    • Aerrow: Storm Hawks, prepare for battle!

    • Stork: In light of my imminent demise: I, Stork, do here decree that all my worldly possessions... they're all gonna be destroyed anyway.

    • Dark Ace: You're a young one. Since you're new at this, allow me to explain the ground rules... there are none! If you live, you win and just so you know... I never lose.

    • Finn: Aerrow, that's the Dark Ace. As in THE Dark Ace. Piper: As in never lost a Sky Duel and is single-handedly responsible for the destruction of the old Storm Hawks. Aerrow, get out of there now! Aerrow: I'm not running away! Junko: We got your back, buddy.

    • Aerrow: Just remember the plan and we'll be fine. Junko: Um... I forgot the plan. Finn: Keep 'em off that Terra.

    • Piper: We'll contact the Buff Buzzards of Terra Basteria first, then off to Tropica. And no Finn, a surfing break is out of the question. Finn: I don't see the big deal about some dumb crystal anyway. Piper: Finn, don't you know anything? The Aurora Stone is like, the very symbol of Atmos. Aerrow: It's also the most powerful crystal ever found. There's no telling what Master Cyclonis would do with it. Stork: Let's not forget the eternal darkness, plague of evil, and endless suffering that would most certainly follow. Maybe it's starting already... yep I was right.

    • Master Cyclonis: I understand Carver has failed and by the hand of a Sky Knight, who claims to lead the Storm Hawks! Dark Ace: It's a rumor your highness! The Storm Hawks are no more. Master Cyclonis: Go! Get me the stone and this time... no mistakes. Dark Ace: Consider it done.

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    Notes (72)

    • This episode aired as part of Cartoon Network's "Storm Hawks Marathon of Heroes".

    • Matt Hill (Finn) and Samuel Vincent (Aerrow/The Dark Ace) also do the voices of Ed and Edd respectively, from Ed, Edd n' Eddy, another Cartoon Network show.

    • CN Video Airdate: May 28th, 2007 - July 8th, 2007 Toonami Jetstream Airdate: October 20th, 2008 - December 1st, 2008

    • There are 52 episodes in production for the show. The show is currently in season one in the United States. Season one will not appear in Canada until Fall 2007.

    • The show is created by Nerd Corps Entertainment, which also made Dragon Booster. This is the reason the show has a similar animation style and same type of humor as that show.

    • The show came as a surprise, since there was no commercial telling of its coming to Cartoon Network before May 19, 2007. It also didn't appear on the upfront.

    • The show is aired in 26 countries: YTV in Canada; Cartoon Network in the US, UK, France and Latin America; RTL2 in Germany; as well as terrestrial broadcaster France 3 in France.

    • Crystal(s) Introduced: Aurora Stone Drizzle Crystal Messenger Crystal Striker Crystals Weather Crystals

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    Trivia (111)

    • Squadrons Introduced: Storm Hawks Red Eagles

    • Technique(s) Learned: Aerrow (Lightning Claw)

    • Goof: While Stork is speaking about "eternal darkness and plauges of suffering." while he holds up the skull, he only has one earring in his left ear.

    • Goof: Master Cyclonis's mole on her left cheek disappears and reappears a few times throughout this episode.

    • During the last Sky Duel, there was a voicing mistake made by Junko. After he took down two of the five Talons, he said, "Two down, five to go!," but there were only five to begin with (Dark Ace and his Squadron).

    • Terra(s) Introduced: Terra Gale.

    • Crystal(s) Introduced: (1) Swarm Crystal (2) Water Crystal (3) Firebolt Crystal (4) Windstone Crystal

    • We learn that the first Sky Knight was a Rex Guardian.

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    Allusions (47)

    • Finn's personality throughout the series is reminiscent of the Warner Brothers character Daffy Duck.

    • Skies of Arcadia: Storm Hawks appears to be based in the same genre as the Dreamcast and Gamecube video game, Skies of Arcadia. The game is generally about islands of land from a destroyed planet floating in the atmosphere, upon which people live and work, the society being of an ocean going type, filled with people with the desire to explore their world and chart it. There are flying boats and ships that battle each other and other creatures living in the clouds, which can get bigger and better weapons and engines. The weapons are powered by crystals that give the weapons different effects depending on the crystal used. The characters can power up for an ultimate move like Aerrow's double blade attack. And the game is done in cel shades like the cartoon.

    • The 'X' shaped wings on the stormhawks' vehicles are similar to wings on X-wings from the film Star Wars .

    • The scene when Aerrow is flying upside down above the Cyclonian pilot is similar to a scene from the Top Gun movie where Goose and Maverick fly upside down above a MIG pilot.

    • Throwing a sink at Dark Ace is an allusion to the phrase "Using everything but the kitchen sink". In this case, however, the sink went too.

    • The resistance of Terra Gale is an allusion to the French Resistance of WWII, as heard by Wren's French accent.

    • Phoenix The massive bird seen in this episode is referred to as a "phoenix", a legendary bird of Greek and Egyptian mythology that was said to die and be reborn in fire. The appearance of the beast in this episode is more akin to that of the firebird, a creature of Russian legend that was said to have the ability to illuminate the night as if it were day and is often depicted as a bird of flames. The two mythical creatures are often confused as one.

    • "The Code" is an allusion to the Code of Chivalry that the medieval knights followed. The Rex Guardians acted like the medieval knights. (They also acted like members of nobility.) In Medieval Europe, nobles often looked down upon commoners. This can be seen as how the Rex Guardians viewed the Storm Hawks.

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