Strange Days at Blake Holsey High

NBC (ended 2006)
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  • S 4 : Ep 3

    Conclusions (3)

    Aired 1/28/06

  • S 4 : Ep 2

    Conclusions (2)

    Aired 1/28/06

  • S 4 : Ep 1

    Conclusions (1)

    Aired 1/28/06

  • S 3 : Ep 13


    Aired 3/26/05

  • S 3 : Ep 12


    Aired 3/19/05

  • Cast & Crew
  • Lawrence Bayne

    Victor Pearson

  • Noah Reid

    Marshall Wheeler

  • Tony Munch


  • Jeff Douglas

    Professor Zachary

  • Michael Seater

    Lucas Randall

  • show Description
  • There is something weird going on at Blake Holsey High something paranormal. When Josie Trent is sent to a private prep school she must come face to face with things that cannot be explained easily but with the help of friends and one science teacher maybe surviving school won't be that hard. "Blake Holsey high-- Just another boarding school, or so I thought. But things are a little different here. I've made some friends. Even got a cool teacher. The principal is definitely hiding something. And this guy, Victor Pearson-- Somehow he's behind all the really weird stuff that happens here. We'll figure it out. But in the meantime, these are... strange days at Blake Holsey High." - Josie Trent, narrating introduction. "Blake Holsey, it's not your ordinary boarding school. Not even close. Things are a little different here. See, I've stumbled onto a mystery with my friends. I've got a cool teacher, but the principal is definitely hiding something. And this guy, Victor Pearson; somehow he's behind all the really weird stuff that happens here. Is that floating ball of his the key to the mystery? We're getting closer. But in the meantime, these are strange days at Blake Holsey High." - Josie Trent, narrating introduction - Season Three. Contributer - carleymarie Josie Trent: "Okay so my mom drops me at this boarding school and I'm thinking it's like all the other places I've gone. Students, teachers, principal. You know like normal schools. But its not. Weird stuff happens here, really weird stuff, and what's this guy doing here? Something's going on and someone's behind it and we're going get to the bottom of it." Principal Durst:"There is nothing wrong at Blake Holesy High" - Narration of opening titles for the UK's Black Hole High by Josie Trent - Contributor: Koral Josie Trent: "Okay so my mom drops me at this boarding school and I'm thinking it's like all the other places I've gone. Students, teachers, principal. You know like normal schools. But its not. Weird stuff happens here, really weird stuff, and what's this guy doing here? Is this floating sphere the key to the mystery? Something's going on and someone's behind it and we're going get to the bottom of it." Principal Durst: "There is nothing wrong at Blake Holsey High" -Opening narration for the third season Black Hole High -Contributor: Gordo_Fan Characters: Josie P. Trent - "New kid at school -- Doesn't like rules": Blake Holsey High is Josie's latest stop on her long trail of boarding schools, followed by an ultra-sized permanent record. Estranged from her mother, Josie is outspoken and expressive. She is also described as smart, gutsy, and disliking everything phony. She isn't afraid of rule breaking (she is a notorious class skipper) and is most likely involved when there's trouble, especially because it is a habit of hers to investigate the odd occurrences of the school. Josie hates cats and public speaking, and is not good at singing. She lives with Corrine in room 21. She was kicked out of her last school for turning some of the students's skin green. Corrine Baxter - "Straight "A" student": An attendant of Blake Holsey High for two years now. Conforms to all rules and is highly organized, intelligent, and careful. She has an IQ of 172 and has sang in a choir. Her mom is a psychiatrist and her dad is a brain surgeon. Roommate is Josie in room 21. Vaughn Jody Pearson - "Most popular boy in school -- Has dark secret": One of the most unlikely students to join the Science Club or even be associated with science. His father is Victor Pearson. Vaughn is often placed in uncomfortable positions to find out information discussed by the science club and comes into conflict with morals. He is left handed, has dyslexia, and is on the football and wrestling teams. In room 36, he is not assigned a roommate. His birthday is June 17. Marshall Wheeler - "Young, gifted, geek": Very intelligent. Dedicated to getting things, aims towards amusement, and tends to think about ways of making money. He apparently dressed up as Principal Durst for Halloween and made a genetically engineered soap that turned his skin green. Has an older brother named Grant who also attended Blake Holsey. He is the lead singer and keyboard player for "Magnet 360", a band of Blake Holsey. Roommate is Lucas in room 32. Lucas Randall - "Suspicious of everybody": He is not good at sports and isn't the preferred choice to be on a team with. Often picked on by bullies and isn't good at insults. He is known for looking into conspiracies and his stories are often not believed. Lucas likes fishing with his father and playing chess. Lucas also has asthma. Roommate is Marshall in room 32. Principal Amanda Durst - Once a new teacher at Blake Holsey High, she has now been principal of the school for the last 10 years. She attempts to keep the hopes of the students high but has a watchful eye on the science club. She loves Romeo and Juliet. Professor Noel Zachary - Science teacher and head of the Science Club, we find out though that this was not always his passion. It was luck that he received a scholarship from Pearadyne Labs to continue to college. He also was employed by Pearadyne Labs for a short time. Like Josie, he is interested (and often fascinated) in the odd occurrences and seeks to find the cause of them. He does not like giving pop quizzes. His favorite kinds of foods are hotdogs and spaghetti bolonges. He has a dog. Professor Zachary's birthday is on the 25th but the month is unknown. His last job was at an all girl school. The Janitor - When even Professor Zachary doesn't have the answers needed to solve their problems, the janitor turns up to individually give the students perplexing advice. He claims to like reading and his living area is usually not lit. Appears unsurprised at the mysterious events and seems to be watchful of Pearadyne Labs. He is usually seen attending to anything leftover by the suspicious occurrences. Victor Pearson - "Vaughn's father -- Major league bad guy": Having a fascination with science from a young age, Victor Pearson is the wealthy owner of Pearadyne Labs, an institution dedicated to science. An accident occurred 15 years ago causing mysterious happenings around the affected lands and the loss of his wife. He is head of the board of directors/governors for Blake Holsey High. He is suspicious of the Science Club and especially Josie. Victor's mission has been the reopening of Pearadyne Labs. Kelly Trent - Josie's mother. She worries that Josie may not like her and is trying to be more close to Josie. According to her, the work she does involves research for private companies and is an occupation involving confidentiality. She also worked at Pearadyne, apparently one of the people who began it. Upcoming Episodes Of Strange Days At Blake Holsey High for TNBC: none Source: TNBC: Other Show times: -DCKids: Schedule is irratic. Visit their website for show schedule. -Global: Saturdays at various times (check local listings). Once there, select your city and click on "What's on Global" in the left menu bar. -Disney Channel: Mondays-Thursdays 5:25pm Australia. *Check out Professor Z's Webisodes *Take a look at Josie's interactive journal *Want to see Strange Days at Blake Holsey High on DVD? Vote for it at It's searchable under "Black Hole High". Last update: 4/23 Updated: 4/23: *Added quote to "Brainwaves" and "Past." *Observe the notes below for comments about note and quote contributions. 4/20: *Added to goof responses in FAQ. *Added analysis to "Transference." *Edited main page for Josie and Marshall. 4/17: *Added goof response to FAQ. *While I don't need a co-editor for this show, help is always welcomed. 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  • Quotes (260)

    • Lucas: I have a life, Vaughn-head.

    • Lucas: It's still Monday. For another few seconds.

    • Professor Z: I went to her (Corrine's) room while she wasn't there, and it looked like a tornado hit half the room! Josie: Actually, that is my side of the room.

    • Professor Z: Are you here for Science Club? Josie: Science Club? You're joking, right? Professor Z: No. We always have an opening for an interested student, Miss... Josie: Trent, Josie Trent and I'm not interested. Professor Z: Oh, well that's too bad because we were just discussing the possible molecular deconstruction of a Science Professor. Josie: Then I better go, wouldn't want to keep you from that... Professor Z: 'Fraid you might learn something? (pause) Josie: Molecular deconstruction? Cells are made up of molecules; molecules are made up of atoms; once you start dealing with atoms, quantum mechanics kicks in, and all the rules go out the window. Ergo, You can take an atom apart to the subatomic level, and put it back together again. In theory, you can molecularly deconstruct anything: plants, chewing gum, even something less complex. Like a science teacher. Professor Z: Ouch. Josie: My guess: your professor was sucked into a vortex. Later.

    • Corrine: My favourite Marhsall story has to be the time he dressed up like Principal Durst for Halloween! (laughter) Lucas: Remember the time his genetically engineered soap turned his skin green? (laughter) Professor Z: How about when he thought the unit of measure for Energy was the Newton! Not the Joule! The Newton... (silence) Professor Z: I guess you had to be there...

    • (Josie grabs Marshall by the shoulders whilst he is invisible) Marshall: Ahh, ow! It hurts! Josie: Hm, does it? My bad. (Marshall whimpers in pain) Josie: Look, Marshall, roumer has it you're invisible - tough break. Speaking of tough breaks my journal's missing. Marshall: You think I have it!?! I'd never touch your journal, I'm scared of you, remember? Why do you think I took it? Josie: Well someone went into my room and took it: no one saw anyone go in. And no one can see you. That's proof enough. Marshall: That's not proof, that's a wild guess! And a bad guess at that - it wasn't me. Josie: Well then if it wasn't you who was it invisible boy? Marshall: I don't know, but I have a hunch...

    • Victor: You've failed me son. And wash that chocolate out of your hair!

    • Lucas: I don't want an invisible friend. People will think I'm crazy...-er.

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    Notes (162)

    • Wormhole has connective links to Wormhole (2). Both episodes are entitled Wormhole due to Josie's wormhole travel. Wormhole has connective links to Tesseract. A scene clip of Wormhole, Lucas interacting with Professor Middleton, is spliced into the storyline of Tesseract, causing Lucas and his younger self to exist in the same dimension. Wormhole has connective links to Friction. A major plot of the Friction storyline covers the missing period of time Corrine experienced in Wormhole.

    • Guide Listings:

      It's Josie Trent's first day at Blake Holsey High prep school. She has no clue that ever since an explosion 15 years ago at a research lab strange things start to happen at the school. Things such as people mysteriously vanishing and a wormhole opening. But maybe with her new friends and her investigating they might stop the strange things from happening.


      New student Josie and her friend Corrine are sucked into a wormhole that sends them back in time, but fellow science-club members come to the rescue. (TV Guide Listings)


      Four students apply scientific knowledge to solve strange events. (MSN TV Listings)

    • In the Discovery Kids promo for Strange Days at Blake Holsey High, the beaming sounds from Star Trek: The Next Generation are heard; the same sounds are also used in MADtv episode 01.

    • Patrick Williams, director of the episode, was nominated for the award Outstanding Achievement in a Television Series - Children's in the 2003 Directors Guild of Canada Awards.

    • Professor Middleton's office is labeled Room 106.

    • In this episode Robert Clark (Vaughn) has his hand bandaged.

    • In the UK, the show is simply titled Black Hole High.

    • Learned facts: time and magnetics, black holes.

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    Trivia (67)

    • In the beginning of this episode, we see Lucas rushing to his old science professor to give him his science paper, right before he dissappeared. We find out more about this scene in the episode Tesseract.

    • In this episode we can see the character of Vaughn Pearson wearing a cast. This wasn't actually part of the story, but due to the actor's condition the producers decided to include it in the plot.

    • When Josie turns the doorknob, the doorknob turns to the right but Josie's hand is turning to the left.

    • Josie's dance changes with each repeat of the day.

    • The first day the principal drops yellow papers, yet Corrine only picks up some folders, another day the principal drops white papers and another day she drops folders, isnt she supposed to drop the same thing?

    • On the third day when Corrine and the rest of the science club are discussing gravity and time loops, you can see a student sitting in one of the desks behind Vaughn yet almost everybody mentions the black hole.

    • When the Science Club is going over what happened to them, Josie forgets about being magnitized and when they made the clone of Josie.

    • The story, teleplay, directed by, and executive producer are shown twice at the beginning of the episode.

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    Allusions (7)

    • Lucas, Vaughn and Professor Z refer to the TV show Gilligan's Island after Lucas tries to recover Z's memory by hitting him on the head. Gilligan's Island tells the story of a group of people who are stranded on a deserted island. Most episodes deal with the castaways trying to get off the island, but their attempts seem to always be foiled by Gilligan. In the mentioned episode, Gilligan loses his memory after getting hit on his head by a coconut, and afterwards his memory recovers when he's hit again. Lucas thinks that this technique might work in Professor Z's case.

    • Lucas is heard referring to Gulliver's Travels in the bookcase while looking for Josie. "Gulliver's Travels" is a story in which the character ventures to an island where the inhabitants are really tiny and to another island where the inhabitants are very tall.

    • Although Wormhole┬▓ is the sequel and second episode to Shrink, the episode is entitled Wormhole┬▓ for a connective link to the first episode Wormhole.

      The major theme of Wormhole is Josie's wormhole travel. The major theme of Wormhole┬▓ is Josie's wormhole travel with added time loop for enhanced wormhole experience thus the squared added to the title.

    • genome is part of an organism that is the whole hereditary information of an organism that is encoded in the DNA. Which is what went wrong with Lucus's DNA.

    • The time-stopping concept and the getting trapped in time was used in "The Twilight Zone".

    • Nocturnal has connective links to both Vision and Hologram. During Josie's dream like state in Nocturnal, she has a vision of Sarah Pearson with a pendant and baby Vaughn. Lucas will discover the pendant's secret location inside Victor's safe with his enhanced visual ability in Vision. And the pendant's assumed primary use will be revealed in Hologram when Vaughn requires the pendant to enable contact his mother, Sarah Pearson.

    • Basically, Friction is the flip side of Allure. Friction is the heads side and Allure is the tails side of the same coin. Allure showcased Corrine's jealousy, and her inventive concept to rescue Marshall from his predicament. Friction showcased Marshall's jealousy, and his inability to be competent enough to attempt to solve Corrine's situation.

      Friction has connective links to Ecosystem. Corrine and Josie had to resolve their differences in Ecosystem to abate their conflict. And Corrine and Vaughn had to resolve their animosity to abate their predicament in Friction. Both episodes used the same theme of conflict must be resolved to end problems.

      Friction has connective links to Wormhole. Friction relates the events that occurred during Corrine's missing period of time in Wormhole.

      Friction creates as many new questions as it does resolve old questions in attempt to provide answers to previous mysteries. Obviously connective links to future storylines.

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  • Great sci-fi show... for kids.

    By Canogaparkcindy, Jul 03, 2006

  • Such a great show.

    By jdogrules, Nov 05, 2009

  • Good show!

    By NatalieTV100, Jul 29, 2008

  • Meet Josie. She is entering you average bording school. Or is she? In the first day her and her room mate Corrine get sucked into a wormhole 15 years in the past. It is easy to see that the science club has found a mystery.

    By Lostlover23, May 04, 2008

  • school is weird

    By Atomius1, Apr 17, 2008

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