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    Tyler gains the ability to morph into different people at will. He uses his new gift to dig up dirt on the science club and finds out a few secrets.

    By BackyardTaang, Jun 16, 2007

    I believe this episode had potential but for some reason was never completed. They never explained the entire thing with Tyler in "Conclusions". If he still had his powers, what he was doing with Avenir, if he ever returned to get revenge on Durst. Anyway this episode gave character development for Tyler especially, who used to be a big shot but now is obsessed with figuring out the Science Club's secrets. Lucas has now acted more than sneaking things into Z's office and fighting with his friends. He has now acted on his assumptions sbout Vaughn being untrustworthy by leaving the science club after he tells Josie to choose between him or Vaughn.moreless

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