Strange Love

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    Why da hell did those two come out w/ a show of their own? What retards...How do u jus fall in love with someone you don't even really know. I don't know why people gave them the time and the day. Both of them are washed out artists. Flava Flav

    By Mickey_585, Oct 01, 2005

    What Was VH1 thinkin when they came out with Strange Love...two washed out people...I mean come on...Both of them old as hell. It was a complete waste of time. Why da hell would u leave your fiance...(a young man)for Flava Flav. I mean I dont get it...VH1 is goin downhill fast.

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    Flavor Flav!

    By MadTvrocks, Jul 01, 2005

    When this show was out I couldn't wait to see it. I love Flavor Flav cause he's so cool. Him and Brigitte are so oppoisite. I want them to bring it back i miss it. I just dont get what flav see's in her. She's so strange and alway's drunk. I still love it and hope they make a new season.

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