Stressed Eric

BBC Two (ended 2000)
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  • S 2 : Ep 7


    Aired 10/11/00

  • S 2 : Ep 6

    Au Pair

    Aired 10/4/00

  • S 2 : Ep 5


    Aired 9/27/00

  • S 2 : Ep 4


    Aired 9/20/00

  • S 2 : Ep 3


    Aired 9/13/00

  • Cast & Crew
  • Hank Azaria

    Voice of Eric Feeble (US version)

  • Alison Steadman

    Voice of Mrs. Perfect

  • Morwenna Banks

    Voice of Claire Feeble / Heather Perfect

  • Rebecca Front

    Voice of Liz

  • Geoff McGivern

    Voice of Paul Power / Caleb

  • show Description
  • Eric Feeble is a middle-class divorced father of two who resides in London, England. An average man, with a less than average life, Eric is endlessly at his wits end -- stressed out with his family, coworkers, and his life in general. For starters, there's his children. His precocious daughter, Claire is allergic to everything, from peanuts to dolls and everything in between. Eric's toadish son, Brian, sticks everything into his mouth that he can get his hands on. The family's live-in au pair, Maria, is a drunken nymphomaniac with a bad habit of disappearing for days at a time. Eric's ex-wife, Liz, is a whiny psycho who's involved in every kind of "rights" act imaginable, from "animal rights" to "tree rights" to Buddhism. Just to make his oddball family dynamics look worse, the next door neighbors are the aptly named Perfects, who are wealthy and snobbish. At work, Eric has to put up with his insufferable boss, P.P., who is prone to insane fits of rage and over-use of the word "arseburger." And then there's his secretary, Alison, who does nothing more than spend her days gabbing on the phone to her friends. Others in Eric's life are his self-obsessed doctor, Doc, whom Eric often contacts for advice. And last, but not least, is Mrs. Wilson, the little old lady who's always slowly inching her way towards the mailbox with a letter, which eventually falls into the sewer. At the end of each episode, a throbbing vein in Eric's head bursts out and chokes him.... Stressed Eric premiered on BBC-2 in 1998. Touted as the UK's answer to "The Simpsons," it grabbed the attention of the USA's NBC network, who quickly bought the rights to air the show later that summer. This was the first animated series that ran on NBC primetime since 1982's short-lived "Joke Book," but it was quickly pulled from the air after 4 episodes due to lackluster ratings. An NBC affiliate in Utah even refused to air the series, because they felt it was stupid and not up to the same standards as the rest of the "Must See TV" schedule, so "Mad About You" was rerun in it's place. The NBC versions of the episodes shaved off around 4 minutes, so that they could add in their standard 8-minutes of commercial time per half hour. But the biggest problem with NBC's version was their decision to change Eric's voice. To appeal to US audiences, they foolishly felt Eric should be an American living abroad, so his voice was redubbed by Hank Azaria ("The Simpsons"). The original title sequence (and theme) were dumped and replaced with a scrapbook montage opening -- featuring photos of Eric in the US, moving to the UK, getting married and having kids. Comparably speaking, the US opening credits were dopey. The unaired episodes with Azaria's voice have never seen the light of day. A second season was made and finally aired on BBC2 in 2000. This second season boasted a new opening sequence identifying all the regular characters, accompanied by a new, jazzy arrangement of the theme tune (in contrast to the harsh electric guitar version used in season 1). The most dramatic change, however, was that the new episodes were made in 16:9 widesreen, which may make it the first major animated series to appear in this format.moreless

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (8)

    • Black Boy: No. The baby has to eat the plant. Because it can't eat anything else because it has no teeth. For example: chewing gum.

    • British Boy: So, the baby has to eat fertilizer.
      Girl: What is fertilizer?
      British Boy: It's like poo.
      Children: Ewwwwwwwwww.

    • Russian Aupair: Why did I not get job? (to Terry the agent) I demand explanation.
      Woman: Excuse me. I haven't finished yet. (the au pair throws her half shaved dog out the door)
      Russian Aupair: You have now lady.

    • Eric: Liz, I need your help. Can't you pick the kids up from school?
      Liz: (grunts)
      Eric: What?
      Liz: (grunts)
      Eric: Stop making that noise. Sounds like your sitting on a chicken.
      Liz: It does not Eric. I'm returning to a place outside language. Oh, No. Now look what you made me do.
      Eric: Liz, I don't have time for this. I'm backed up at work and I can't pick the kids up. So, I thought you can do it.
      Liz: That's typical. I have to do everything.
      Eric: You haven't seen the kids for four weeks. All I'm asking you to do is to pick them up from school.
      Liz: I know what your saying Eric. Sacrifise all of your deepest spiritual needs for the kids. Don't be a person. Don't have a life.
      Eric: I'm just saying. Don't have a life from 6:30 and a quarter to four. Then you can come home and do all the farmyard stuff you want.
      Liz: Farmyard stuff??? (grunts in anger) Make the spirits of your language CHOKE YOU! (slams door in his face)

    • Eric: Not only do you leave an adult mag lying around the house. But you're in it.
      Maria : So what?
      Eric: Not only are you in it, but so's my kitchen.
      Maria: It was too cold to do the photos outside.
      Eric: We shouldn't have been doing them at all. I employ you to clean, cook and look after the kids. I don't remember asking you to lie across the table with a sign around your neck saying "Dinner is Swerved". (shows a mag picture of naked Maria)
      Maria: (in Portuguese) Sod off.
      Eric: Well it's no good saying sorry now. It's too late for that.

    • Mrs. P.P.: (after hearing PP's crush) You arseburger. (whacks PP with purse until he bounces off screen) WHERES ME GROUTING TROUL????!!!

    • Dino: (after beating up Eric for kissing Allison) That is for touching my bird.

    • P.P: (to Eric angrily for telling everyone about his crush) BOUNCY BOUNCY BOUNCY!!!

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    Notes (16)

    • German title: Das Krippenspiel.

    • This episode aired on August 12, 1998 on NBC in the USA. Hank Azaria provided Eric Feeble's voice for the US print, and several minutes were cut to provide the standard US commercial time.

    • German title: Alle tun es! (Everyone does it!)

    • This episode was scheduled to air in the USA on September 2, 1998, but low rating caused the series to be canceled after the episode that ran the prior week.

    • German title: Eseleien.

    • Though Heather Perfect has already been seen in "Nativity", this is the first episode in which she is actually named.

    • This episode aired in the USA on August 19, 1998 on NBC.

    • The first competitor in the gymkhana - Mandy Trubshaw on Bouncy Complainant - is drawn in the style of Norman Thelwell, a British artist best known for his cartoons of chubby girls on unco-operative horses.

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    Trivia (4)

    • In Eric's house, the tinsel at the end of the stairs switches back and forth between hanging straight down and being wrapped around the column at the end.

    • Whatever happened to Brian? He's not with Eric at the allergy expo, he's not with Maria, who's out drinking, and he's not with Liz either. So where did he go?

    • Eric uses a mobile phone several times in the hospital but this is not allowed in any UK hospital.

    • Ray Perfect's name is the wrong way round on the glass door of his office. The way it is painted, it would appear *backwards* to anyone seeing it from outside.

  • Fan Reviews (1)
  • The UK's best adult orientated animation to date!

    By NormanSFletcher, Aug 05, 2013

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