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  • 6.9

    two detectives solve crimes and get into trouble with alot of people

    By Warrior427, Jul 16, 2008

    Stroker and hoop is a decent show with some alright humor not perfect but watchable some things about the show can be stupid and the animations arnt the greatest but the direction and the mind set of the show are right on episodes that I thought were good where when stroker and whoop had to take CARR to the car wash pretty funny stuff maybe if they gave it some fine tuning the show would be better but I havent seen it on for a long time so its probebly canceled It was no where near as good as ATHF or family guymoreless

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  • 10

    Show about two stumbbling cops that have a 1/8 of a page detective add. They get distracted by money and sleeping with women.

    By rhinohiphop, Sep 29, 2007

    This show is about John Strokenmeyer or as people call him "stroker". He is a bumbling cop going throught a mid-life crisis, trying to master in the art of sleuthing but gets distracted by women and money. He has partner named Hoop who is a long blonde haired hippie looking cop that is not as cold as stroker. The show also revoled around Double wide; there gadget geek, Keith; Strokers son;

    Angel; strokers annooying ex wife that means well. Then of course you can't forget about c.a.r.r.; the disrespectful talking vehicle and Coroner Rick; the happy go lucky coroner. [adult swim] should never have canceled this brilliant show. I wish they would at least come out with a dvd for the fans and maybe show there was a cult following even if it doesnt necceasarly help bring it back!moreless

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  • 8.5

    They should not have canceled this show so soon

    By craigv666, Mar 02, 2006

    I can not believe they canceled this show after only having one season on tv. Its the only good recent show on Adult Swim. 12 Oz Mouse, Squid billies and Perfect Hair Forever suck. They should continue with this show, i hope we at least will get a DVD release.

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  • 1.1

    A piece of crap.

    By YamataDragon, Jan 29, 2006

    Seriously. Why is this on the air? I watched one episode &was desguisted with it. I couldn't believe i wasted three minutes watching a piece of crap that ain't worth anyone's time. What has AdultSwim been thinking? Airing all of these shows that are too pointless & have things that are not sutiable for human eys.

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  • 8.9

    A bright star pulling ahead of other new Adult Swim shows

    By BobOfThePlains, Jan 25, 2006

    Stroker and Hoop is a great newer show on Adult Swim using a full half-hour block instead of the 11-12 minute shows more often shown.

    Stroker, a parody of the more tough guy-leader of a cop show duo. Is a constant laugh especially in his pursuits of women (The alien woman episode is great) and readyness to draw his pistol (though he rarely hits anything he admits)

    Hoop is the more caring, sensible side of the duo but is probably my lesser favorite (Must say the throwing star "nicking" incident was one of the most funny moments I've seen)

    Whats great about the show are the outside characters including (a person who is becoming one of my favorite characters) Coroner Rick and...I think his name is wide-load who adds a lot of laughs too.

    The show has had a lot of original story lines (The diamonds, the teddy-bears made by zombies) and I hope that Cartoon Network picks it up for a second season.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Stroker and Hoop is hilarious. You just got to watch it enough and then you will start laughing uncontrollably. But the characters need more depth.

    By edgemonkey, Jan 06, 2006

    I think, Stroker and Hoop is amazing. It is, like, the best new show on Adult Swim right now. I also like Perfect Hair Forever and 12 ounse mouse, but Stroker and Hoop take the cake.

    However, I think that both Stroker, and especially Hoop, need more character depth. I can identify with Stroker because he likes to slack off and drink beer, and hoop, I'm not sure if I can identify with him much at all. I just hope that in future episodes they will start filling out their personalities more beyond the point of "shoot first ask questions later".

    For more on Stroker and Hoop, visit my Stroker and Hoop fan website at [url][/url].moreless

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  • 8.0

    It isn't as good as Futurama and Family Guy, but it is a pretty good show.

    By pharaoh2, Dec 25, 2005

    Stroker and Hoop are private investigators that help the people that call on them, along with their car, C.A.R.R.

    This show is okay, but it needs more. The animation is okay, but could be better. Some episodes are not very good, but most are funny.

    It has a good plot and some good characters, but I'd say Family Guy and Futurama>Stroker and Hoop.

    This is a funny show, much better than Squidbillies and 12 oz. Mouse! It has some good jokes, too.

    So, this show is good when FG and F aren't on.

    I think this show is underappreciated.



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  • 8.0

    Alittle stale in the beginning but now it's starting a fire!

    By 619Nagle, Dec 12, 2005

    At first I didn't like this show very much. The animation is crappy and the jokes weren't that funny. But now I think the show is starting to do something and it is getting funnier. I think people need to give it some more time and hopefully this show will be funny to them to.

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  • 10

    Amazing!!! To those who dont like this show YOU SUCK!

    By rickymonster, Dec 05, 2005

    Every time I watch this show it gets better and better. The new Christmas episode is pure genius and how bout the one with the ninjas? The Vermont teddy bear company making VooDoo dolls? Ron Howard as a cult leader? Cmon you know this is funny. If not read the above caption.

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