Stroker and Hoop

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Quotes (50)

  • Stroker: C.A.R.R, where's the advance money from Megan's parents? C.A.R.R: You spent it on all sorts of crap--snacks, lottery tickets, beer, porn.

  • Stroker: (over walkie-talkie, as he and Hoop are chased by demon-possessed girl and wolves) Operation Harry Potter is a Code Blue! I repeat, a Code Blue here! C.A.R.R: What the hell is a Code Blue, guys? You added a Code Blue and you didn't even tell me?! Stroker: Get your ass over here now, C.A.R.R.!

  • (to demon-possessed girl) Hoop:Hi, I'm Hoop, and this is my partner, Stroker. Stroker: Detectives, not gay.

  • Stroker: You're too fat to be a cheerleader so you do the goth thing!

  • (Hoop puts on a cheerleading outfit) Hoop: I'm going to seduce the eskimo into confessing! Stroker: Dammit, Hoop! Hoop: Don't worry, they're teenagers! I'll only have to go to 2nd base.

  • Hoop: What's with the topless women and the pirate? Are they mascots? Stroker: What with the baggy jeans and pirate costumes.. Hoop: And topless women....

  • C.A.R.R: There's a sponge in my back seat miss! Will you brush my undersides? Jogging Woman: Pervert! C.A.R.R: A whore! Jogging Woman: A whore?! Did you just call me a whore?!?! (C.A.R.R drives away)

  • Car Wash Turtle: Remember, Stroker, The turtle always wins in the end.

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Notes (3)

  • Hoop's name is Hoop Schwartz.

  • On the Adult Swim website, this episode is called "The Wrath of Kahn'Ja (aka U.F.O. Baby)".

  • This is the cliffhanger series finale for Stroker and Hoop. The Series was canceled after this episode due to high production costs.

Trivia (4)

  • The Submachine gun that Topless Woman fires has no ammunition magazine or clip.

  • Stroker's full name is said to be John Strockmeyer.

  • If Hoop only halucinated that he grew quills, then his mother shouldn't have been able to see the puncture wounds.

  • the account number for the money is 768349456372155 and the pin is jawa77

Allusions (8)

  • TV Reference: Knight Rider The talking car named C.A.R.R. is an obvious reference and spoof to the arch enemy of K.I.T.T in Knight Rider named K.A.R.R.

  • Visual Reference: Girl floating
    In the movie "The Exorcist", the girl floated into the air after the exorcism.

  • Visual Reference: Head Spinning
    In the movie "The Exorcist", When the girl was possessed, she at one point during the exorcism, she spun her head around.

  • Visual Reference: Holy Water
    In the movie "The Exorcist", the priest sprays some tap water on the girl and he said it was holy water.

  • Strawbarks: Behind Stroker and the detective is a Strawbarks, a spoof on the coffee shop Starbucks.

  • Talking Diamond: Cubic zirconium are forever!: This is a reference to the title of a James Bond movie, Diamonds Are Forever.

  • David Copperfield: David Copperfield, who makes a cameo as one of the bad guys in this episode, is a an actual magician famous for various magical feats, such as making the Statue of Liberty disappear.

  • Films referenced in this episode: Willow, Backdraft, Far and Away, When Harry Met Sally