Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Nevada Day (2)

Season 1, Ep 8, Aired 11/13/06
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  • Episode Description
  • Jack pleads with the local Nevada judge (John Goodman) to free Tom so he can make it back to the Friday night show. Meanwhile, tension heats up between Matt and Harriet on the set.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Amanda Peet

    Jordan McDeere

  • Bradley Whitford

    Danny Tripp

  • D.L. Hughley

    Simon Stiles

  • Matthew Perry

    Matt Albie

  • Nathan Corddry

    Tom Jeter

  • Fan Reviews (11)
  • A good episode.

    By brunabear, Dec 03, 2006

  • The end of the story has the same strengths and weaknesses as the beginning

    By entil2001, Nov 17, 2006

  • Stuck in the middle of You.

    By GeorgeJobson, Nov 16, 2006

  • All I have to say is John Goodman.

    By angelspinknose, Nov 15, 2006

  • Part II, Can the characters get released from custody and get back in time for the show?

    By kjoyner, Nov 14, 2006

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (10)

    • (Jordan tries to get Harriet to cancel upcoming concerts for Women United.) Harriet: Young girls attend these events. They admire me. I'm in a position to show them that Christianity has a nicer voice than Ann Coulter's. Jordan: Carol Channing has a nicer voice than Ann Coulter's.

    • Judge Bebe: How much you pay this guy? Jack: He's a copyright lawyer. Tom: Now they tell me.

    • Harriet: God Matthew, Are you crazy about me or just...crazy? Matt: I dont know.

    • Harriet: Shut up, you live off Mulholland, there are other streets in the country where marriage is still important Matt: It's important off of Mulholland too, but let me ask you something: how is my marriage, your marriage, or anyone else's marriage even marginally affected by the gay couple two doors down from them also getting married, and if it does, how is that their problem?

    • (pointing at Harriet) Danny: You're the one that started all this! (pointing at Danny) Harriet: I know!

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    Notes (3)

    • John Goodman (Judge Bebe) won the 2007 Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor In A Drama Series.

    • Bradley Whitford does the "Previously on Studio 60" voiceover.

    • Music in this episode: "Closer" by Joshua Radin

    Trivia (3)

    • The Half Way House Cafe, which appears in this episode as a small restaurant in Pahrump, NV, is actually located in Saugus, CA, a suburb north of Los Angeles. The restaurant was established in 1931 was named because it is equidistant between Los Angeles and Palmdale, CA.

    • Ed Asner is credited as a Special Guest Star in this episode.

    • The Marquee outside of the Studio 60 studio said Jessica Simpson was to be "Hosting" the fictional show. She never appears in the episode.

    Allusions (6)

    • David Lagenfeld: Your Honor, this is outrageous. And I should tell you... absent a court reporter, I have been tape recording this entire proceeding. Judge Bebe: Good for you, Matlock... This is a reference to the TV show Matlock, starring Andy Griffith as attorney Ben Matlock.

    • Tom's brother is in the 820th REDHORSE squadron. REDHORSE is an acronymn for Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineers. They're the Air Force equivalent of the Army Corps of Engineers.

    • Danny: There's now an assistant D.A. here in Thunderdome. A reference to the third Mad Max movie, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

    • Matt: ...hit you in the head with Liberace. Liberace was a famous Vegas crooner who was widely considered to be a homosexual.

    • Jordan: I'm sure you're right, but just for a second opinion let's ask Anita Bryant. Harriet: She WAS a gay basher... Anita Bryant is a former American singer who, in 1977, campaigned against a human-rights ordinance that prohibited discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in Florida.

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