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    A great show!!

    By InekeKooijman, Oct 11, 2014

    What a fantastic show this was... I only started watching it because Bradley Whitford starred in it, and since watching the west wing, I became a huge fan of his. But from the very first episode I was hooked and not just beacuse of him, but for the complete package, show, characters and story...

    Aaron Sorkin really did it again, and my huge, huge compliments for Matthew Perry, whom I only knew from Friends (which I didn't really like) but I'm deeply impressed with his acting skills now... I felt all of his pain whith the Harriet relationship...

    I find it hugely unfair that the show got cancelled after just one season...

    Great show all in all, and I'm gonna watch sports night now, with huge expectations...moreless

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    The Philistines Have Spoken

    By MaxAcey, Aug 31, 2014

    @edwinacewongkaren - NBC didn't hate the show's skewering of network television, in fact the NBC's president personally loved it which is why it got a full 22 episode order, despite being on the rails from the start.

    @KieranWallser - It may have had an 8.7 here, but networks don't look at ratings. In the ratings they do look at (Nielsen, mostly) the show was always lacklustre.

    American audiences (broadly speaking) tend to not like "smart" shows, and they never do well on network television. If AMC or NetFlix had existed at the time, this show may have found more staying power there.moreless

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    I know why it was cancelled !!!

    By edwinacewongkaren, Oct 16, 2013

    This show was a smart and good show, for the life of me I didn't know why it was cancelled and it only dawned on me last night whilst watching it for the umpteen times

    This show was basically berating and was a satire for the establishment in which the show was being showed on . NBC). Maybe the powers to be at NBC didn't like how much most of the stories that sarcastically depict how they censored and pick their shows are hitting too close to homemoreless

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    Bring it Back!!!

    By crackersgirl, Aug 02, 2013

    I know it will never happen - but possibly the most criminal cancellation in TV history.

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    season 1

    By KieranWallser, Jul 29, 2013

    Aaron Sorkin is a genius and we all know that .that how he makes this show funny , sad and serious all at the same time, plus had a minimum rating of 8.7 how can NBC justify canceling such a strong show . they should bring it back now think it would be loved more then before .

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    just average

    By Grumpyclown, Mar 24, 2013

    The 2 main characters are very good, but what lets it down is the support cast.

    Sarah Paulson has no chemistry with anyone - so her story arcs really drag. . Hughley tries, but he is boxed into a stereotype a few episodes in and becomes one dimensional.

    The network characters become bland and again a bit one dimensional.

    There is some great dialog in the series and some very good performances, but as a series it it is kind of fractured, if there were a few different casting choices made and a better character backstory to some of the characters and better sketches for the show it would probably have been more successful.

    I am a huge Sorkin fan, but the West Wing was a really tough act to follow so this may have colored my judgement.moreless

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    By missineichen, Jun 12, 2012

    the show & characters are pretentious, overly dramatic, angsty & full of self-importance; making the show feel contrived & unconvincing, especially since it's about comedy writers, not say, medics, soldiers or criminal lawyers. The characters all have similar personalities (moody, sarcastic wannabe rebels). The skits Studio 60 produce are all God-awful lol! However, the show was mildly interesting & fast-paced. I'm a huge Matthew Perry fan, which is the only reason I kept watching the show

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    Studio 60 was one of those show that was before it's time I guess.

    By peon4570, Jun 17, 2011

    It is really sad that this show was not around for more then one season. It was so good. I believe with all my heart that this is top ten of the best shows to go on the air of all time. It was not on the air long enough. The ensemble cast was top notch I don't think you could have had a better cast. Matthew Perry led the cast along with Bradley Whitford and Amanda Peat. Studio 60 not only had top notch acting what was the best about this show was the writing of Aaron Sorkin. I loved him since The West Wing but this show just elevated him in my mind to greatness. I long for the days of Studio 60. Again This show was to good for TV because it didn't suck.moreless

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    The best show never to get a Second Season

    By KERS4, Sep 25, 2010

    I love this show, matthew perry and all the crew are amazing, i dont think there is one missed beat in the entire series.

    Sorkin does an amazing job of creating characters and storylines which are so easy to follow, yet incredibly inteligent. This is the best example of articulate scripting. Rather than pander to the lowest denomonater, Studio 60 provides a show for those willign to accept an intellectualy stimulating experience.

    My greatest shock came when i discovered that this was not being renewed. However this show was my gateway into sorkins work, and i because of this show i have had the joy of watching and understanding the instiution that was the West Wing....the West Wing was great, in my opinion this is BETTERmoreless

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