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    PITCH PERFECT! NBS gets slapped with a $73 million fine because a soldier says the F-word when an RPG explodes over his head on a live news broadcast. Is this the beginning of a war between the FCC and NBS? Read the review to find out!

    By rajm18, Sep 06, 2010

    Now this is the reason that I watch this show. I'm writing this review having not seen this episode since it aired on December 4, 2006 which is almost 2 months ago and this monologue by Wilson White is still etched into my mind. There's a live NBS news broadcast where a reporter is talking to a soldier and an RPG explodes above their heads and they say the F-word. Now the FCC wants to fine NBS for every affiliate that aired it for a total of $73 million in fines. Take a look at what Wilson White has to say when Jack Rudolph tells him about this:

    Wilson White: I won't pay a 73 million dollar fine, I won't pay a 73 cent fine, I won't time delay the news, and I won't say, "I'm sorry." I no longer recognize the authority of the FCC in this matter. I’m going to have be ordered by a federal judge, and when they come to get my transmitter they better send a group a hell of lot more scary than the Foundation for Friendly Families or whatever the hell they are. Let those guys embed themselves with 2nd marine division for a while; they'll rejigger their sense of what’s obscene. Jack, this is the one I have been waiting for my whole life. You are the chairman of the National Broadcasting System; that's why I wanted my grandchildren to meet you. That was so good I literally jumped out of my seat and screamed for joy. You can literally hear the thunder of warhorses rumbling in this episode. The FCC declares war on free speech and decides to take the first battle to NBS. Only NBS decides to fight back!!! How will it end?! Well we're up to episode s01e13 so far and it looks like it all hinges on whether Tom Jeter can convince Kim Tao not to give up the viola. You think that sounds weird or boring? Oh no. Oh so terribly no my friend. You couldn't be further from the truth. Watch this episode because along with the pilot and s01e13, it's one of the best episodes of the series so far with one of the best monologues of any series I have ever seen. That's right folks! I'm putting this monologue up there with the President's Independence Day speech in the movie Independence Day and the like. After 2 months, it still stands out. Watch this episode. Trust me. You're gonna like what you see ;)moreless

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    This episode dealt with several issues, including FCC restrictions and the use of New Orleans musicians.

    By dougyray, Sep 06, 2010

    This show epitomizes everything good about TV. Aaron Sorkin was gone too long and was sorely missed. Hopefully, network producers and executives saw this episode and maybe will fight for the right things on TV, instead of bowing down under threat of censorship. But, as a resident of Louisiana, it was especially satisfying to see Louisiana musicians included, reminding everyone that while Louisiana has come along in rebounding from the 2 major hurricanes we suffered just over a year ago, people still need to be reminded of what has to be done. When we have a President who couldn't even mention us in his State of the Union address, while concentrating on a war which no one except him believes we should be in or that American lives should still be sacrificed for his own personal views, it's a long road and Aaron Sorkin did a masterful job of reminding America of what needs to be taken care of. I hope Mr. Sorkin will be around for awhile because TV truly needs people of his talent and foresight, to keep fighting the battles that need to be fought, and who refuse to step down or give in.moreless

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    This is the one of the top pieces of Aaron Sorkin ever.

    By Fireheart-tm, May 28, 2007

    The writing in this episode is 100% Sorkinian. Best one since 'Noel' from 'The West Wing'.

    Here we see politics, humor, romance, friendship, all come together in a unique blend. I have watched this episode over and over, and each time I laugh and cry.

    Sorkin manages, once again, to strike out at the very structure of US society, by creating an example of how the system works against it self, and how powerhungry bureaucrats could very likely take the words of the law more important than the spirit of the law, and use the law to further their own personal agendas.

    A picture of typical US standards: If you can drag them to court and get money, then do it. At all cost, be it even common sense.

    Very nice demonstration Mr. Sorkin.


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    This was just a great episode.

    By brunabear, Jan 12, 2007

    And another great episode of Studio 60 goes by... this one continues with the high standards that the show has previously set. They did a Christmas episode, made it funny and touching all at the same time, and worked in the Katrina victims' plight as well.

    That was the part of the episode I liked best, actually; the Katrina victims, who are being forgotten as time goes on. The show managed to bring them quietly to the forefront again, and do it in a way that maintained dignity for the musicians; the scene where they played was beautiful, especially when the snow began to fall.

    Overall, this was not the standard "feel good" episode, while it ~did~ make me feel good!moreless

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    I guess I am really in the minority on this one.

    By ShirleyFilms, Jan 04, 2007

    I thought this was one of the weakest episodes so far. Don\'t get me wrong... I am the BIGGEST fan of this show and watch religiously every Monday. But this episode felt... contrived. To me. It felt like an episode that was written for people who don\'t like this show. The banter was okay. As a non-believer I was not offended at all by the anti-Christmas talk around the office... but it just felt forced to me. The Nazi-Santa... Was that funny to someone? I don\'t know. I guess I have just seen that \"nazi-salute\" gag done a few hundred times.

    My biggest complaint of the show was Jack Rudolphs character. Suddenly... out of the blue he is going to fight the good fight? There is NO WAY (based on what we have seen of this character so far) that he would roll up his sleeves and resign over ethical conflicts. This guy is all business. I didn\'t buy it for a second.

    The best part of the episode (in my opinion) was the end. I thought that Danny\'s romantic venting was touching. Although I thought that it was way out of left field, too. I mean. They could have used the previous episodes to lead us into it ... a little maybe. Between Danny\'s newfound emotions and Jack\'s newfound moral center, I felt like maybe I missed an episode or two. I think it was just convenience on the part of the writer (s).

    Don\'t know... maybe I am asking too much. I still love the show... I will just be hoping the rest of the episodes don\'t leave me feeling like this one did. A 10 out of 10 show.

    A 6 out of 10 episode.moreless

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    This show clearly gives us some of the best writing and character development of the season.

    By numb3rschick, Dec 29, 2006

    Where to begin when you love every moment of a show. The Jordan/Danny storyline was fantastic. Danny was so overwhelmed by his feelings for Jordan and it was played out very sweetly. The opening scene in the OB/GYN was hysterical. Then the interplay between Matt and Danny as Matt wants Danny to admit his feelings had me laughing out loud. The pinnacle was Danny's admission to Jordan that he is falling in love with her - very well done. Matt and Harriet also had great moments. Their tension seems to have passed and now the chemistry between them is clear. All the FCC discussion with the swear word was great. I love that they are going to fight it. We are now finding out what makes the characters tick and where this show is headed. The ending with the tribute to New Orleans was brilliant and I love the playing of 'O Holy Night'. A true nod to Christmas and days gone by.moreless

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  • 9.9

    The Christmas Show episode is perhaps the best episode we have seen so far this season, and here's why: good writing, the right mix of drama and comedy, and as Matt Albie was hoping for, a little Christmas spirit.

    By alethe16, Dec 21, 2006

    This episode we find Danny struggling with romantic feelings he has just realized he has for Jordan. We find him taking the fatherly role, going along with Jordan to the doctor's office and worrying about her due date's conflict with the May upfronts. Matt, knowing Danny best, understands what is going on and urges Danny not to tell Jordan, but just to fully admit it to himself. The episode ends with Danny "manning up" and telling Jordan: that as a man divorced more than once who is a recovering cocaine addict, he might not make the ideal father -- but that that doesn't seem to be stopping him from coming after her. He tells her that she can run, but she better run fast, because he's after her.

    Meanwhile, Matt (who's Jewish) is trying to spread Christmas cheer around the Studio, but when his actors join the writers to come up with ideas, they start coming up with the "truth" about Christmas: that Jesus couldn't have been born in December, how fast Santa would have to go to get to all the children of the world, etc. Highlights include: Cal breaking the writer's table with his coconut (brought in to produce snow) instead of the table breaking open the coconut, Matt and Cal's demented-eyed Nazi Santa, and the guys liking praising all the Christmasy ideas until they find out they're not Lucy's pitches.

    As for the Matt-Harriet interactions, we see Harriet getting a new role in a movie, which Matt tells her she would be perfect for, but he ruins the moment when he tells her the director/producer offered it to Harry because he wants to date her. To distract her from this other guy, Matt gives Harriet a Christmas kiss, leaving her stumbling over her introduction in the news section of the show, calling herself "Matt."moreless

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  • 9.9

    A fantsatic Episode shwoing us the brilliance of Matthew Perry And Bradley Whitford together. Seriously if you were a fan of the west wing you'll get chills so many moments your like wow West Wing moment. An excellent programme and well acted by everyone

    By emmaalynn16, Dec 18, 2006

    Episode starts off with Jordan at an anti natal scan and Danny beside her and you just know that by the end somethings gonna happen and true he tells her he\\\'s gonna get her and not at her finest moment when shes stuffung her mouth with food but i swear such a josh West wing kinda character except he has the balls to get the girls withint weeks didn\\\'t take Danny 7 seasons. Brill episode and thank god there keeping this show on air cause i am loving it. One of the best new programmes to start this season along with Brothers and sisters.moreless

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  • 9.8

    Shame Xmas comes but once a year

    By CardiffBoy1974, Dec 11, 2006

    I've been tuning in each week to Studio 60 in the hope that it would reach the heights that its cast and writer deserve. I only realised this afternoon that it's getting there because I woke up this morning wanting to see the episode again! So I hit play on my PVR and laughed. A lot. It is getting there. I also realised that finally everyone is getting some spotlight as opposed to early in the season when things were only interesting when Matt and Danny were on the screen

    I love the fact that Matt the non-Christian is trying to get everyone else into the spirit of Xmas, a position I frequently find myself in. I love Danny admitting to Jordan how he feels about her. In an ensemble cast, this cannot be classified as shark-jumping in my opinion, contrary to some other people's belief. I love Jack's character showing some heart and standing up for his beliefs. And I love Cal trying to open a coconut!

    So many great lines in this episode, but my faves(abridged)...

    Matt (to Danny and Cal) - I'm the miracle on Sunset Strip, and you are, you know... two other guys.

    Matt - Shaved coconuts for the snow, AND they're indigenous to LA.

    Danny - Not they're not

    Matt - They grow on palm trees

    Danny - Not ours

    Matt - What do ours do?

    Danny - Nothing!

    I want more episodes like this please!!!moreless

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    A charlie Brown Christmas at Studio 60.

    By GeorgeJobson, Dec 11, 2006

    We need a little Christmas to cheer up Studio 60 after what the cast has gone though, they deserved it. Amanda Peet's got an bum in the oven and I predict she could go into labor durning the May sweeps. Meahwhile the relationship between Danny and Jordan is heating up. the network may be fined $350,000 for show viewers the horrors of war. So much for the President Bush's war in Iraq. I'm glad that the show has taken a stance aganist the FCC $350,000 indeacey ruling. Thge end of the hour featuring music for the holiday. that alone has earned a 10.moreless

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