Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

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  • Matt: I'm the only sane person I know.

  • Wes: Who's it going to offend? Huh? Tell me. Jerry: Wes. Wes: Just give me the names. Jerry: People who, religious people. God Wes, and you knew that when you... What do you want me to say to the 50 million people who are going to go out of their minds as soon as it airs. Wes: First of all, you can tell them that we average 9 million households, so that's at least 41 million who are full of crap. And the second, you can tell them that living where there is free speech means sometimes you get offended.

  • Felicity Huffman: I need the very slutty dress, and somebody else to wear it.

  • Matt: So we'll make some budget cuts, we'll shoot in Vancouver. Danny: No, we're not shooting in Vancouver. I'm drawing the line on the insanity. Vancouver doesn't look like anything, it doesn't even look like Vancouver. It looks like Boston, California.

  • Juliet: How did you hurt your back? Matt: It happened when a surgeon sliced it open with a knife.

  • Jack: (to Jordan) saw how fast I fired Wes Mendell? Screw this up and I'll fire you faster. I'm not like every other heterosexual man in show business, Jordan. I don't find you charming. And you've earned the loyalty of absolutely no one. So you go ahead and take your first steps towards making us classy again. We've been waiting for you.

  • Shelly: That was a faux pas back there. Jordan: Where? Shelly: At the dinner party. You don't compliment the caterer in front of the hostess. Jordan: I don't want to start throwing my weight around, Shel, but that's probably not gonna be a high priority tonight.

  • Danny: (talking about Jordan) You gotta give her style points. Matt: Yeah. Danny: And you gotta ask yourself. Matt: What? Danny: What if she's for real? Matt: Yeah.

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Notes (83)

  • Matthew Perry and Amanda Peet previously worked together in The Whole Nine Yards and its sequel The Whole Ten Yards.

  • This episode won the 2007 Banff World Television Festival Award for Best Continuing Series.

  • This episode was nominated for the 2007 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Directorial Achievement In Dramatic Series, and, for Outstanding Cinematography For A Single-Camera Series. It also got the following nominations in 2007: -Writers Guild Of America Award for Best Episodic-Drama. -Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Dramatic Series-Night. -Art Directors Guild Award for Excellence In Production Design In A Single Camera Television Series.

  • Amanda Peet and Sarah Paulson previously worked together on Jack & Jill.

  • This episodes guest host Felicity Huffman played 'Dana Whitaker', one of the stars of Aaron Sorkin's first behind-the-scenes TV series Sports Night.

  • Premiered on Warner in Brazil on Wednesday 18th July, 2007, 8:00 PM

  • Both Carlos Jacott & Sarah Paulson have previously worked with Joss Whedon. Jacott starred in the season premiere of Firefly called Serenity, and Paulson starred in the movie spinoff of Firefly called Serenity.

  • International Airings Premiered on CTV in Canada on Sunday 17th September 2006, 10pm. Premiered on More4 in the UK on Thursday 26th July 2007, 10pm. Premiered on Sub in Finland on Monday April 7th 2008

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Trivia (62)

  • The show within a show premiered in 1986.

  • While "host" Felicity Huffman is practicing her monologue, the words she is saying do not match the words on the cue cards.

  • Nate Corrdry become 1 of 3 DAILY SHOW alums to be on a show currently on NBC. Steve Carell and Ed Helms (The Office).

  • Guest Host: Felicity Huffman Guest Performer: Three 6 Mafia

  • Media: Studio 60 was named "Buzz Worthy" in TV Guide Magazine, along with CBS's The Class. ABC's The Nine and NBC's 30 Rock came off as Best Drama and Best Comedy, respectively.

  • Behind the Scenes: On Today, Matthew Perry mentioned Aaron Sorkin had written the part of Matt Albie with Perry in mind, hence why his name is Matt.

  • While in developement: The Changes ** The name of the fictional network was changed from the original UBS to the more memorable NBS before the pilot was completed. ** The character of "Jordan McDeere" was originally named "Jamie McDeere." ** The character of "Danny Tripp" was originally named "Danny Moore" ** The character of "Karen" was originally named "Martha Moyer"

  • Harriet said that Matt dated Marlo Thomas. She and Matthew Perry had worked together in "Friends".

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Allusions (83)

  • Hannah Harriet Hayes. Coincidentally, there was an American film and theatre actress named Helen Hayes, a devoted Catholic, named The First Lady of the American Theatre.

  • Several references are made about both "Network" and Paddy Chayefsky. "Network" is a film written by Chayefsky featuring Peter Finch as Howard Beale, an anchorman who, when firedfor poor ratings, lets loose on the air spouting, "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!"

  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip is a scripted parody of the backstage life of NBC's wildly successful sketch show, Saturday Night Live.

  • The backwards-counting clock on Matt's office wall is labelled with the line, "Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana." This is a quote from Groucho Marx.

  • Jack: Jordan, I'm not sure that following Danny's rigorous honesty with a joke about being high was the way William Paley would've handled it. William S. Paley (1901-1990) was the head of CBS during its greatest years.

  • Matt: The man wrote for the Smothers Brothers. He wrote with Pryor, and he wrote with Cosby. The Smothers Brothers, Tom and Dick, were a humorous folk-singing duo who hosted a comedy variety hour in the 1960's. Richard Pryor was a stand-up comic, recording artist, actor and writer, who also wrote for movies and television. Bill Cosby also had a stand-up and recording career before becoming most famous for his successful TV sitcom The Cosby Show (1984-1992).

  • Matt: I'd rather sit in Lorne Michaels' office. Lorne Michaels is producer of Saturday Night Live.

  • Tom: It's like we've all spent the last five years living in a Roger Corman film called "Revenge of the Hack". Roger Corman directed a number of horror movies, including the original Little Shop of Horrors (1960).

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