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  • S 3 : Ep 13

    Stiiiiiiill Horny

    Aired 5/14/14

  • S 3 : Ep 12

    Les Lucioles

    Aired 5/7/14

  • S 3 : Ep 11

    Dalia Nicole Smith

    Aired 4/30/14

  • S 3 : Ep 10

    No, You Can't Sit With Us

    Aired 4/23/14

  • S 3 : Ep 9

    The Ballad of Piggy Duckworth

    Aired 4/2/14

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jeremy Sisto

    George Altman

  • Jane Levy

    Tessa Altman

  • Carly Chaikin

    Dalia Royce

  • Cheryl Hines

    Dallas Royce

  • Allie Grant

    Lisa Shay

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  • show Description
  • Writer Emily Kapnek, from Parks and Recreation and Hung, brings us a single-camera comedy project that features the perception of a typical suburban life through the eyes of a seasoned New Yorker.

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  • Quotes (5)

    • Dalia: My parents are getting a divorce you know.
      Tessa: I know, and that sucks, and I'm sorry. I'm sure it's really painful.
      Dalia: You know what's going to be painful? When my mother remarries your father and I'm your new sister and dad likes me best. And then they send you away to an all girls’ boarding school where you find true love, and on visiting day, I come up and steal your new girlfriend. (takes a sip through a straw from her drink) The following spring we marry in a civil ceremony which you are forced to cater. And everyone hates your catering, and you get a bad review on Yelp, which pretty much sinks your organic lesbian catering venture.
      Tessa: (fake smile) Oh ok...well enjoy the rest of your dance.

    • (Dalia finishes putting on Lisa's makeup and false eyelashes)
      Lisa: Wow...I don't even recognize myself!
      Dalia: That's what I was going for.
      Lisa: Thanks bitch.

    • Mr. Wolfe: (talking about the Werner's baby) I'm sorry, but there's no easy way say to this. Opus has the brain development of a six-month-old child.
      Jill: Are you absolutely sure?
      Mr. Wolfe: I'm afraid so.
      Noah: Pryce Cheney Pitkin?
      Mr. Wolfe: Is out, of course. I could suggest a facility that could house the boy. Some place with experience dealing with the special needs of the blindingly average.
      Noah: No, we couldn't do that.
      Jill: I'm not sure how we'll tell him.
      Mr. Wolfe: Sadly, I doubt he'll even understand.
      Noah: I don't care that he's not a genius. He's our beautiful boy and we love him.

    • Tessa: (Tessa and Ryan meet by her locker at school) Hey.
      Ryan: We lost the game.
      Tessa: I'm sorry.
      Ryan: No one even got to run through a paper banner made of paper.
      Tessa: I know.
      Ryan: That's everyone's favorite part of football, Tessa. That's why half of us started playing in the first place. How can we beat a team that got to run through paper when we haven't had the advantage of running through paper ourselves?
      Tessa: Is it possible you're putting too much importance on running through paper?
      Ryan: Is it possible that you're crazy?

    • Dallas: (after a Blowtox treatment to her face gone wrong) How bad is it? Tell me I don't need to cancel my date with George tonight.
      Dalia: Remember that guy in Florida who got his entire face eaten off by an alligator, and then had reconstructive surgery, and then when the picture surfaced everyone was like, "Wait, this is after the surgery? What the hell did he look before the surgery?"
      Dallas: Yeah?
      Dalia: Well, if that guy had a baby with the Elephant Man and that baby got really old and then something on that baby got infected, that would be you.
      Dallas: Aah, well thanks for your honesty. Aah.
      Dalia: Mommy, you're really disgusting.

    Notes (131)

    • Special billing was given to Alan Tydyk (with) and Cheryl Hines (and) for this episode.

    • Featured Music:
      "F**k You" by Lily Allen (Tessa moves from Manhattan; Tessa walks home)
      "I Know You Want Me" by Pitbull (Lisa's brother drives up)
      "Jackie - Unreleased" by the Wellington Papers (intro of Dallas)
      "Kick You To The Curb" by Pony Up (Tessa in the dressing room)
      "Daydream No. 57" by Holmes (George watering the lawn)
      "That's Not My Name" by The Ting Tings (Tessa goes shopping)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: September 28, 2011 on Citytv
      Czech Republic: February 27, 2012 on HBO Comedy
      United Kingdom: July 17, 2012 on E4/E4 HD
      Turkey: April 3, 2013 on CNBC-e

    • Special billing was given to Alan Tudyk (with), Chris Parnell (with), Cheryl Hines (and) and Ana Gasteyer (and) for this episode.

    • Featured Music:
      "Ticky-Ticky Boom" by Boys Boys Boys! (Tessa and her neighbors play truth or dare in her basement; Dalia dares Tessa to kiss a lesbian)
      "Boy" by Those Darlins (Tessa and Ryan makeout under the bleachers)
      "Be You Daddy - Unreleased" by King Juju (Tessa and Ryan makeout under the bleachers)
      "Kari Kimmel - Go - Suburgatory 10.5" by Kari Kimmel (Ryan and Tessa kiss)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: October 5, 2011 on Citytv
      Czech Republic: February 28, 2012 on HBO Comedy
      United Kingdom: July 24, 2012 on E4/E4 HD
      Turkey: April 3, 2013 on CNBC-e

    • Special billing was given to Alan Tudyk (with),Cheryl Hines (and) and Ana Gasteyer (and) for this episode.

    • Featured Music:
      "I Like Dem Girls" by Sizzle C (Sheila gives up the gavel)
      "Low (feat. T-Pain)" by Flo Rida (George rocks the mom jeans)

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    Trivia (3)

    • Goof: When Lisa takes off her bath towel, she has no shoes. When she runs naked outside, she is wearing shoes.

    • Title: Krampus is the devilish companion to Saint Nicholas. There are several variations in the folklore but the idea of a dark or even black figure dealing with naughty children while Saint Nicholas brings treats for the children who have been nice is a common one. In Austria, Northern Italy and other parts of Europe, Krampus is celebrated on Krampusnacht, which takes place on the eve of St. Nicholas’ Day. The Feast of St. Nicholas is celebrated on December 6, distinct from the modern Christmas celebration on December 25.

    • The episode title, "Les Lucioles", is French for fireflies.

    Allusions (3)

    • Episode Title: An allusion to a well known TV movie Brian's Song about a real life football player who found out he was dying of cancer. The story of Brian Piccolo and his rival team mate Gale Sayers, played by James Caan and Billy Dee Williams, did so well it was given a theatrical release and has since been remade. Many consider Brian's Song the ultimate male-bonding buddy movie of all time and a true macho tearjerker.

    • The animated 'Friendship Fish' accusing Tessa in her dreams is an allusion to the famous Edgar Allan Poe short story The Telltale Heart in which a narrator is confronted by the imagined accusatory beating heart of his victim. Tessa has not committed a mortal crime against her best friend but she realizes she's been reading too much Poe.

    • Ryan: (to Tessa) You're blinding me with science.

      This alludes to the 1982 New Wave song "She Blinded Me with Science" by British musician Thomas Dolby.

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