Suddenly Susan

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    how to watch???

    By iggypopoulos, Jul 21, 2013

    Please, can someone give me a hint, how to watch any episode here?

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    Now 18, I wish it were brought back to syndicated television for me to watch. Do I look like Brooke?

    By SourGoddess89, Aug 11, 2007

    "Suddenly Susan" was a show that I was not old enough to understand & appreciate in the nineties; let alone enjoy. My mom would watch it sometimes, & I would just be in the background playing Barbie & see Brooke Shields as a beautiful grown-up whom I believed looked like me. I later learned of her earlier body of work, as my family & I are tennis fans & her marriage to Agassi familiarized us her. She is a decent actress & very elegant. My favorite movie of her's "The Blue Lagoon." The show showed she was talented on TV too.moreless

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  • 9.5

    I miss Suddenly Susan still

    By lady_choice, Jun 19, 2007

    One of the reasons that Suddenly Susan works for me is the ensemble cast of characters including Brooke Shields. Even though she is the star of the show, she manages to evolve her supporting cast of characters like the unbelievable Vicki and Judd Nelson as her boss Jack Richmond. The show is well-grouped with this cast of zany characters working at a fictional San Francisco newspaper. When tragedy struck the cast, the loss of David Strickland who played Todd was so catastrophic for the cast and crew for it to ever recover from his loss. David Strickland committed suicide in a Las Vegas hotel room. The cast was never the same again without him. The pairing of Vicki and Susan living together brought great laughs. These two should get together and spin off the characters into their own series. The show was never an Emmy winner or critically acclaimed. But from all reports, this show actually had a pleasant environment to grow and mature. Brooke Shields as a producer was not afraid to let her supporting cast branch out which is why I like this show.moreless

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  • 7.3


    By Sarah10106, Apr 17, 2006

    I liked it Ive only seen it once but it was cute I like anything thats funny pretty much. but anyway. I dont have much to say. I saw the one where the blond [ dont remember her name ] got a intervention set up. yea the tuberware part was funny! this is to waste word so I dont have to keep writing because I dont have anything else to say. [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ][ ] [ ] ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [moreless

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    Not as bad as you might think

    By Jagger1966, Aug 06, 2005

    I liked this show. I was always a Brooke Shields fan and in this show she got to show off her comedic skills which, despite what some critics thought, she does have. The first 3 seasons were good. The ensemble cast worked well together. Sadly, David Strickland committed suicide during season 3 and Judd Nelson left. The focus of the show changed and new cast members were added. That was the end of the show. It's not the greatest or the funniest program, but it's certainly not the worst either.moreless

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