Suits "Buried Secrets" Review: Back in Style

By MaryAnn Sleasman

Mar 07, 2014

Suits S03E11: "Buried Secrets"

In case anyone missed literally all of the beginning of Suits' third season, no worries, because the handy-dandy flashback sequence at the start of "Buried Secrets" got us all caught up. In short: Everyone is miserable and alone except for Louis (GOOD), who banged Sheila (a.k.a. Lady Louis) in the Harvard file room and, during a breather from their slightly upsetting sexytimes, decided to look for his coworkers' files. Normally I'd cry WTF, but Louis is the same guy who has framed photographs of himself—not one, but several—decorating his office. His vanity and paranoia cannot be contained. 

Anyway, surprise surprise, Harvey looked like a douchebag in college and Mike's file was nowhere to be found. But I'm actually thrilled that Suits is getting back to this storyline, because it's the one that got me into the show in the first place: Mike's fish-out-of-water thing coupled with his big-terrible-secret thing. Sure, it's the sort of plot point that can get tiresome after awhile, but it's no worse than the rich-people problems that plagued the first half of Season 3. (I don't care if Suits got half the cast of Game of Thrones to guest star. It was boring and everyone acted like a bunch of A-holes.)

"Buried Secrets" felt like a return to Suits' roots. Jessica was the unquestioned HBIC and Harvey was her righthand man. Mike's daddy issues threatened to derail a case. Louis was a creep and Donna was glorious. With all of the Pearson-Hardman-Darby drama behind us, it would seem that Suits is shifting the focus for the rest of Season 3 to the personal lives of its characters. This is a good thing. Even when they're being horrible people, the show's characters and the actors who portray them have always been the show's greatest strength. Most of the time, the cases themselves just aren't that interesting. 

This week, the matter at hand was a malpractice suit brought against one of Pearson-Specter's clients by none other than the nefarious Nick Rinaldi. If you'll recall, Rinaldi is the lawyer who swindled Mike's sassy grandma (R.I.P.) out of a boatload of money when his parents were killed in a car crash with Mike's parents by arguing that Mike's father may have been drunk at the time of the accident. Mike has resented the dude ever since, and when given the opportunity to screw over one of Rinaldi's clients—and by extension, Rinaldi himself—Mike jumped on it. The unfortunate thing about Mike, though, is that compared to when Harvey plays the "questionable morals" card, Mike just comes off as sort of a sniveling jackass. At one point, Rinaldi even asked Mike, "Do you even know the details of this case, or are you just coming after us because I'm on the other side?" which was a totally valid point that makes me question what the hell Jessica and Harvey were thinking. 

In the end, Rinaldi gave Mike the case file for his parents' accident and revealed that while no, Mike's dad probably wasn't drunk, there was just enough evidence to suggest that he could have been, which is what Rinaldi used against Sassy Grandma all those years ago. The case against Mike's parents mirrored the one that Mike argued against Rinaldi's client, who was photographed having one drink at a wedding before he died of a faulty heart stent while under strict orders not to drink at all. Did half a beer cause the stent to fail? Probably not. But it was just enough evidence to work with. 

Whether Rinaldi was playing on Mike's emotion—as Rachel suggested—or just sincerely regretting all the families he'd gamed on technicalities doesn't really matter; in the end, Mike did the right thing and didn't condemn a family with a perfectly valid grievance just because their lawyer was mean to his own family 15 or 20 years ago. 

And in other developments, Mike and Rachel are also shacked up and bickering over furniture. STFU Rachel, I like Mike's sofa. 

Meanwhile, Harvey's love life appears to be in a similar state as Mike's. He basically paid Jessica to hire Scottie so that she wouldn't leave, which is all kinds of creepy and manipulative, but at least everyone acknowledged as much I'm always up for bonus college reminiscences with Harvey and the gang because he sounds like just the sort of douche I would've wanted to be BFFs with. Jessica's face was also hands-down the best thing ever (other than Donna's faux-weeping at Louis, of course) when Harvey revealed why he so desperately wanted Scottie to stay. Her expression practically screamed, "OMG NOT THIS SHIT AGAIN," as if she could hear my thoughts. Whatever. I'm so confused about my Donna/Harvey feelings right now that I'll give Harvey/Scottie a try. 

In conclusion, your honors, despite Donna's best efforts to calm Louis the hell down about Mike's missing file, and despite Mike actually having a Harvard transcript somewhere in the university's database thanks to that hacker chick from Season 1—a tiny detail that really, only someone who had actually attended Harvard could possibly know—Louis's passion to destroy Mike is now fully reignited, errr, re-Litt. While surveying Mike's fake grades on his fake transcript, Louis noticed that Mike earned an A+ in a class where it was widely known (by REAL Harvard alumni) that the professor was against the entire philosophy of the A+ and never, under any circumstances, gave one out. It's such a laughably teensy detail, but it's just the sort of thing Louis would notice and pick at. Well played, Suits. Glad to have you back!


– "The dark knight rises." Oh glob, and so much slapping! Louis, is your face okay? Buddy?

– "You are not bringing peanuts into my deposition." Harvey does what he wants, Mike. 

– Louis's concern for Sheila when Donna convinced him that Sheila probably just misplaced the file was so cute. I love them. 

– What are your thoughts on Harvey/Scottie?

– What did you think of Suits' return? Got any predictions for the rest of the season? How much longer do you think Mike's secret will stay secret?

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  • borgsblueyes Mar 09, 2014

    I hate the whole Harvard storyline, and I wish it would just go away. I'd take any crappy writing/storyline just to be rid of it. I wouldn't mind Mike going away either, and he could take Rachel with him. It's a really sad story that your parents died in a car crash when you were a kid Mike. It doesn't excuse you acting like an asshole when you are an adult though.
    Thank goodness for the always amazing Donna and Louis. Well played Donna, you should be in charge of the world! I love Louis and Shelia's relationship and I really hope it continues, but I can see Harvey destroying it just to save himself from Mikes secret. This would really upset me. I'm not sure how I feel about Scottie. I do like her, but she's probably headed for heartbreak. I also don't know how I feel about Donna and Harvey, but I'm leaning on the don't want them together fence.

  • Copioli Mar 09, 2014

    I always thought the Suit premise was really silly. In a realistic setting, the other students will spot him as a fake in like ten minutes. It's not possible that no one of his age remembered him, for instance.

  • GregMarinelli Mar 09, 2014

    With regards to the A+: It is laughable. Not because of how small a detail that is, but because of what a HUGE glaring mistake it is by Suit's writers. Harvard Law doesn't give letter grades. Classes are graded on a honors, pass, low pass, and fail. A Harvard transcript with letter grades like that would instantly be spotted as a fake.

  • fangtasiaforev Mar 08, 2014

    Scottie needs to go away and NEVER come back. We waited at least 6 months for this show to come back and now we have to deal with high school romance. Come on Suits you're better than this!

  • J_Pip Mar 08, 2014

    Still hate Mike and yes he is a sniveling jackass. Everything else about the episode was great though. I had an extremely loud LOL moment at "The Dark Knight Rises" scene. Oh Litt you are wonderful.

  • Mate Mar 07, 2014

    Kind of back to the norm. But Louis is too much of the firm punching bag to be the big bad for the rest of the season. Plus if he comes up with the whole thing in their world where you need a law degree to practice and not just pass the bar. Then he erases all of the cases that Mike worked on and would kill the firm. I know Louis is kind of an asshole, but he isn't that much of an asshole. I still think at this point in the show talking about Mike and his lack of going to Harvard is the one of the weakest aspects of the show.

    Also I am kind of meh over everyone getting along. Mike and Rachel, Harvey and Scottie. It is fun and all but I like conflict more and not just a conflict with Louis.

  • majd333 Mar 07, 2014

    I really like Scotty and But I love Donna
    "Black Hawk Down" and "The Dark Knight Rises" LOL

  • shocker713 Mar 07, 2014

    Louis needs to focus less on exposing Mike, and more on tappin' dat Zass.

  • radiumgirl Mar 07, 2014


  • nasedoofantar Mar 07, 2014

    Couldn't the hacker chick have just used the grades from one of Mike would-be classmates to ensure the grade letter for each professor & class was realistic? Louis will likely assume that with a falsified transcript there's a greater lie than Mike didn't graduate from Harvard Law. He'll dig deeper & confirm that Mike didn't graduate from Harvard, didn't pass the bar, didn't go to law school anywhere, and didn't graduate college.

  • current Mar 07, 2014

    Louis needs to see a physician stat if he has a 'black hawk', whether it be down or otherwise.

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