Suits Season 4 Premiere Review: Friends in Low Places

By MaryAnn Sleasman

Jun 12, 2014

Suits S04E01: "One-Two-Three Go..."

Its been three months since the events of Suits' Season 3 finale, and Mike sucks at his banker job because he has a soul and can’t bring himself to screw the poor rich people over. Lol, this show.

Prior to this premiere, we'd already seen hints of impending conflict, given the near-disaster that facilitated Mike’s exit from Pearson Specter in search of greener pastures, and “One-Two-Three Go” delivered multiple upsets. In one swift career move, Mike went from being Harvey’s underling to being Harvey’s client, and the pseudo-superiority that role grants him led to our first Mike-Harvey smackdown of the season. But it’s okay, because they eventually got over it when Harvey admitted he was being an ass (as Harvey does), plus Mike is going to need that fake-lawyer job back eventually.

Uncharacteristically, however, the usual Mike-and-Harvey drama didn’t dominate the episode. Instead, the shift away from cringeworthy cases and toward a focus on the interpersonal stories of Suits' main characters—which began in the latter half of Season 3—really came through in this premiere. Even with Mike out of the office and Rachel spending half her time at law school, the political drama at Pearson Specter is threatening to invade the couple's blissful existence. Scottie and Harvey are dunzo (for now), and Jessica got to have a sex life for a hot second before prioritizing her career and the thing that her firm likes to pretend is integrity.

From the outside, it’s easy to see that the drama and political maneuvering of Suits' first three seasons has created a sort of toxic environment at the firm formerly known as Pearson Hardman, formerly known as Pearson Darby, and now known as Pearson Specter. (Srsly, which show has the most name-change craziness? Suits or Mad Men?) When Suits first debuted, the firm was presented as the gold standard among NYC law outfits. Harvey was a rockstar. Jessica was a goddess. The show made the courtroom genre look glamorous again.

But it’s understandable, given the upheavals the firm has experienced, that its luster has faded, that its reputation has tarnished, and that the negative connotations associated with those blows have trickled down to the staff. Pearson Specter curently seems like a pretty god-awful place to work, with zero stability and a corporate culture and direction dictated by the whims of the senior partners. That's probably true of a lot of places, but it’s so obvious—and in the cases of Harvey and Jessica, so infuriatingly petty—that it’s tough to watch. Anticipating Mike’s inevitable return to the firm is like watching a man who just escaped a burning ship jump back in because he just doesn’t know any better. And Rachel’s game of hardball to secure a spot on the team as a lawyer following the completion of her degree—despite that degree not coming from Harvard—seems inexplicable, considering how intimately she knows the inner-workings of Pearson Specter.

There was a time when Pearson Specter was among TV's “cool places to work,” but that hasn’t been the case for about two seasons now, and that’s okay. The firm’s hardships are no secret, and Suits' return to personal stories that focus on Jessica, Harvey, Mike, Louis, and the others could make for a strong fourth season, particularly with regard to the mess that Pearson Specter currently finds itself in. The outside influences are finally gone; it’s time for The Harvey and Jessica Show. They’ve spent season after season ranting about how they would run the organization, how much better they would do, and how great it would become under their leadership. There are no more Hardmans or Darbys to ruffle feathers and turn the partners against one another. Even Louis has been tentatively brought into the fold. Pearson Specter has room to grow and the tools and leadership to do it. Now is the time to show us what they’ve got.


– Did anyone else find Rachel’s reveal about the affair underwhelming?

– Katrina and Louis will never get old.

–“I used mousse in high school. It was the '90s.” “Was it?” You in danger, Rachel.

What did you think of Suits' Season 4 premiere? Were you shocked by its reveals? What do you think the show is headed next? 

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  • missjudgment Jun 18, 2014

    Ugh, Rachel. Not liking her pairing with Harvey any better than any other of her pairings – except maybe Louis, but Louis is awesome. His "I'm happy for you" to Katrina made me laugh out loud, something this show doesn't do a lot. More Louis, less Rachel!

  • ilyakipnis5 Jun 17, 2014

    I wonder...did Louis never ever get glimpse of Ava Hessington or Edward Darby? I mean what with all the Game of Thrones spouting, all he had to do was come across her once and say "CATELYN STARK?"

    Beyond that...uff, this season looks like it's definitely going to clip Rachel's angel wings. Because while she's utterly adorable with Mike, if this whole case blows up in their home life and splits them, it's going to suck.

    And the worst part about it is that this whole season (at least first half) looks like a major case of "want of a nail". Between Mike's conscience once again sticking itself where it shouldn't (which is probably going to turn Jon Sidwell into Gordon Gekko without all the charm, which is being hogged by Harvey), Rachel not getting whiff that the client was the man she had an affair with, and Mike's ego ballooning to the point that he's trying to stand as an equal to Harvey, well...just if a few things were different, yet again, another mess could have been avoided. But here we go again with another season-long arc.

    One other thing that's sort of stretching my suspension of disbelief is how Mike constantly allows his conscience to shoot himself in the foot. That comment about him constantly hitting singles really irritates me because here's this guy that's been given an opportunity of a lifetime (two, in fact), is friends with one of the most awesome people around (Harvey), is in bed with a gorgeous lady, and he puts both of those in jeopardy simply because "his heart's in the right place" and he's constantly going out of his way to save both sides, instead of fighting for the side that it's his job to be on.

    Furthermore, I'd think that the guy would be a bit jaded considering how often the universe has screwed him over. Lost his parents. Got involved with a sleazeball of a friend. Got outright blackmailed by his (currently former) boss. He's constantly screwing himself over by trying to be selfless, when instead, he should just close his eyes, fight to keep what *he* has, and try to play hero when he has his own affairs in order, because before then, his own conscience can destroy everything he can ever want. I think closing one's eyes and letting go of that 24/7 selflessness for a little while is a small price to pay for being on top of the universe.

  • bleumystique Jun 15, 2014

    -I think the highlights of the episode for me, were Louis and his protege Katrina, and some semblance of a personal life for Jessica outside of the office. Because...finally. Also not showing that Jessica Pearson was having sexytimes with somebody was beginning to seem implausible because chica rocks the hell out of those skirts and she's played by Gina freaking Torres. I'm just saying. Also, her and Harvey's bantering. I live for their bantering. I love the Jessica/Harvey (Jarvey) thing that they have and I'm not even sorry. They've graduated from subtle flirty banter to overt flirty banter which I'm assuming is the writers' way of convincing us that after all the crap they've been through the past two seasons, the original dynamic duo is back and stronger than ever. As a fan of their thing, I'll take it, but the lack of mending fences will never not bug me.

    -Rachel will continue to be the worst regular on this show. It has nothing to do with Megahn Markle and everything to do with how she's written. It's painful. From the very beginning she was the pretty girl (who may be smart too...sometimes) who's entire existence on the show revolves around a man. That's it. That's her sole purpose. Even when she was studying for the LSATs and trying to get into Harvard...everything revolved around her relationship with Mike more than it did her goals. And if it wasn't Mike it was her daddy issues with Zane. That's all. She's the character that gripes about not wanting to just be a pretty face and they continually use her as the pretty face. I thought maybe with her negotiating (the most absurd deal of them all) with Jessica and going to school that she would have less time to be that girl and thus they'd focus on more interesting aspects of her character, but nope. They literally started the episode off with her naked with Mike. The middle was her playing kissy-face with Mike and being played by Harvey, And ended it with some underwhelming and terribly cliche revelation about a past affair. As if that's all her character could be good for. And there we have another ham-fisted and unnecessary love-triangle thing with her once again serving the purpose of romantic sidepiece rather than a real full fledged character who can stand on her own and hold her own story lines. She's a walking plot device...if that. Every show has one. I mean who is Rachel without being with or pining after Mike? Anyone?! Bueller?! Bueller?!

    -Looks like we're in store for some more inter-office conflict and shenanigans. Should be good times. I swear I didn't mean that to sound sarcastic. Harvey is still a rockstar. Jessica is still a goddess. Louis is still a badass underdog. what can I say? I heart them.

  • ben45tpy Jun 14, 2014

    I swear Season 3 finished like a week ago, what's going on?

    So we're back to the first half of a new season where we have a big serialised case that will drag out, even having Mike v Harvey won't keep it interesting. The inane and cowardly split season structure will continue to do real damage to the show. Anyway the episode was pretty good, at least the case IS personal. But what's with Louis and friend talking about Game of Thrones? You can't heavily feature two actors from a show and then talk about it, that's a Mobius feedback loop waiting to happen. It's like how Community heavily referenced Breaking Bad then hired Jonathan Banks.

  • BijoyKb Jun 13, 2014

    This comment has been removed.

  • missjudgment Jun 18, 2014

    I wish she had short hair for some reason. Or something. She seems a little generic so far.

  • safibwana Jun 13, 2014

    Suits or Mad Men? I'm going with The Good Wife.

  • Garyness Jun 13, 2014

    Katrina and Louis were too brilliant this episode.

  • loldude1 Jun 12, 2014

    What happened? Suites used to be better than this, but season 4 is dull in just about everything: the "witty" one-liners are anything but, the supposedly emotional moments are predictable and boring, and the acting--it's almost as if they dared themselves to collectively act worse. I was looking forward to season 4, but after just one episode I am throwing in the towel and I'm pretty much done following this show in its downfall.

  • current Jun 12, 2014

    And so the countdown to:
    Mike's returning to lawyerdom - you know it's going to happen in some let's get back together and beat the evil hedge fund douches scenario.
    Donna saying she's always right and the cast saying 'shit' drinking game count.
    Rachel being pissed at Mike - the bear is wiping his arse with leaves as we speak.
    Harvey being snide to Lewis and then nice realising his value - a current staple.
    Jessica to realise her new beau isn't all he seems and for her to best him - why? Cause she's always best and has to prove it in an I don't need to but will anyway fashion staple diet.
    Lewis to get a new cat - it's time big man.

  • kanniballl Jun 12, 2014

    I'm glad I was wrong...

    When Michael said he "did his research" and we heard dramatic music and a close-up on his face... I thought we were going to learn he read Rachel's notes and was using the opposition's research or something like that and thus put Rachel in legal trouble.

    But... all that dramatic music for nothing. He just researched the guy's past and knew he had a STRONG emotional tie to his business for a specific reason.

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