Suits "Two in the Knees" Review: The Only Living Boy in New York

By MaryAnn Sleasman

Jun 26, 2014

Suits S04E03: "Two in the Knees"

Alternate titles for "Two in the Knees" could also be "The One Where Harvey is a Dick. Again." or "The One Where Mike is a Dick. Again." OR "The One Where Louis Has No Friends Because He's an Overgrown Eight-Year-Old. Again." 

That doesn't mean it was a bad episode. Let's face it, Suits has its favorite formulas and pet plots that skirt the edge of predictability but "Two in the Knees" also featured some quality Jessica/Malone action and a Rachel with a backbone, which is some scary new territory for a little show I occasionally like to refer to as Rich People Problems

And oh, how those rich people problems continued this week. Mike's brief victory over Harvey didn't bother Harvey nearly as much as it bothered Harvey's client, ski-school dropout and former-future point on the revolving Rachel Zane love triangle, Logan. Logan wants to take over that sad old man's company, dammit, and he'll throw a tantrum and a lot of money around until he gets it. He's such a douche—and he's so pleased to be a douche. At least Harvey recognizes when he's being a total penis and feels bad about it after a proper scolding. It's almost like The Sopranossure, the gang over at Pearson Specter is kind of terrible, but their competition, clients, and co-conspirators are even worse, so we might as well cheer for Harvey. 

Speaking of Harvey, we were reminded of his daddy issues with the master tapes—just in case he was getting too unsympathetic with his refusal to be nice to Mike. Admittedly, Suits is making it hard to take Harvey's side in this conflict by forcing him to champion the Chief Executive Brat while Mike gets to help Sad Walter save his family company. The fact that Logan has literally zero redeeming qualities whatsoever is starting to get a little silly. Okay, he called a truce with Mike because he doesn't want to hurt Rachel. All that means is that at some point, he and Rachel are gonna bone. 

Can't wait. (I am MaryAnn's complete lack of enthusiasm.) Maybe Rachel can take some lessons from Jessica in barely restraining herself from sleeping with a dude she decided not to sleep with—but I love Jessica and Malone. It's such a new angle for Jessica and the storyline was such a pleasant surprise coming into this season. Sure, we've dabbled in her love life with her ex-husband and there is the occasional odd Jessica/Harvey vibe if you squint, but Jessica's relationship with Jeff Malone is something new because it's something she clearly wants. She's chosen the job over men before, but that all happened off-screen and pre-series. To see Jessica actually work through her feelings and to be privy to her philosophies and concerns opens up a lot of possibilities for her character. She's been the stern bosslady for four seasons now. It's nice to see Gina Torres get to do something different on this show. Hannibal was making me jealous.

DB Woodside's Malone is also a nice addition to the Pearson Specter gang on his own. He doesn't seem to have any ulterior motives (other than trying to sweep Jessica off her feet) and while he was certainly working Louis to get to Jessica, I got the sense that he did genuinely like Mr. Litt and feels bad about how that turned out because Louis never met a disappointment that he faced with all the maturity of a third grader. He's my favorite, and I appreciate what Suits has done in recent seasons by acknowledging Louis' flaws and exposing them for some angsty the-office-is-just-like-high-school-but-worse lessons but...I don't know. We've had a lot of that lately. Maybe just let Louis plot world domination with Katrina for a little while. 

It's clear that this season of Suits is ready to explore the Harvey and Mike dynamic on a level that hasn't really been touched yet. They've disagreed in the past and even been on warring sides of a serious debate, but their current conflict is interesting in that neither of them has complete control over his side and barring some convenient plotting (which is never, ever, out of the question on Suits) Mike and Harvey's respective sides can't be resolved. This isn't Mike fighting Harvey. This is Mike's client fighting Harvey's client. This is two guys forced into a gunfight with each other on behalf of two fat cats fighting for the same spitoon. If one doesn't shoot the other, the man calling the shots is going to fire on him anyway. It's tricky and a little tragic. Mike and Harvey appear to be at a truce as we head into a hiatus until July 9 but, eh, these things tend to be short-lived. Why can't we all just be friends again? 


– "You deserve each other!" Walter, on Harvey and Mike. So true. 

– Logan told his wife that he'd never sleep with Rachel because she's just some paralegal. Everyone is so mature on this show. Also: no wonder the woman has a complex. 

– I'd read Donna's secret files on her coworkers. Tie-in book? TIE-IN BOOK. 

– Take a drink every time Louis refers to someone as his "friend" because you know it's going to end badly. 

– Suits returns July 9! See you then, darlings!

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  • ErezWollberg Jul 06, 2014

    In my opinion, Suits seemts to me as a soap, & I mean it in a good way - like the good old days of the prime-time glamarous '80 super-soaps. I mean, some of you acknowledge the wardrobe yourselves, & the storylines themselves thematically revolves around power, control, love, business corporate/criminal business (ours being lawyering).

    The thing is, I wouldn't be the 1st one here to note that some of the plot devices used are worn & recycled; As much as I got tired of the "Who's gonna' learn of Mike's secret this (half a) season?" routine, the current Harvey-Mike twist of relationship is kind of predicatable, & I could see how Mike would return to Pitterson-Spector by season's end, topps.

    Also, it feels that the Mike-Rachel relationship is a bit artificial, which is kond of surprising, since I actually rooted for those two. I think that storywise, Rachel actually has lots of potential as a law student, which unfortunately is not explored yet.

    It's not like Suits is boring. Not the least bit. But its about to be, if it's not refreshes itself from its by-now-familiar-storytelling-conventions. See Logan for example. I would actually want that man whom everyone loves to hate not be out of the window by the end of this storyline/season - we could use a prominent villain (& by allowing him to be such, the show can actually avoid the written-on-the-wall resulotion of this love triange/storyline: Yes, He'd probably bone Rachel (& Harvey'd be won over by Mike), but we should not settled for that; I want to explore what I saw in this episode as a glimpse of Mike's manhood insecurity & I want to dwell into that further, which actually makes Suits as soap in a masculine way (in similar manner, though performed as lovely comic relief, following this episode side story with Malone, Louis actually always seemed kind of gay to me - no matter whom he paired with, which also could provide for an intresting continious looking into).

    Suits was intresting when it broke its frame rules earlier than expected - Mike & Rachel, Mike's secret, firm takeover attempts & so on. It should break more borders in order to keep us up in the back of our seets - Logan & Malone are wellcomed addition as a prominent cast members in that regard.

  • Garyness Jun 29, 2014

    Really like Jessica having a relationship storyline. I agree that it shows a different side of her, especially since we have only seen her only do work things. You really do feel bad for Jessica, but also understand the pressure she is under. Sometimes we HAVE to sacrifice one thing for another, and sometimes we THINK we have to sacrifice one thing for another.

    Malone is a likeable guy too. I really hope he stays for more than one season, even if he ended up getting Katrina type appearances that would be fine with me.

    As for the Mike v. Harvey, sure its repetitive and is a lot like other Suits scenarios, but having them be completely on different sides is really fun to watch. And I do like how pushy their clients are too. Soo many mind games going on between Mike, Rachel, Harvey, and Logan. That smirk at the end when Logan met Mike... and even Rachel's uncertain eyes when she said she wants to marry someone like Mike. Usually all the love interest stuff is annoying but Suits is getting the balance of Case and Relationships very right this season. Cant wait for the next episode!

    And Donna still rules.

  • Kallenprice97 Jun 27, 2014

    Not liking the dynamic with Mike's boss, though. Never in the discussions where he was trying to hire Mike was it hinted at that Mike would be expected to tear apart companies for big paydays.

    Also, the boss has so much free time he can wait around in Mike's office for WHENEVER Mike happens to show up? Just so he can tell him he's not happy with his performance? Good grief.

  • Kallenprice97 Jun 27, 2014

    I don't like the amp'd up tension between Mike and Harvey, but I GET it. The student who wants to prove he's worthy. The teacher who can't stop thinking of the student as a student.

    It was fun to see Harvey's small smile of pride when Mike did tough stuff.

    I predict Mike's going to get the upper hand and Logan is going to go back on his word and start to investigate Mike. He might even find out the secret. Rachel will agree to sleep with him to keep him from exposing Mike. Logan will use this threat to KEEP Rachel sleeping with him. Mike will eventually find out and it will end or seriously damage their relationship.

  • JT_Kirk Jun 27, 2014

    This storyline is incredibly stale already, it's the same beats every time and there's no reason why the lawyers are involved at this stage. Nobody feels particularly likable anymore, and good lord how Rachel is dull now that she's actively in the mix. I honestly considered removing the series from my DVR entirely after this one, not because it was terrible, but because it was just going through the motions.

  • stanking Jun 27, 2014

    Completely Team Mike on this story arc so far. Yeah, Harvey has resisted going for the nuclear option (although let's be honest, he's protecting his own hide as much as Mike's), but that's no excuse to shoot someone in the kneecap. If he'd just been the employee he should have been instead of trying to continue being the teacher - that is, if he could have reined in the ego for just a little while - this could have all been avoided. And if it weren't Mike, he would have. Total douche.

  • missjudgment Jun 27, 2014

    Hmmm, I really don't get one thing at this point: Mike has a very guilty secret and one probably not so hard to dig out (Veronica Mars would be in on it in an hour) but he still doesn't get Harvey is trying to work around it? In this episode I mostly saw Mike throwing tantrums (but that's not to say Harvey acted all that gloriously). Anyway, I'm finding it harder and harder to root for anyone. Save for Louis, of course.

  • MarieLaureDep Jun 27, 2014

    I loved the moments Louis was conviced Jeff was in love with him. Even if his reaction to retreat far away was a little too much. I'm not a big fan of Mallone himself, he doesn't seem to take anything seriously. It might change after what happened between Jessica and him and Louis and him. Both Harvey and Mike were total douche to each other. I don't know what was worse, that Harvey felt like he did good by spilling Mike's drug secret to the old man or the fact that Mike bought Harvey's father tapes. At least that made a nice little truce gesture.

  • fangtasiaforev Jun 27, 2014

    This was the best episode of the season and can't wait for more :)

  • johnbon321 Jun 27, 2014

    taking all bets for how long before rachel sleeps with logan lol im going to go with by at least episode 6

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