Suits "Gone" Review: The Good Soldier

By MaryAnn Sleasman

Aug 14, 2014

Suits S04E09: "Gone"

That. Was. So. Badass.

I mean, the Mike and Rachel stuff was awful, as usual, with Mike's deposition rehearsal leading to tears and fighting and the obligatory dredging up of Rachel's sole raison d'être on this show. Somebody help her, pls, because when Suits is great it's really freaking great, and "Gone" was definitely one of the series' best episodes.

Jessica took the news of Louis's sketchy deal with Forstman about as well as expected—though I will admit that the speed with which she turned against Louis was a little startling. Louis has saved Pearson Specter's butt more times than I care to count and would literally die for the firm if Jessica asked him to. So while it's true that this issue with Forstman wasn't a small mistake or even Louis's first mistake, IDK, it's Louis... which is pretty much the argument everyone else took against Jessica, including Donna and Harvey.

But the hits just kept coming in "Gone"; it was an hour of television so crammed with victories and losses that they often came back-to-back, adding to the sense of urgency that Suits was missing at the beginning of Season 4, and pretty much for all of Season 3. Donna's appeal to Jessica was logical enough for a workplace with such a thin line between personal and professional as Pearson Specter's, and for the briefest of moments, it looked like maybe—just maybe—the great Donna had saved Louis Litt from being fired simply by reminding Jessica that she had screwed up once too, and Jessica forgave her.

And then Jessica pulled out the zinger, "Yeah, but first I fired you."  

That was the point at which I realized Louis couldn't be saved. Not yet, anyway. I like to think he'll be back because it's Louis and firings/resignations on Suits are like comic book deaths in that they never really stick. But for now, Louis's resignation in the face of scandal and disgrace paints a dire picture of the situation at Pearson Specter, the firm that is never more than 10 seconds of ill-timed decision-making away from total destruction. Harvey has long been Jessica's golden boy and probable heir, but Louis was loyal, and in the end, that loyalty didn't particularly matter. It didn't matter that Forstman had pulled the same stunt with lawyers in the past, including Harvey. It didn't matter that Louis had repeatedly placed the good of the firm above his own happiness, from conceding to Harvey to bringing Mike back (which is actually probably a debatable positive for the firm, but whatever) to casting Sheila from his life when their relationship threatened to take him away from his "family."

For a character who's been accused of acting on his emotions with negative consequences, it would be easy to imagine Louis getting all bitter and jaded when faced with losing everything he's sacrificed so much for—so Louis's dignified response and determination to set things right, even while facing the reality of his future with Pearson Specter, speaks to the totality of his character's evolution. Louis Litt has come a long way, and hopefully, despite this latest hiccup, Pearson Specter won't lose him for good. 

The SEC vs. Pearson Specter storyline has been simmering on the back burner for much of this season, but with the Gillis Industries merger over and done with, it's time for Cahill and Woodall to enter the center ring. The entire scene where Harvey, Mike, and Louis revealed Woodall's probable corruption to his partner-in-douchiness was one of, if not the, finest moments of the season. Sometimes, Suits falls into the habit of casting its baddies from a bland mold of unquestionable villainy. To suddenly present the smarmy Cahill as a man who's sincerely trying to do his job well and good, only to be manipulated by the underhanded whims of a Forstman crony, is the sort of twist that will jump-start the drama that will drive the second half of the season.

Between Louis being kicked out of the clubhouse and Sean Cahill suddenly being positioned as a sort-of-almost ally to the beleaguered Pearson Specter, "Gone" was the perfect blend of beginnings and endings essential to any successful penultimate episode. Now if we could just get Mike and Rachel sorted out...


– Maybe Louis will go back to Sheila? Maybe?


– Jessica's "Jesus CHRIST" was kind of epic in its delivery.

– What did you think of "Gone"?

– What are your predictions for next week's summer finale?

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  • SmookiekinsRab Sep 15, 2014

    suits related t-shirt campain join the fanclub :) cheers

  • SuePocockThomas5 Aug 27, 2014

    Suits is one of the best television shows on. And, it just keeps getting better and better with each season!

  • Hutchy_TVSeries Aug 18, 2014

    Was I the only one actually taking cover in this episode? A lot of shots were firing from both sides!

  • Mcarson09 Aug 19, 2014

    They make armor for a reason.

  • Hutchy_TVSeries Aug 19, 2014

    They have none for the head, and the ones squeezing the triggers are professional.

  • Kallenprice97 Aug 17, 2014

    Seemed to me Louis (really the actor) has lost a lot of weight. Anyone else notice that?

  • Kerkesh Aug 17, 2014

    Louis should join that lawyer with the Breaking Bad spin-off and kick his ass.

  • wmsmith6 Aug 16, 2014

    Great episode. I predict that Louis goes to see Sheila in Boston to rekindle their relationship and do some soul searching. While seeing her Louis explains the ends and outs of his firing, including his resentment that he used his one big favor to hire Mike back , Sheila takes an interest in this Mike Ross and wonders why P - S hired a non- Harvard lawyer. Clearly Louis then gets to the bottom of Mike not going to law school since he already suspected something wasn't quite right with Mike's Harvard credentials. Louis uses Mike's non - lawyer status as leverage to become a named partner.

  • Repeater Aug 16, 2014

    For me, Louis proved himself as a master of "Eminent Domain" case law in "I Want You to Want Me" over a year ago.

    Mike insisted "no one" wins these cases; Louis proved him wrong.

    But it was the reason Louis was so insistent on taking this case: to help the family save their restaurant that Litt me up.

    "Oh Captain, My Captain"

  • Garyness Aug 16, 2014

    Prediction, Mike is going to try to fix that guys company that he lost. And hes possibly going to do something borderline sketchy in order to do it. No way Mike is just going to do nothing after losing.

  • panteha Aug 16, 2014

    what an wow wow...
    COME ON PEOPLE get off rachel and mikes back...she made a mistake and kissed the jerk but didnt sleep with him,yes its bad but not bad enough to split up over it...
    they are part of the show, dont like them then just record the show and fast forward, but stop trashing them for god sake...
    LOUIS will come back, or he will start in another firm and they might realise down the line what they have lost and get him back...maybe hopefully he'll get the love of his life back first...
    as one of you put it perfectly they all (everyone) together make the perfect suit... so they will have louis back sooner or later...till then will miss him

  • Garyness Aug 16, 2014

    Somebody needs to rewrite Rachel's character.. "Am I off the hook?" Are you seriously asking your boyfriend, who barley forgave you, if he is going to simply let you get a free pass for cheating on him? And the burrito scene? So desperate. Mike, do better. Actually, writers do better and try to at least make Rachel likeable. Lets see her do stuff at lawschool at least. This whole season shes still just been at the firm.

    Either way, excellent episode. The bags of tricks each side was using was fun to watch. Case was very interesting, and I kind of liked that we knew the whole time Louis was going to get fired. Just shows how dedicated Louis was to the firm and fixing his mistake. And, okay, Jessica was VERY mean this episode, but she gets things done, and she did what she had to do. Realistically, NO WAY Louis wouldve kept his job. Even if that was Harvey he would probably be out. Sad to see Louis go, but we all expect him back in the near future. Its a USA show, things always reset.

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