Suits Creator Aaron Korsh Teases the Summer Finale: Get Ready for a Cliffhanger and "Lots of Fireworks"

By joyceeng61

Aug 20, 2014

Suits creator and executive producer Aaron Korsh is guessing you had the same thought he did after watching last week's episode.

"After we finished shooting it, I was like, 'Can this just be the summer finale?'" Korsh told me during a recent interview. "It really could've ended right there and it would've made sense."

Despite saving the firm from the SEC, Louis couldn't get back into Jessica's good graces for his dirty deal with Forstman. But before she could fire him as threatened, Louis preemptively left a resignation letter on Harvey's desk, asking them to take care of Pearson Specter, a.k.a. his "home." 

"The writers pitched me Louis resigning and hearing the letter read in his voice," Korsh explained. "It was so moving to me that I thought it was a great thing to aspire to get to this year. I loved it."

However, as was the case with Mike before him, just because Louis is no longer at the firm doesn't mean he's no longer part of the show. In fact, his absence will cast a large shadow over Wednesday's summer finale, which kicks off with Louis asking Harvey for a favor as he tries to find a new job. Some folks are more willing to lend a hand than others (ahem, Jessica), but "pretty much everyone is going to rally around Louis to try to help him, with varying degrees of success," Korsh says.

"Louis is in a bad way," he continues. "There are ramifications of his resignation on everyone at the firm. Louis is very deeply connected to everyone and all of them care about him. Mike, for example—Louis brought him back to the firm. In addition, Louis forgave Mike last year when he told him that he changed his grade on his transcript, so Mike really wants to help Louis."

But Mike's efforts to pay Louis back could bite him in the ass. He goes out of his way to help Louis, leading to a big move that triggers major consequences—and an enraged Harvey, as seen in the episode promo:

Might Mike feel so indebted to Louis that he comes clean about his (lack of) Harvard credentials—especially now that Louis doesn't work at Pearson Specter anymore? "Mike does something … that sounds good," Korsh teases. "But it takes a turn that he doesn't see coming. He is also feeling vulnerable right now, and like he has something to prove because he knows Jessica doesn't want him back and she was forced to take him back because of [his secret]."

Mike's return to the firm after his disastrous foray into investment banking was hardly Earth-shattering; indeed, the most unpredictable part about it was how long it took (seven episodes!). What's more, Donna—lest we forget—also returned after getting fired, so the hot money is on Louis to eventually (inevitably?) come back.

"Sometimes I hear people say that things are predictable. I would say that I would imagine most people, when Mike turned down the job in [Season 3, Episode] 15, said, 'I saw that coming,' which means they saw it coming that he'd do it in 16," Korsh says. "Even though they think he's definitely going to come back, the hope is they'll question, 'Well, I was so sure he was never gonna leave, can I be sure that he's going to come back?' … Even if someone can predict something that ultimately will happen, the question is, 'Can you predict when it's going to happen?' and 'Can you predict how it's going to happen?' Hopefully you can't predict either of those things and you'll be compelled along the way."

Korsh is also hoping fans will be compelled to wait for the remaining six episodes of the season after Wednesday's final minutes, which include "lots of fireworks." 

"Last year, when we ended with Mike leaving the firm, I didn't know if people would feel that was a cliffhanger or not," he says. "It was really a resolution, but it wasn't a total cliffhanger. This one, I think it's more of a cliffhanger. You're definitely going to be wondering, 'What's going to be happen?'"

Suits' summer finale airs Wednesday at 9pm on USA.

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  • JT_Kirk Aug 20, 2014

    Harvey enraged? No way, that never happens lately, he's always cool and calm and collected and not in any way losing his shit.

  • missjudgment Aug 20, 2014

    Oh good, a cliffhanger.

  • mrinny Aug 20, 2014

    Most definitely this is about Mike telling Louis his secret, that is predictable, I think the cliff hanger would be Louis telling Jessica and Harvey that if they don't hire him back, he'll tell on them.. which would put the entire firm in jeopardy..
    We'll know soon enough...

  • current Aug 20, 2014

    I can't see Louis finding out about Mike, as his furball ridden brain nearly imploded prior, and it'd be a major arc over if every bugger knows. I'd guess that the whole SEC debacle and it's boss is far from done and in an even greater mood for vengeance. It could get interesting if Jessica's b/f gets dragged in and threatened with prison time over his line walking. And unless Woodall's being charged, surely he can undue any promise of immunity for Louis too.

  • dostunuz Aug 20, 2014

    Louis finds Mike is a fraud and he blackmails Jessica to get back the firm, you'll see.

  • ArthurSantos2 Aug 21, 2014

    Wow! Are you a prophet?

  • dostunuz Aug 21, 2014

    I didn't watch the new episode yet so we'll see.

  • docspector Aug 20, 2014

    My guess is that Louis, unable to get a job again in BigLaw, takes a job in the enforcement division at SEC.

  • DAK009 Aug 20, 2014

    Mike gets fired and Harvey quits, then next season they join up with Louis to form a new law firm called Litt Spectre Ross

  • mrinny Aug 20, 2014

    now that you've mentioned this, I sooo want it to

  • JeffAhSam Aug 20, 2014

    Korsh is also hoping fans will be compelled to wait for the remaining six episodes of the season after Wednesday's final minutes, which include "lots of fireworks."

    when is the above happening? i hope it doesn't take too long because i really like this show.. i just hated the part where Mike took back Rachel. I thought that was way too fast. If I were him, I would have sent her packing back to Logan.

  • Grumpyclown Aug 20, 2014

    Tomorrow is the mid season finale

  • JeffAhSam Aug 20, 2014

    i realize that just wondering when they are airing the last 6 episodes.. is that this year? or early next year?

  • PatriciaBourg Aug 20, 2014

    usually in the winter so probably some time between mid dec - early march

  • Grumpyclown Aug 20, 2014

    No news on that yet.
    Previously they have aired in either November or January

  • JeffAhSam Aug 20, 2014

    thank you both for the reply.. while i understand it's up to USA when they'll start actually airing those last 6 episodes, but at least it will give me something to look forward to. i really love this show...