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    Why I LOVE to HATE Suits

    By Stratakat, Apr 04, 2014

    Ok I HATE this show, because it ends. I can't stand watching this. because its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Freaking good, it kills me inside every time it's over.

    I actually pause it for hours some times just so i can make it last longer.

    what GREAT characters, GREAT Writing. GREAT Thinking...

    No show in TV Every has done to me what this show does. AND My God What a cast...

    Ok did i say how much i LOVE to HATE this show...


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    Very good show but 1/2 of the main characters are unlikeable IMO (Mike)

    By keepitgreen811, Mar 29, 2014

    So the show is pretty great, overall I would rate it a 10/10. Love Harvey, Louis, Donna, and even Jessica, but I'm marking the show down one point because I can't stand Mike and Rachel. Normally I wouldn't care about secondary characters like Rachel, but Mike is one of the two primary characters. I can't honestly give any show with an unlikeable main character a perfect score. So, considering that, 9/10 (still absolutely worth your time).

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    Next episode?

    By jelmerouwerke, Jan 06, 2014

    when will the next episode air?

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    Can't Miss

    By ohmydixon, Dec 20, 2013

    This is another can't miss show for me. I didn't start Suits when it came on. A friend of my bugged & bugged me to watch it. She's my tv buddy. She kept telling me I would like it & that I needed to check it out. Finally after a few weeks of her prodding me I decided to watch an episode. I was intruiged, & I then had to watch another. It wasn't long before I was hooked on Blue Eyes & Smirk Boy. I love the chemisty between Mike & Harvey. Donna is fantastic, in fact I strive to be her when I grow up. I love Jessica as well. I think Aaron Korsh has done a fantastic job bringing these characters to life, & I personally can't wait to see where it's going to go.moreless

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    Why not more mature?

    By 4546, Dec 12, 2013

    Most of the cast are within their characters, however I find Jessica is way too young to convince me that she has that vast knowledge of the legal world. It would be more convincing if Jessica was a more mature lady with a streak of white hair, piercing eyes and assertive manner.

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    suit here suits there

    By ewien, Dec 04, 2013

    suits will be suits whatever you say here or even do wont count so piss yourselves haters and better change ur minds or remain silent since your views about how much you hate suits will stop them from telecasting it


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    A Great Fit

    By Yaspaa, Oct 06, 2013

    Wonderful characters with great dynamics, snappily written, the 40~ minutes really does fly by. This really is one of my top 3 shows at the moment, it is far too easy to watch, and that's the sign of a quality show. Fifty two episodes a year please.

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    Befriend me

    By america19, Sep 29, 2013

    I have to admit at first that I thought the show was good. However, I started to notice that the actor playing the character

    Harvey has too much say as to who is to guest on the show. Like for example, the woman who plays the role of Donna on show.

    He knows her personally and therefore her role has expanded. Furthermore, his real life wife was even a guest on the show.

    Usually I would not complain but, after this past summer when so many people complained about Will Smith helping his

    son further his career. And yet no one is saying anything when the actor playing Harvey has people he knows personally

    on the show all of the time. So, I have decided to stop watching the show until the writers start giving the other actors

    on the show more air time and more say as to the direction of the show. Because, as it is now the actor playing Harvey has

    too much say and it gives off the vibe that it is a one man show.

    Additionally, the only character that has not had much developed storyline is Jessica. I would have liked to have seen more

    of her personal life since the show has no problem showing everyone else's personal life. She needs to have a healthy personal

    relationship outside of work. More, as her character is now it seems like in order to be successful a woman has to be single and

    put her job before her personal life. (Also, I am aware of the fact that her character is divorced. However, that does not excuse the

    fact that her character does not have a personal life outside of work).

    Finally, it would be nice to see more minorities on the show and not just as clients either.

    As an example, I am talking about Asian, Black and Indian. (Please do not hate, respect my opinion as I would respect yours.

    Because, negative responses will be ignored).moreless

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    By cmyface1, Sep 25, 2013

    I never miss an episode.

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    About Season 01

    By pakitis, Sep 24, 2013

    Great show, easily watchable. Gabriel Macht is the most appropriate for this role. All roles are selected carefully and it's a plus for this show.

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