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    A stupid programe trying to be intellectualy clever but failing as the writers themselves aren't at that level.

    By dfermah, Jul 14, 2014

    My friend just put it on... I couldn't see it from where I was standing but on hearing some rock song playing while some opening bedroom action was about to happen, made me think, "contrived mindless lyrics over the top of some tired riff regurgitated trying to be hip. But the reality is they are dismissed by those occupying that rare level of intellect, who are socially ahead of the general rabble, aloof as required but still able to communicate with others if required.

    The conceited attempt of all that this program tries to conjure up fails. Why? Because the writers cant create the correct ambiance, atmosphere,subtleties, nuances and everything else that goes into making the very very limited great shows there have been (like BB). Why can't the writers of Suit do this? Well it's because they are just like that unsophisticated rabble that rave about it.

    Statistically if you want: Not the bottom 25% of the populace. It's the lower/middle/middle-upper group making up the bulk of mindless Suit lovers. Then after that there's the upper (where these stupid writers and creators think they inhabit). Because being at that level, they will never be enlightened there is another movement above that.

    That is the top most 5% -that group I alluded to above. Yes I know what you the reader is thinking... what implausible rubbish. But you would. You resemble those who dismissed for 150 years of there being another very secret calculation to quantum probability that theory amplitudes well beyond the sub atomic level now bringing finality to life as it is now, exposing further origin revelations and later what will happen -all of a sudden. In all the billions of universes. All a the same time. Now, in the future and simultaneously in the PAST!moreless

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    By classified, Jul 04, 2014

    i started watching suits just 2 weeks back and I'm already done with watching every single episode up till the latest season 4 episode. i loved suits because in the future i wanted to become a lawyer and i loved the confusing relationship with mike and harvey. honestly I don't like it so much that mike had to leave and joint some crappy investment banking firm. i liked it when he was doing law and when he was doing it with harvey. the prime reason why i found this website is because i wanted to voice this out. so i really really need to know. DOES MIKE GO BACK TO WORK FOR PEARSON SPECTER. the basis of this show is harvey and mike together solving cases brilliantly as a team and i really want to see somehow someway that mike goes back to work for pearson specter in the near future. pleeeeaaaaaasssseeee i really hope it does happen. thats the only thing that motivating me to continue watching it.moreless

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    No Law Degree?!

    By patthorpe3, Jun 26, 2014

    OK. I love the show but I'm so over the thing about people finding out that Mike didn't go to law school. I was hoping since Mike and Harvey are at different firms that this story line is in the past for good. But I guess not and may not watch the rest of this episode or any others because of it. Very childish. So is the jealousy with Rachel.

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    This show is bullshit

    By theKingInTheNorth, Jun 24, 2014

    Come on writers, find a new curse word. The next time I hear one of your bullshit characters says "bullshit"... Are there any good drama series left?

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    Amazing and funny!

    By CForest, Jun 20, 2014

    I love this show. will Mike Ross come back and work with Harvey?

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    Fun & Clever

    By LNB-1337, Jun 18, 2014

    Fun to watch. Very nice & clever dialogues.

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    Absolutely amazing.

    By celoro, Jun 12, 2014

    I watched all the seasons in a matter of weeks. It was entertaining throughout. Mostly every single character is loveable. Luis Litt is a legend! Gabriel Macht as Harvey is simply an outstanding character. Donna is super beautiful and just insanely funny. Cannot wait for the next season! Its gonna Litt up!!!ab

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    By ryanramsarran5, May 24, 2014

    This is one of the best shows on tv.

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    Have you seen "Because I Said So"?

    By fleur-de-lune, May 21, 2014

    I literally watch this show just for Gabriel Macht. Amazing actor and incredibly beautiful.

    Plus Donna... she's a good reason to watch too.

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    Tuesdays.. or not Tuesdays? That is the question...

    By billeddy, Apr 23, 2014

    Tuesdays.. or not Tuesdays? That is the question...

    The show has moved to THURSDAYS and THAT is the answer!

    Can someone please update the settings so that this wonderful (favorite) show will appear on my calendar for Thursdays?!? Thanks.

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