Sunday Night Football

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    Bad TV

    By WillSmith8310, Sep 21, 2015

    So Al Michaels is great as usual. Chris Collingsworth is just as bad as always, extremely annoying!! Bob Costas is so bad it is hilarious. How bad do you have to be for NBC to fire you?? Evidently, world class bad as Bob Costas is, that is not bad enough!!!! What a total moron!!!! Bob find another job you are absolutely horrible as anything related to sports. I will not even suggest you are bad announcer or whatever it is that you think you are!! You are just terrible at anything I have ever seen you do!!!moreless

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    Great except for Commentators

    By AutoTerry, Nov 17, 2014

    Great coverage, but too much statistics and off the game commentary on subjects not relative to the game. You actually miss plays with charts and graphs. How stupid. You can easily tell they have a favorite team during a game, leave that at home! I think Al and Chris should hang it up! If it was not for the commentators, I would rate higher!

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    By bashcer, Nov 04, 2014

    cut back on at least half your commercials how much money do you need

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    By johnbuttitta9, Sep 15, 2014

    Football is played by the referees, not the players. Review has gotten out of hand. Let's play football! !

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    multicultural audience

    By sharonhoneylee, Nov 11, 2013

    First faith now carrie since when did football become country? How about finding hometown talent and let them sing week to we'd like to see every team during the season not the same 7

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    Opening song

    By philipfmyers, Sep 16, 2013

    What a letdown, almost like the show didn't start.

    Whatever Faith Hill wanted she should have been given.

    Kerry Underwood sings some kind of bubble gum version,

    doesn't fit.

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    too much back ground noise

    By dan321, Dec 30, 2012

    you can barely hear the announcers over the back gound noise. I only get this effect on NBC and ESPN. i have no problems with Fox and CBS. Does NBC do this on purpose? It is very annoying. one week i put on the radio and shut off the tv audio, it was much better.

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    Costas on Tragic death of player and woman

    By davanb1, Dec 03, 2012

    My respect for Costas just fell. How can someone so smart be so wrong to blame

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    By rowdyboy12, Nov 05, 2012

    Is it me are is the background noise so loud I can't here Chris/Al ???

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