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    By ssbseller, May 07, 2014

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  • 6.8

    Sunset Beasch. 1 way to describe it Fantasy Drama. Over the top. Full of Flashbacks.

    By matwamango, Oct 29, 2007

    Sunset Beach. A show based on a fictional Beach with over dramatic characters. The acting was so bad it was funny. I used to watch this because i used to find it really hilarious. To be honest I also liked the love story between Ben and Meg.That was it. Plus Ben's twin brother.

    This show went down really fast in my estimation. Too many Flashbacks, Too many Affairs, Too many Betrayals, Too many murders, daft storylines. I guess just glad the show is over. I can now understand why this show was cancelled too plain. The writing/script was also bad. Nothing made sense.moreless

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    Now we are at Sunset Beach. This show was different from Santa Barbara. But then agian, this show was stupid. Clive Robertson played both Ben and Derek Evans. Derek killed the people on the beach and kidnapped Ben. Derek impersonated Ben in front of

    By DoctorWho44, May 29, 2007

    eveyrbody for weeks. The real Ben came up with a way to escape. He attacked Derek. Ben and Meg were re-united agian. In 1999, Derek returned and impersonated Ben agian. Derek survived a fall after he was defeated by Ben. Derek's reign of terror continued. An amnesiac woman, who once loved Ben, turned up on Sunset Beach. Her name was Maria. Maria and Tess had their first round, but Tess won. Derek kidnapped Maria, who came up with her own way of dealing with things. Her memory returned. As the show drew to a close, Tess and Maria had a re-match, and this time, Maria won and Tess lost. Maria beat the hell out of Tess. Ben killed Derek. Ben and Meg got married in the final episode of Sunset Beach, and they were in bed together at the end of the show.moreless

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  • 9.5

    An very old tv show!

    By weloveben, Feb 07, 2007

    This was the first ever proper TV show i watched.... may seem weird to some but it was! I can't remember it VERY well but I do remember enjoying it so much! And making sure I never missed an episode.... even when it was showing at 4am I would make sure I had set the tape recorder because there was no way I would miss an episode of it!

    Why did it go? Apparently it was because it didn't get enough ratings... well if you show a program at 4am you're bound to get very few ratings so taht was totally unfair! It was a really unique piece of television and it brought so much to 'modern' day TV shows! I say BRING IT BACK!moreless

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  • 8.0

    This was my first soap opera. It wasn’t like the other soap operas, that’s why I miss it!

    By nessa1985, Jan 15, 2007

    My favorite characters were of course Meg and Ben. They were written for each other so nicely. Meg, a girl from Kansas, goes to Sunset Beach to meet her online lover SB, who is actually Ben, after she finds out her fiancé, Tim, was sleeping around with her maid of honor. I know that online relationships sound strange in real life but Aaron Spelling made it work in this soap opera. This soap opera had it all, the evil twin, the supposedly dead wife, terror island, cave in, the hunk who slept with a alcoholic wife and her daughter and etc. Ben having an evil twin and having Maria coming back from the dead was too much but I will admit that I enjoyed it. Sunset Beach is better than Passions, but I guess it was too weird for it’s time.moreless

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  • 9.0

    A show as trashy as it was classy! From the late great Aaron Spelling this show lives in infany with a still strong cult fan base.

    By Rockin_Hard, Oct 18, 2006

    This show didn\\\'t just break the mould it demolished it. With the most outrageous storylines was an unlikely hit but through the strong will of its viewing audience kept us entertained for 3 years, 751 episodes. From the Richards to the Deschannels this show completely re-wrote daytime television. Sunset Beach first opened in kansas in the bedroom of a young Meg Cummings,we followed Meg in her search for her true love \\\"SB\\\". From there we went on into the lies and the lives of the residents of sunset beach. We witnessed a romance in Ben and Meg, a pregnancy triangle with Cole and Mother and Daughter Olivia and Caitlin.

    From that we seen a community divided with not only an Earthquake but a Tsunami aswell. Half of the illusive cast found themselves stuck in a capside yatch (the poisedon adventure)while the others found themselves on land dealing with an Earthquake and its aftermath.

    Just when things couldn\\\'t get any worse for the small costal community many of the cast found themselves trapped on a small desolate island being stalked by a serial killer. Who we then witness as being Ben Evans only to discover it was his EVIL twin.

    In its run from Janurary 6 1997 until December 31 1999, we watched the residents go from riches to rags. We witnessed cursed jewels to jewel theifs. But amongst the outrageous storylines we found a strong willed show that will live in our hearts for alot longer than on our screens.moreless

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    sunset beach it was the best soap opera i have ever seen but six months ago it got taken off tv i was furious know i know that theres know way i can watch it impossible i think the best character was gregory but i liked ben because he was very odd weird

    By mkiboy, Aug 08, 2006

    sunset beach it was the best soap opera i have ever seen but six months ago it got taken off tv i was furious know i know that theres know way i can watch it impossible i think the best character was gregory but i liked ben because he was very odd weird as i said it was the best thing for me

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  • 8.1

    The sun set too soon...

    By rubenjay1, Apr 19, 2006

    I was very young when I used to watch this show but I was pretty much ahead of my time, haha. My favorite character was Meg. I thought she was hott and I still think that Kelly Clarkson resembles her very much. I enjoyed the whole slasher island and the tsunami episodes- Very entertaining.Some of my other fav. characters were Antonio, Casey, Vanessa, Sean, & Ben. I used to think that Annie was sooo hilarious. My favorite quote from the show was Annie to Meg: \"You better click your heels and go back to Kansas, cuz Maria is alive.\" CLASSIC LINE!!!moreless

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  • 6.0

    sun, surf, sand and sad soapy sattires. this show was a must for me! bring it back!

    By scoobiegangland, Feb 23, 2006

    this show was terrible, but it knew it was. the storylines were so random and to me it held all the elements that all the other soaps did and more. it was ridiculous.... a priest, sleepng with his brothers wife!? storylines literally running for months and the most obviously surgically altered cast that i had ever seen. it was beautiful;. when i heard it was to be cancelled i phoned peopl, i wrote letters and i cried; yes, im admitting it. this show turned me into a horrible person. i said no to parties and school work. i almost became a complete home-body with no social life, no friends and occasionally an adversion to natural light when id sit and watch the omnibus version in the dark, and you know what... i loved every friggin' minute of it!moreless

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