Sunset Beach

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Quotes (73)

  • Elaine Stevens (the legend of Sunset Beach): When the moon rises early just as the Santa Ana winds kick up out of nowhere and the sun is just dropping out of sight, whoever you meet at the far side of the pier is who you're destined to be with.

  • (Meg tells Tim how she first encountered Casey, who rescued her from drowning after she fell into the ocean.) Meg: We met by accident.

  • (Rae is trying to do some wiring in Surf Central when Casey attempts to stop her.) Casey: You've got to know what you're doing. Rae: And what qualifies you? Testosterone?

  • (Tiffany gives a boat model to Ben, whose wife was believed to have drowned.) Ben: You shouldn't have. No, I mean you really shouldn't have.

  • (On the run from the police, Annie holds a gun on Ben. He checks his watch, only to see that he's late for his meeting with Dorothy, his Internet friend (really Meg)) Annie Douglas: What? You got a hot date, Ben? Well, excuse me for keeping you out to save my life!

  • Bette (to Elaine): It's the first time Al didn't finish what he started, if you know what I mean.

  • Bette (saying goodbye to Al by his coffin): I'm gonna miss you, you big lump.

  • Olivia: I am such a cliché! The pathetic, neglected wife.

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Notes (102)

  • The opening episode features a variation of the style opening credits used between episodes 2 and 140. It is only used for this episode and does not feature the actors names under their pictures (as they would starting with episode 2). Priscilla Garita doesn't appear in this version of the opening credits.

  • The music used during this episode is the actual "Sunset Beach" theme song which will be used for the opening credits as of episode 140.

  • Priscilla Garita is already featured in the opening credits, although she won't appear on the show until next month.

  • Carol Potter (Joan Cummings) makes her first recurring appearance on the show. She will go on to make various recurring appearances during this year, and then join the show next year. Also, John Reilly makes his first recurring appearance as Del Douglas.

  • Introducing: Susan Ward as Meg Cummings Dax Griffin as Tim Truman Clive Robertson as Ben Evans Sarah Buxton as Annie Douglas Timothy Adams as Casey Mitchum Jason Winston George as Michael Bourne Leigh Taylor-Young as Elaine Stevens Adrienne Frantz as Tiffany Thorne Sam Behrens as Gregory Douglas Lesley-Anne Down as Olivia Douglas Laura Harring as Paula Stevens Hank Cheyne as Ricardo Torres Nick Stabile as Mark Wolper Kathleen Noone as Bette Davis Peter Barton as Eddie Connors

  • First appearance of Kelly Hu as Rae Chang.

  • Sherri Saum makes a first appearance as Vanessa Hart in this episode.

  • Randy Spelling makes a first appearance as Sean Richards in this episode.

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Trivia (15)

  • Clive Robertson landed the role of Ben Evans during a three-week vacation in Los Angeles. He had only a few weeks to return to his home in London, England, acquire a visa, and move to a new country.

  • The character of Caitlin was originally called Kayla.

  • The character of Meg was originally named Susan Cummings, but was changed when Susan Ward was casted in the role.

  • Originally the character of Olivia was called Sheila.

  • Kristin Davis of Sex and the City was originally offered the role of Meg, then called Susan, but she turned it down.

  • Dax Griffin plays caracter called Tim Truman. In true life, there is a person called Tim Truman who is actually the original maker of Sunset Beach's theme songs.

  • Some scenes for this episode were shot in Kansas.

  • Ben reveals for the first time that he has a brother, Ted, but doesn't say anything about his other brother.

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Allusions (2)

  • Customer: (to Joan) Didn't you use to live in Beverly Hills? The actress playing Joan, Carol Potter, used to play the regular role of Cindy Walsh on Beverly Hills 90210, another Aaron Spelling production.

  • Olivia: (about Amy) What is this tramp doing dressed like Whoopi Goldberg? Whoopi Goldberg played a singer disguised as a nun to escape from the police in the 1992 comedy Sister Act and the 1993 sequel Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit.