Super Password

NBC (ended 1989)
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  • S 3 : Ep 0

    Patty Duke, Nathan Cook Episode 370

    Aired 2/28/86

  • S 3 : Ep 0

    Patty Duke, Nathan Cook Episode 369

    Aired 2/27/86

  • S 3 : Ep 0

    Patty Duke, Nathan Cook Episode 368

    Aired 2/26/86

  • S 3 : Ep 0

    Patty Duke, Nathan Cook Episode 367

    Aired 2/25/86

  • S 2 : Ep 47

    Markie Post, Marty Cohen Episode 118

    Aired 3/8/85

  • Cast & Crew
  • Bert Convy


  • Gene Wood


  • Rich Jeffries


  • Edie McClurg


  • Jamie Farr


  • show Description
  • Super Password was the third revival of the classic word-communication game. As with its immediate predecessor, Password Plus, Super Password used the game's classic elements and paired them with a new "master puzzle" (always a person, place, thing, etc.). Two contestants, including a returning champion, competed, each one paired with a celebrity guest (who played the entire week). Host Bert Convy gave each cluegiver a "password" which as before, he/she could only use a one-word clue to communicate it to his/her partner. If the word was not guessed, the opposing team (who could eavesdrop) could use a different clue (or perhaps even the same clue) to guess the word. Up to four guesses, two per team were allowed; the word was placed in a master puzzle (each having 5 "passwords," played one at a time), and the first team to guess could then attempt to identify the solution. If the word was not guessed, it was still put up, but no guesses were allowed. The team that solves the puzzle won cash ($100 for the 1st puzzle, $200 for the 2nd and so on); no cash was given if nobody from either team could guess the final password or solve the puzzle after all five clues were revealed. The celebrities were the cluegivers for the odd-numbered rounds (e.g., first and third) and the contestants gave the clues for the even-numbered ones (second and fourth). The winner of the second puzzle played a new "Ca$hword" game for a $1,000 bonus (and $1,000 added every game it went unclaimed). In "Ca$hword," the celebrity partner could give up to three clues to a difficult word; if the contestant guessed it, he/she won the bonus (which was kept, regardless of the outcome). The contestants switched celebrity partners after the $200 puzzle. The first team to reach $500 won the game and played the Super Password round. This bonus round was played identically as its previously known name, "Alphabetics." The team had 60 seconds to guess ten passwords each beginning with a successive letter of the alphabet (A-J, B-K, etc.). Each word was worth $100 and getting all ten was worth $5,000 (plus $5,000 for each playing it went unclaimed). Frequently, the Super Password jackpot went unclaimed for several days and reached as high as $60,000 on more than one occassion. A contestant remained on the show for up to five days or his/her defeat; NBC did not have a winnings' limit, but the all-time champion retired with $76,000. Besides of a Tournament of Champions, the show also instituted a Tournament of Losers. This tournament was for those contestants who – even though they proved to be very good players – either were soundly beaten by terrific opponents or were partnered with celebrities who didn't have the slightest clue how to play the game. In other words, those who won $0! The most famous Super Password contestant appeared in 1988. Competing as Patrick Quinn, the contestant blitzed his way to $58,600 during his championship reign. However, alert viewers from Alaska tipped off police that he was really Kari Ketchum, a con artist! When Ketchum tried to collect his winnings at the Goodson office, police arrested him. Needless to say, the Goodson company didn't give him any of his winnings, not even those lovely parting gifts!moreless

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  • Quotes (2)

    • Bill Cullen (guessing a puzzle about a TV show): Alice and Thing? Marcia Wallace: I was up for the part of Thing!

    • (In the 3rd game of the match, after passwords "Annoying" and "Buzzer", contestant Kevin takes a guess) Kevin: Password sound effects? Bert Convy: Is it "Password sound effects"? (an extra long buzzer sounds)

    Notes (9)

    • Rich Jeffries starts off the series as the announcer for the first 9 weeks, before being replaced by regular announcer Gene Wood.

    • The "X" on the cover that conceals the answer to the puzzle is replaced by the Super Password logo.

    • Future dealer on the CBS and syndicated versions of Card Sharks, Suzanna Williams is a contestant.

    • This episode marks the debut of the Magic Toaster prop to display Ca$hwords that would be used for the rest of the series.

    • This episode aired on Thanksgiving.

    • Last day Rich Jeffries as the regular Announcer. Gene Wood takes over on the next show.

    • First episode with Gene Wood as regular announcer.

    • At the beginning of the show, Dick Gautier mentions an upcoming appearance on Alice. This would be the episode "Kiss the Grill Goodbye"

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    Trivia (17)

    • After the Super Password round, when they go for a commercial break, the 10 black squares from the Super Password round are on the screen with the Super Password logo.

    • Bert Convy mentioned that guest Tom Poston had been on the very first episode of Password with Kitty Carlisle and then host Allen Ludden.

    • Bill Cullen inadvertantly answers the puzzle when he wasn't supposed to, and they gave it to them. Since it caused the other contestant (Danna) to lose, she was allowed to return on the next show.

    • In the Super Password game, they had "turquoise" misspelled as "torquoise".

    • During the first game of the new match, contestant Nancy notices the password "Fickle" displayed on a monitor in the studio and brings it to Bert's attention. They throw out that game and start another one.

    • When they start the first game of the show (which was the 5th game of the match), they put up the wrong word instead of the correct word "Strange".

    • During the first game of the new match between Mimi and Leslie, While giving the clue to the password "Racy", Betty White actually says the word "Racy" when she meant to say "Risque".

    • The last day of the week Betty White went to Alphabetics with a contestant named Leslie, who won $40,000. This was the largest amount won in Alphabetics to date with Super Password.

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  • Fan Reviews (4)
  • The third episode of the season

    By spacebarshift, Apr 29, 2008

  • One of the greatest game shows of all time brought back in 80's style.

    By tb485, Sep 18, 2006

  • This is a good game show, that many people don't know of.

    By packymaster, Jul 02, 2006

  • A great old game show.

    By vicmackey31, Apr 18, 2006

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