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  • Ran Kotobuki is not just your average teenager living in the popular Shibuya shopping district; she considers herself the world's greatest GAL! Even though she's the daughter of a family of police officers, Ran prefers to just live the teenager life by her own rules, along with her friends Aya and Miyu. They go shopping, dance and sing, dress and accessorize, talk about and date GL guys, and every once in a while chase down petty criminals.A fun shojo comedy about the Tokyo kogal culture by Mihona Fujii, Super GALS! is produced by Studio Pierrot, the folks who've done Saiyuki and Great Teacher Onizuka, and later went on to produce the immensely popular Naruto and Bleach anime.Also known as: Super GALS! Kotobuki Ran Number of Episodes: 52 Originally broadcast in Japan: Spring 2001 – 2002. Availability: The series is officially licensed and is available as a Box Set. The first 26 episodes were dubbed into English, and released by ADV Films in 2003-2004. Episodes 27-52 were distributed by Right Stuf with English Subtitles in 2006. All of the episodes are now being distributed by Right Stuf. Manga: GALS! has 10 volumes released in Japan and most of these are now available in the US. Rating: This series has not aired on regular US television, but ADV rates this a 15+. It's got quite a bit of trash-talking language (like witch with a B, and the S word), bloodless violence (people get into fights, muggings, and crimes), and a few adult situations. It'd probably be considered TV-14 if it aired in the US.Music Opening Theme: H*I*M Music and Lyrics: Kana Arrangement: Akio Noyama Vocal: dicot Ending Theme: I want to hug you Lyrics: Ikuno Takagi Music & Arrangement: Isao Yoshida Vocal: Jungle SmileCast of Characters ♥ The Shibuya GALS Ran Kotobuki, age 16, a fiery, but popular gal with orange hair with a dark red highlight. She considers herself the greatest Gal in Shibuya, and is revered among the local community for going out of her way to help others. She enjoys living in the here and now, and has a philosophy which she terms the Ironclad Rules for Gals. She enjoys shopping, playing, and eating. But such a life leaves her dirt poor, so she sometimes, no, usually, charms her guy friends into treating her. When she's not energetic, she's sleeping in homeroom. Nickname: Ran-Pyon Miyu Yamazaki, age 16, is Ran's buddy with the blonde hair. She was a former gang leader, but after Ran's brother Yamato set her straight, she ascribes to the philosophy of the Gals, trying to do good whenever she can, and she has a big crush on Yamato! She is a pretty good baker of cookies, and talks about herself in the third person. Aya Hoshino, age 16, is the gal with the long black hair. A top academic student, she completes the trio of Gals when Ran and Miyu help her out with a social situation in the first episode. She is quite shy when it comes to expressing her romantic feelings, especially when Rei Otohata starts being friendly to her. She tends to follow along with the other Gals on things, but learns to figure out her own feelings and desires thanks to her friends. Nickname: Aya-ppe. ♥ Shibuya guys Rei Otohata, age 17, is the guy with the dark hair from Meisho High. He ranks #1 on the Super High School Grand Prix, and is ever so popular, but he has an aloof attitude most of the time, tending to not care when girls give him affection. He works part-time at a record store. He goes by Otohata most of the time. Yuya Asou, age 16, the blond guy from Meisho High, and ranked #2 on the Super High School Grand Prix. Although he's sought out by all the girls, Yuya forgoes that, and has a crush on Ran instead. But that love goes unrequited because of his shyness, and he is only relegated to being a Nice Guy (more than a friend, less than a boyfriend) in Ran's eyes, especially when Tatsuki arrives, he loses his chance to be Ran's boyfriend. Nickname: Second Place (Nii) (from Ran), Bro or Brother (from Tatsuki). Tatsuki Kuroi, age 16, is the dark-skinned guy with the spiky blond hair. He's originally from the Machida area on the outskirts of Tokyo. He is the self-proclaimed king of para para dancing. He's very friendly and easy-going, and soon becomes Ran's boyfriend after a casual confession. Nickname: Tatsukichi, Machida Black, Monkey Boy.♥ Kotobuki Family Yamato Kotobuki, age 25, is Ran's older brother, and a police officer at the Shibuya office near the train station. He tries to keep Ran in check if she's causing trouble nearby. Even though he gets annoyed by the Gals hanging around his police box (office) all the time, he does care for Miyu and enjoys her affections. Sayo Kotobuki, age 14, is Ran's younger sister who wears a hat almost all the time, so she looks like a Girl Scout. She aspires to become a policewoman, and thus becomes the good daughter of the family. But for now she is a Junior Detective and role-plays scenes from her favorite show Odaiba Cop with her boyfriend Masato. Nickname: Sayo-chan. Catchphrase: Datchu! (You bet!) Taizo Kotobuki, age 51, is Ran's father and the Chief of Police in the Shibuya district. He's disgruntled that Ran decided not to be a police officer, and tends to administer punishment by either giant swinging them or withholding her allowance. Kiyoka Kotobuki, age is a secret, is Ran's mother. She's also a police officer and she drives a patrol car. She plays all sorts of random Japanese instruments.♥ Gals from Bukuro Mami Honda, age 16, is the daughter of the extremely wealthy Honda family. She lives the life of a debutante at home and school, where she has been trained to excel at just about everything she does. But she hides that persona away when she rules the streets of Ikebukuro. When she visits Shibuya, it is clear she is intent on invading Ran's turf, and the two girls become rivals. Nickname: Mami-rin (from Ran) Harue Kudou - Mami's friend has a shady past must like Miyu. In fact, she used to hang out in Shibuya. Alternative spelling: Harue Kudoh♥ Shibuya locals Masato Iwai - age 14, is Sayo's boyfriend. He and Sayo call themselves the Junior Detectives, and travel around Shibuya doing detective work and acting out their favorite scenes from Odaiba Cop. They even have their own theme song. Catchphrase: Datchu (You bet!) Minigal Tan and Minigal White are the chibi gals who introduce the different Gal terminology in each episode. Nakanishi is Ran's teacher. He's always annoyed that Ran arrives late, sleeps in homeroom, and makes up far-fetched tales for not doing her homework. As a result, he punishes Ran with supplementary schooling (i.e. detention with teaching), but generally cares that Ran progresses academically. Nickname: Naka Teach. Satsuki Iida and Rie Aihara are schoolmates that Ran has known since elementary school. Satsuki has blonde hair in a short ponytail, and Rie has black hair. They are fairly trendy but mainly interact with Ran and the gals at school. Tan Face Trio (Red, Yellow, and Blue) are a group of girls who pride themselves in spending most of their time in sun salons (tanning booths). This is different from Tatsuki who is naturally dark-skinned. They don't like Ran that much, and try to find ways to poke fun of her paleness. In the series, they are only known by their primary hair colors.♥ Characters that appear in Season Two Naoki Kuroi, age 14, is the skateboarding, fun-loving younger brother of Tatsuki. He falls in love way too easily, and hopes to inherit the family's ramen business. He becomes a Junior Detective, and pals around with Sayo and Masato, although he hopes to find someone to love that isn't taken. Nickname: Naokichi, Monkey Boy (same as his brother) Towa Himejima, age 24, is a green-haired gal who has returned to Shibuya to manage the Palm Tree café, which becomes the local hangout for the Gals. Kasumi Tsukino, age 14, is a homely girl with glasses and pigtails. She was rescued by a super Gal when she was younger, and now aspires to be the number one gal in Shibuya. But in order to be number one, she has to take down Ran, and she plots all sorts of mean schemes. Her icon is the Rabbit. Kazuki Katase, age 16, is a boy at Aya's school who quickly charms and befriends Aya when she is having troubles figuring out her relationship with Rei. He aspires to study but gets annoyed when Aya doesn't act as studious as she used to be because she wants to be with her friends. Contributing to the guide Summary: The episode titles will be changed to include heart and arrow symbols only when the summaries and recaps are added or updated. Since the production codes are self-evident they will only be added with major changes. Trivia: GAL Lingo, Ironclad Rules for Gals, references to real places in Tokyo, character debuts, ring tones, and cultural observations (New Year's temple visit, Ran plays DDR, what is para para). Quotes: Please specify the English dub or sub in the comments section. Allusions: Product Parodies like the upside down McDonalds sign, references to other TV shows or movies. Notes: Alternative titles from Enoki Films, Video release dates (first episode of the disc or volume only) Cast: For character names, I've used the Western format for the English dub and tried Eastern format for the Japanese dub. For instance: Luci Christian (Ran Kotobuki) Megumi Toyoguchi (Kotobuki Ran) The guest stars are mainly in Western format. There are plenty of Japanese VA guest stars left to fill out, so if you can read Japanese credits, go for it.Any questions or clarifications, please contact the Editor.moreless

  • Episode Guide
  • S 2 : Ep 26

    Goodbye ♥ Ran-Ran → The Skies of Shibuya Remain Unchanging

    Aired 3/24/02

  • S 2 : Ep 25

    Friendship ♥ Smiles → ID Tags of the Heart

    Aired 3/17/02

  • S 2 : Ep 24

    Misgivings of the Heart ♥ Stirring → Cold Spring Breeze

    Aired 3/10/02

  • S 2 : Ep 23

    Heartbreak ♥ Painful → Miyu’s Place to Call Home

    Aired 3/3/02

  • S 2 : Ep 22

    Gal Battle ♥ Fierce → Mami-rin Finished?

    Aired 2/24/02

  • Cast & Crew
  • Luci Christian

    Ran Kotobuki

  • Megumi Toyoguchi

    Kotobuki Ran

  • Kim Prause

    Aya Hoshino

  • Oma Ichimura

    Hoshino Aya

  • Kira Vincent-Davis

    Miyu Yamazaki

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  • Quotes (20)

    • Miyu: Back when Miyu was totally out of hand. Yamato always listened patiently, and Yamato wrapped up Miyu in his sweet warm heart. That's why this is Yamato and Miyu's Memorial Police Box of Love. Ran: So have you kissed yet? (Miyu gasps.) Miyu: (shaking head) Not yet. He said he's going to wait until Miyu grows up a little more. Ran: Take it easy, wild and crazy. It's good to have a guy who's got his hormones in check. Miyu: Coming from a gal like you, that's serious advice. Ran: Guys don't get to first base with me unless I'm totally sure of their love. That's my rule. Miyu: Don't worry. (opens wallet) Miyu is absolutely sure this guy's love is real. (Miyu kisses her open wallet, and it's revealed there's a photo of Yamato inside.) Ran: Gross.

    • Yamato: It's so pitiful, it makes me want to cry. Dad's a chief of detectives. Mom's a policewoman. You were born into a family of police officers, but (cries) Ran: I'll have you know, heeding our parents, and being a cop is NOOOOTTTTTTTTTT on my agenda!

    • Aya: Ran’s sister, Sayo, is an interesting girl. Miyu: Isn’t she though? And she’s pretty cute, too. Ran: You want her, then adopt her. She’s had all her shots.

    • Junior Detectives Theme Song - ADV English Dub (musical theme playing in background) Shadows creep towards the city as the sun sets. Shadows! Shadows! Shadows! Pickpocketing! Stealing! Thieving! In Shibuya we’re protecting the peace. We are ju-ju-Junior Detectives. You bet!

    • Junior Detectives song (English sub from RightStuf) Shadows creeping towards the sky darkened in twilight! Shadows! Shadows! Shadows! Pickpocketing! Stealing! Thieving! Protect the peace of Shibuya! We are ju-ju-Junior Detectives. Datchu!

    • (Yuya slides down the waterslide head first.) Yuya: Did you see my bravery? (The gang look mildly embarrassed as Yuya’s swim trunks float in front of him.) Yuya: I can never get married now. (Yuya is knocked back by a large red ball.)

    • Ran: Those waves are perfect! Tatsuki: I love you, Ran! Ran: I don’t blame you!

    • Aya: I guess there were sorts of complicated brotherly emotions among them. Miyu: The beautiful love between brothers. It’s so moving! Ran: So cheesy.

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    Notes (61)

    • Aliases Throughout the series, David Harrison is credited as Richie Pesto for his voice acting.

    • Title Appearance Each title is depicted by some graffiti on the wall with a street number (episode number) and three entries. It looks something like this: 1st street The World's Greatest Gal ♥ Go! Go! → Ran Kotobuki. The second entry (Go! Go!) is usually a repeated phrase and the arrow sometimes points downwards if the third phrase is long. The street number will not be shown since it does not show on the previews. Titles are posted with the following priority: 1. ADV / RightStuf English Sub (post as official title) 2. ADV English Dub (post as Note) 3. Enoki Films Title (append Note) 4. Japanese romanization / translation (append Note) Enoki Films Title: SuperGAL! - Get Going! - Ran!

    • Also known as: Phone Tag Gets Chilling ♥ Shibuya is Thrilling! → The Great Dragnet Enoki Films title: Downtown Shibuya - Nerve Shaking! - A Drag Net!

    • Also known as: A Girl's Feelings ♥ Hearts Reeling → Red Streak or Not, Miyu's Taken! Enoki Films Title: Gal's Heart - Beating! - Red Mesh Hair!

    • Also known as: Have Got? ♥ Have Not? → Luck With Guys? Enoki Films title: Good Good! - Bad Bad! - Luck with Boys!

    • Also known as: Fresh Start ♥ Broken Heart? → Is It Over With Aya?! Enoki Films title: Aya's Heart - Falling Apart! - Breaking Off with Ran!

    • The song Ran was singing at the karaoke bar was the show's theme song "Aitsu"

    • Also known as: Gals Rule The Pool ♥ Too Cool → Junior Detectives Enoki Films title: Let's go to Pool! - Heart Bubbling! - Mini-Detectives!

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    Trivia (93)

    • Ironclad Rules for Gals Can't run from a fight. I've gotta have eight hours of sleep or my skin breaks out. If you want it, go and get it. Got your crosshairs on it? Get it! Never waste any money.

    • In both the Japanese and English dubs, Miyu talks in the third person perspective, like "Miyu likes this."

    • Throughout the series, including the opener and the scene breakaways, the Gals and friends perform Para Para Dancing, which consists of primarily arm and hand movements and very little leg movement. This is a popular club dance form in Japan that boomed in the late 1990’s to the early 2000’s, and can be done as a group like line dancing. It’s also popular at concerts where you can only move your arms and hands anyway. The music that goes along with this is mainly techno.

    • Shibuya station is the third most business commuter rail station in Tokyo. And there really is a famous Hachiko (dog) statue outside on the west side.

    • Character debut - This episode debuts most of the main characters for the show: Ran Kotobuki - age 16, #1 Gal, Red Streak Yamato Kotobuki - age 25, Police Officer, Single Miyu Yamazaki - age 16, Loves Yamato, Ran's super-good friend Mr. Nakanishi - Instructor of 25 years, Nickname: Naka-Teach Rei Otohata - age 17, Super High School Student Grand Prix, 1st place Yuya Asou - age 16, Super High School Student Grand Prix, 2nd place Aya Hoshino - age 16, New Friend Also introduced are: Satsuki, Rie, Tan Face Red, Tan Face Yellow, and Tan Face Blue.

    • GAL lingo carried - carried away (usage: Don't get carried) GL - Good Looking (usage: Check out the GL guy on p.32) Incom - incomparably Uber-Pissed - super pissed Mat Gal - mature gal Second Place - Yuya Asou's nickname because he's ranked second in the list of GL guys in the magazine after Rei Otohata.

    • Gal lingo Rei-Pay - Rei is paying Kara-mara - karaoke marathon Ironclad Rules for Gals Never seek or use dirty money.

    • We learn in this episode that Ran comes from a long line of cops. Her father mentions that her grandmother, grandfather, great-grandmother, great-grandfather and her great aunts and uncles were all cops!

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    Allusions (12)

    • One of the slogans mentioned in the episode is Love and Peace which is also Vash's catchphrase in the anime series Trigun.

    • The fortune machine concept was popularized by the movie Big starring Tom Hanks. The wish comes true. The machine is some rickety machine that no one cares about or is going to scrap anyway. The machine operates, yet it is shown later that it's been mysteriously unplugged. The machine must be used to wish things back to normal.

    • Product Replacement Ran listens to a COMY Walkmon which is a parody of the Sony Walkman music player.

    • Ramen Battle The abbreviated cook-off format is typical of the Iron Chef show.

    • Bruce Lee 1. The robber wears a yellow and black striped jogging suit like in the movie Game of Death. 2. He pulls out nunchucks and flings them around. 3. He makes the Bruce Lee high-pitched sounds during an attack.

    • Wing The burger place has the W golden arches that are shaped like the upside down McDonald's.

    • Tennis, anyone? Ran's schoolmate and tennis club captain, Hiromi Ryuzaki, is named after characters from the tennis anime, Ace O Nerae, which aired in 1973-1974 and also aired in the 1980's as an OVA. The main character is Hiromi Oka, and the tennis girl captain is Reika Ryuzaki.

    • Honda art collection The Honda art collection includes: Mona Lisa with an Afro. Venus de Milo with a scarf like sheets to cover her top and bottom. A large blue diamond much like the Hope Diamond.

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