As Time Goes By

Season 8, Ep 12, Aired 1/30/13
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  • Episode Description
  • Sam and Dean's grandfather travels forward through time to the present to get help from John Winchester in stopping a demon, Abaddon.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jared Padalecki

    Sam Winchester

  • Jensen Ackles

    Dean Winchester

  • Gil McKinney

    Henry Winchester

  • Alaina Huffman


  • Serge Ladouceur

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  • Got Bored

    By lparsley13, May 05, 2014

  • A little late catching it but what a great episode

    By rkoenn, Oct 15, 2013

  • Good episode, but very frustrating.

    By mrcassiooo, Jun 02, 2013

  • This episode divides the supernatural fan base into 2 groups

    By KingofRogues, Feb 01, 2013

  • Season 8- As Time Goes By

    By graylito, Feb 06, 2013

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  • Quotes (5)

    • Henry: I'm from Normal, IL. 1958.
      Dean: Right. Seriously? Dude's time traveling through motel-room closets. That's what we've come to?

    • Henry: You're men of letters, correct?
      Dean: I'm a little rusty on my boy bands. Men of what?

    • Henry: My father and his father before him were both men of letters. As John and you two should have been. We're preceptors, beholders, chroniclers of all that which man does not understand. We share our findings with a few trusted hunters--the very elite. They do the rest.
      Dean: So you're like Yodas to our Jedis. (Henry stares blankly) Never mind. You'll get there.

    • Henry: Hand me your... walkie-talkie.
      Sam: You mean my phone?
      Henry: Even better. Operator, I need Delta 457.
      Dean: Who are you not calling?

    • Henry: I'm sorry I judged you two so harshly for being Hunters. I should have known better.
      Sam: About?
      Henry: You're also Winchesters. As long as we're alive, there's always hope.

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    • International Airdates:
      Canada: February 3, 2013 on SPACE
      Australia: February 11, 2013 on Eleven
      Norway: March 29, 2013 on FEM
      UK: August 7, 2013 on Sky Living
      Finland: November 27, 2014 on Sub

    Allusions (6)

    • Dean: You're not going anywhere, 007...
      Referencing the fictional spy James Bond, created by author Ian Fleming in 1953. Bond has gone on to be the feature character in numerous movies featuring several different actors, the the first movie being Dr. No in 1962.

    • Dean: So you're like Yodas to our Jedis.
      Referencing the wise Jedi Knight of the Star Wars universe. Originally voiced by Frank Oz, Yoda was first seen in The Empire Strikes Back and went on to appear in the subsequent sequels and prequels. Although he has a tendency toward complacency, he is considered the wisest of the Jedi.

    • Punk Clerk: Carrie screening's on Sunday.
      Referencing the novel Carrie by Stephen King, which tells the tale of a high school girl with telekinetic powers, who goes berserk during her high school prom and kills most of the students. Later made into a movie by Brian De Palma in 1976 starring Sissy Spacek. In 2002, a remake was made starring Angela Bettis.

    • Henry: It's from Casablanca.
      Referencing the 1942 Michael Curtiz film Casablanca, starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. At the end of the movie, Bergman's character, Ilsa, asks "What about us?" and Bogart's character, Rick, replies "We'll always have Paris."

    • Henry: Your father saw Abbot and Costello Meet the Mummy at the drive-in one night.
      Referencing the 1955 film, the last of 28 that the comedy team made for Universal. The partners are in in Egypt involved in the search for an ancient medallion that they accidentally pick up.

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    • CharmedOneP391 Jan 31, 2013

      C'mon now. This episode hasn't retconned anything about the mythos of the series...if anything it's added more depth and hopefully this storyline will lead the brothers to a better understanding of the Supernatural world they live in and learn to use spells to their advantage.

    • CharmedOneP391 Jan 31, 2013

      the episode was pretty good...great execution. interested in this "Legacies" thing. I wonder if there is still a hidden society of them somewhere, or if the brothers are going to re-establish a Legacy society. I'd like to see the brothers open up a sort of Hunters Bar akin to the Roadhouse. Now that Bobby's gone...they need a place to call "home"

    • cherylrosecra Jan 31, 2013

      This episodes is a ripoff of Torchwood Abbadon was the demon from the last episode of season one. BBC should sue

    • satanslilsunb Jan 31, 2013

      Abaddon is from the Hebrew Bible as a place and then as a fallen star that opens the pit in the New Testament. In the 3rd century, Abaddon was named as a demon.

    • Gislef Jan 31, 2013

      The term "Abaddon" dates back to the 18th century, and has appeared in dozens of books, TV shows, and movies as a demon or a part of hell. Ibis the Invincible summoned him in the comics back in the 40s. I don't think the BBC can claim copyright on it.

    • KingofRogues Jan 25, 2013

      Lame,Lame,Lame ideas. But who knows, the episode can still be good despite how lame it is.

    • MelanieBaldwin Feb 01, 2013

      Dude, aren't you tired already of smashing eps before they even aired only to be proven wrong afterwards?!? If you're done with the show, then go on already, and leave the fans alone that are actually still enjoying this show...

    • See More Comments (2)