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    Was this episode really as bad as we all remembered?

    By arkanitoo, Aug 21, 2014

    I don't like bugs. No, let me rephrase that: I HATE bugs. Not normal, everyday bugs like butterflies, spiders, and lady-beetles (although those are pretty foul too sometimes). No, I'm talking about the disgusting bugs such as wasps, termites, and even honeybees. Anything that buzzes and bites or stings is on the HELP-I'M-GROSSING-OUT! list for is not the best position to be in whenever your father is a bee-keeper. But I digress.

    What I am trying to say is that this episode grossed me out by combining my two trigger spots for body horror - eyes/mouth and creepy crawlies. UGH! I don't mind bugs whenever they're just crawling on someone's leg or get them anywhere near the eyes or mouth and suddenly I'm feeling the urge to go hide in an insect-proofed laboratory for the next twenty years or so.

    But despite the fact that it triggered several minor nervous breakdowns, this episode was also a lot of fun. Yes there are some definite problems with the writing (particularly towards the ending of the third act) and the pacing can be screwy at times, but overall it was an enjoyably campy little experience. Except for the bugs, which were gross.

    First thing you should know right off the bat when you start watching this show is that, in the early days, Supernatural stories about Native American traditions tend to be a As in, all the elements of a story would be there, but something would just go wrong in the execution. With this one, I firmly hold to the idea that giving it a longer running time (making it into a two-parter or whatever) to tie up loose ends and fill in plot-holes would have been a good idea. It is bland because there is too much information and suspension of belief flung at your mind in too short of a time span. I actually really enjoyed this one (despite my issues with bugs close to the facial area) and I see a lot of potential in it that was squandered because the writers and director tried to squeeze too large and complicated of a story into too little time.moreless

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    Lazy Writing

    By revjeremyduncan, Sep 01, 2013

    As soon as the guy in the new real estate construction at the beginning falls in the the hole, and is killed by bugs, I think to myself, "If this is a f*cking Indian burial ground plot, I'm done" Well, guess what. Maybe the writers just got done watching Poltergeist. At the end of the episode, the Brothers show up at the Realtor's house, and declare that it is midnight, the bug swarm is coming. The bugs come, everyone hides in the house, the bugs break in, and - PRESTO - five minutes later it is daylight. Absolutely no attempt at pretending hours had passed. It's just morning, and the bugs fly away. The end.

    I'm rating this a 3 out of 10 purely for the unintentional comedic element.moreless

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    Ewwwww, Bugs!!!

    By lanamissy, Jul 09, 2013

    Alright, I admit the bugs turned me off a bit in this episode. But I guess it would be expected that they would make a bug episode eventually. The fact the Occhi tribe put a curse on their land did make it interesting though. This is the episode where nature fights back!

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    worst episode in tv history

    By TerrenceJones1, May 06, 2013

    How the hell do you run in a house at twelve midnight run up to the attic at about 1205 fight some bugs for five minutes and then the sun comes up... wtf man that was a lazy ending... but the rest of the episode are awesome just don't pull this again... atleast lie to me...

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    By williambrickman, May 21, 2012

    After a construction worker for a new housing development dies in a sinkhole, his brain dissolving within minutes, the brothers head to Oasis Plains, Oklahoma, to investigate. There they learn of mysterious, bug-related deaths in the town. After doing research, they discover that a Native American tribe used to live in the area, but its members were murdered by cavalrymen, with the tribe's chief placing a curse on the land as he died. Sam and Dean determine that the curse will reach its climax that night, and race to warn the family living there as swarms of insects attack. They are able to fight off the bugs and survive through the night, and the insects leave at sunrise. The site is shut down temporarily as the boys discovered an unmarked Native American grave and the developer, who's family they saved from the bugs, decides to make sure it remains shut down.

    written by: Rachel Nave & Bill Coakley:

    Directed by: kim Manners

    my thoughts: worst ep so far nothing really good about this ep...meh and its still not moving the story along.

    Ep. rankings

    1.)'hook man"


    3.)"Bloody mary"


    5.)"Dead in the water"

    6.)"phantom traveler"



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    get out of the da*n house!

    By slak, Apr 14, 2012

    This show is awesome, so happy to finally 'discover it'! Its the only show I can watch with my husband and both actually enjoy. By the time the boys were hiding in the house though I was thinking eddy murphy would be laughing his ass off delirious style - he'd be saying 'whats with these people? Theres blood in the toilet? 'thats peculiar - just LEAVE! The bugs want the house?? Give em the damn house! Get in that car and drive the hell for england! lol That said, its so entertaining its just all round brilliant :))moreless

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    Crazy indian curse makes bugs go all psycho and kill people on some forbidden burial land. A typical, unoriginal plot and weird execution made this episode pretty lame. At least we got to see some Sam-Dad relationship development...well sort of.

    By Edward_Nigma, Nov 29, 2011

    Was this episode supposed to be funny? Because I thought it was pretty funny when Sam and Dean tried to fight off those bugs. They were pretty useless in their efforts to do so. They sort of just stood around then ran away and sprayed some bug junk which hit like .1% of the bugs. The bugs weren't realy scary, they were just sort of gross. And the cursed burial grounds plot - definitely used by a million other TV shows already. I did like Sam's relationship with that kid and how it related to his relationship with his Dad. The plot was executed alright, I think the idea itself was the lame part.


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  • 8.5

    this was a good ep

    By cube2k8, Oct 18, 2011

    in this ep of supernatural sam and dean hear about a mystrious death about a realitor and they go and investigate and they find out that a son of a family that is moving in there like bugs alot and says the bugs are acting weird and really unormal. so sam and do investigate and find out that the homes are built on a indian burel ground that is causing the bugs to act like that and they the bugs come and surroudn the house and they want to leave and they have to wait it out in the house till morning and the family is happy that dean sam helped them out in this one. it was a good epmoreless

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    Bugs, bugs, bugs everywhere. Bugs, Bugs, everywhere, bugs. More bugs. Here a bug and there a bug. Beetles, roaches, and more. Scary? Heck no. I kept waiting to see the characters from "A Bug's Life" to appear. Sam and Dean should become exterminaters.Wow

    By beauregardlover, Oct 18, 2011

    Sam and Dean arrive in Oasis Plains, OK after a construction worker falls down a sinkhole and has his brain dissolved. Great gross out factor. They arrive at the open house barbecue thrown by the realtors of the new housing development to snoop around and asked detailed questions about the area. The realtor's son, Matt, who is fascinated with bugs, becomes the prime suspect when it come to light that another insect-related murder happens. An investigation into the town's history reveals that the housing development was built upon ancient Native American land. The local tribe's ancestor's cursed it after they'd been forced off it by rapping and pillaging cavalrymen. The curse proclaims that no white man shall survive the sixth night of the spring equinox, which you know, is that night. Sam and Dean battle bug, bug after boring bug.The only saving grace for this episode is when Dean is in the hot shower. He loves hot showers as much as I do.moreless

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