Supernatural "Devil May Care" Review: Long Live the Queen

By MaryAnn Sleasman

Oct 16, 2013

Supernatural S09E02: "Devil May Care"

She's baaaaaaack! Her royal ass-kicking ginger awesomeness is back in the commandeered flesh.

And she's PISSED.

Apparently, in Abaddon's absence, hell got kind of wussified with Crowley in charge. The culture shifted from a traditional slaughter-all-the-innocents focus to a more modern office-full-of-slimy-salesmen approach and our gal is having none of it. With the Men of Letters as she knew them largely out of commission, Lucy back in lockdown, Crowley MIA, and the angels locked out of the mothership, Abby is revamping (or, in her mind, restoring) hell's image, starting with the meatsuits. Grandma was great for offering little league trophies in exchange for the souls of adolescents—and if Supernatural is still following its own canon, we have no reason to believe that the Grandma costume was any less powerful than the beefy Naval officer one—but the first step in any rebranding is to figure out what the new image is going to be. Vintage Hell is all over Abaddon's runway this season.

Sometimes change is good, though, and unfortunately for Abby, her old-school ambition to Kill All the Winchesters, Round 82 (ding!) went... about as well as her predecessor's attempts. This isn't exactly Sam and Dean's first kegger. I mean, girl followed the script perfectly. She had the "old friends" of the brothers who we literally just met ten seconds ago, and managed to kidnap them due to their being lesser hunters. A dash of guilt-tripping and emotional badgering got them driving halfway across the country to fling themselves genetically-gifted-faces-first at the OBVS trap like a buncha big damn heroes. Thank goodness for super secret angel BFFs who live in the back of your neanderthal skull and pop out like glow-in-the-dark defense mechanisms when the going gets tough. 


I know I'm not going to win the Dean-and-Ezekiel-were-wrong-because-CONSENT-ISSUES argument, but I'm also going to try not to let my grossed-out feelings ruin Ezekiel for me because he's kind of weird and interesting. Years of watching Supernatural have conditioned me to assume the worst: He's not going to give Sam's body back, he's not who he says he is, he's got some nefarious motive for helping the Winchesters, whatever. All of this seems possible—logical, even—if we're drawing on nine seasons' worth of tradition. 

But then there's the fact that Castiel vouched for him last week. He also hasn't really come off as untrustworthy, so much as he has odd, and not quite as worldly or experienced as Cas—he may even be a little naive. He seemed genuinely confused and concerned about why Dean was upset that he just took over the captain's chair when Sam was knocked out, "I was protecting your brother. I thought that's what you wanted." He almost seemed like a scolded child who'd only wanted to help, but inadvertently made a bigger mess in the process. 

Like, say, how casually Zeke busted out the ol' memory wipe. I'm sure that won't start tripping alarms anytime soon. At this point, despite how early it is in the Season 9, it seems like it'd almost be a relief to Dean if Sam just figured everything out. The guilt that was horrifyingly missing from last week's questionable-consent-lovefest arrived late, but at least it showed up. Dean knows he did wrong. Even Sam's admission that he feels good and happy at the moment only served to make him feel worse. DRINK DRINK DRINK, DEAN. It's okay, boo. Feeling feelings is overrated. CHUG.

So. Ezekiel is hard to get a read on, which is fun. Abaddon is in total HBIC mode, which is also fun. Momma Tran might not actually be dead but we're probably not going to rescue her because she's not currently essential to the story—similar to why Adam is still in hell after four seasons—but Kevin is acting more like people and less like a plot device, so that's fun too! "Devil May Care" was a strong follow-up to "I Think I'm Gonna Like it Here" in that it didn't screw around and risk losing steam. In general, it was an enjoyable hour of TV that managed to set the stage for the rest of the season without revealing too much of the behind-the-scenes stuff that can bog down early episodes with endless exposition. Here's hoping Supernatural manages to keep up the momentum (and also that that BAMFy lady-hunter who was super unimpressed with Sammich doesn't get stabbed in the face the next time we see her). 

And now, ice cream and strippers for all! See you next week for more Season Fiiiiiine! 


– Is it just me or were Sam-zekiel's wings kinds of janky and bare looking? Because Ezekiel is supposed to be all weak and beat-up and stuff? Dude's even losing feathers! Look!

– OMG Sam with wings. UM. UH. I'll be in my bunk. 

– Abaddon threatening to possess Dean: Please be foreshadowing, please be foreshadowing, please be foreshadowing. Jensen Ackles doesn't have the chance to get his evil on nearly as often as he should. 

– Nervous LOL @ Abby threatening to torture people while wearing Dean as a prom dress because she doesn't think he knows what ripping a person's guts out feels like. Someone needs to get her hands on Season 4. 

– So was Zeke flashing the Sam Winchester puppy-dog-eyes of doom because he knew they'd make Dean angst, or does Ezekiel have his own set of puppy expressions that just happen to resemble Sam's? OMG DO THEY HAVE A PROFOUND BOND TOOOOOO?

– Kevin Solo! I'm so happy he took his Midol and now, apparently, gets to do more than stare at tablets and whine. JUSTIFIED WHINING, SURE, but still...

– Except now that Kevin's officially been declared "family," his days are most certainly numbered. I give him 'til winter hiatus. How about you?

– It was nice to see the hunter community in action again, even if half of them were dead by the end of the episode. 

– "I'm Sam Winchester." "Good for you." Awwww snap. 

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  • jenniferlmelv Oct 22, 2013

    OMG when are people going to stop harping on about Adam being stuck in hell? He was a no body character who was on screen for about 30 seconds and got dropped into a big hole in the ground. BOO FREAKIN HOO, get over it all ready. He was never on screen long enough to care about or really consider as a family member. If they are going to bring back anyone it should be Papa Winchester or even Mary if possible. Hell I would even deal with an episode of rehashing Jess-angst again because at least she was central to the whole set up. Adam schmadam who cares where he is or whether he is roasting marshmellows with Lucy or being roasted by Lucy?

    Am not buying the whole guilty secret thing either..................its one long bore fest and its only two episodes old. Get it out in the open, let Sam make his own mind up and lets see Sam & Zeke working in tandem, that would actually be quite cool.

    As for the King of Hell and Kevin what a wash out that was. Crowley sits in a dark cupboard and suddenly he is wiling to tell all to the Winchesters just for the opportunity to mind f#@&* Kevin. Why tell us now that Mama K is still alive when we probably wont see anything done about it till the end of the season?? What we are probably going to get is weeks and weeks of Kevin whining and moaning and sulking like a bitch which is just tedious and vomit inducing followed by Dean giving him the family speech. What is this an episode of day time tv soap land or Supernatural??

    And Abby.............she has so much potential to an awesome season 'bad' but at the moment all we are getting is comic relief. Lets see the Knight of Hell actually kicking butt and coming close to winning. Lets see the Winchester crew on their back feet wondering just what they have to do to kill her and lets see them have to actually do something other than fall back on Kevin and the tablet to give them the answers at the last possible second. Abby could be awesome wicked like the demons were back in season 1 & 2 so lets get it on.

  • annenealon Oct 28, 2013

    I can't decide whether you're a troll or just a Cyberman.

  • MichelleHood24 Oct 22, 2013

    After this episode I'm still not sure whether to fully trust Ezekiel I just don't know about his intentions. Apart from this I loved this episode but I love all of supernatural episodes. The agents stark and banner thing was so funny typical supernatural. I love abaddon's character she is awesome and I love how they played the moment with dean it was great.

  • KateSullivan Oct 21, 2013

    I think you called it on the child reference to Ezekiel. Like his issue is going to be he won't give up Sam until Sam is totally perfect (and his interpretation of that and what a thirty year old guy who has been to hell and back and has suffered through addictions to demon blood and whatever was done to him as a baby are probably different) and he can exist on his own too. I sense that will be until they can find time in..I'm going to destroy the spelling of his name so I won't try, but I think he is still alive and being an almost bad guy on Continuum, but Ezekiel's previous body's schedule to reappear.

    I have better faith that Kevin will be around most of the season, honestly because most of the bad guys aren't actually after the Winchesters this season. Both sides actually want them alive to hand over Castiel and/or Crowley. And both bad guys think Crowley is dead (that's all Abbe wanted, right?) and they are hiding Cas. What will be fun is when Cas makes it to the lair. Can we please please have an episode where it is just Cas, Kevin and Crowley stuck alone. Like the boys have to go roust some vampires or something we don't care about.

  • AnaPeradenic Oct 21, 2013

    Agents Stark and Banner!!!
    oh, how I love this show!

  • Simantiros Oct 20, 2013

    In my opinion ezekiel isnt going to be a ''good guy'', and as the season goes he will have more and more power of controling sam's body and mind, and i think that he will use it for his own benefit. Also another theory is that ezekiel may has some conection with lucifer, and i think at then end of season 9 lucifer will walk the earth in sam's body, do you remember ''then end''? Season 5 episode 4, cass has no powers, bobby is dead, angels are fallen and the year is 2014, and the best scene is when sam's says to dean we will always end up here, whatever choices you make, or how you will change the facts the destination will be the same.

  • Myosotis Oct 20, 2013

    To my mind, Ezekiel is almost CERTAINLY *not* Ezekiel. When he stopped that other angel from beating up Dean in the premiere, the other angel asked his name and "Ezekiel" was all... "oh names aren't important, we're brother etc.". (not fishy at all...!) He only gave the name Ezekiel when he was alone with Dean - making me think that the other angel's wouldn't have bought it (presumably bc they know Ezekiel is already dead or something?).

    Also suspecting that he picked Ezekiel precisely because Cas would vouch for him (since obviously Dean would run it by Cas). Cas, having been out of the heaven loop for a couple of years, probably wouldn't know if anything HAD happened to Ezekiel, whereas other angels would.

    So yeah, imo that is SO not Ezekiel, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was Lucifer. (but I *would* be THRILLED.)

  • MichelleHood24 Oct 22, 2013

    It might not be Ezekiel or it might be that Ezekiel is know to the angels in a negative way he might have done something against there crazy rules. Who knows but I do like your theory.

  • Drop-dead-gorgeous Oct 20, 2013

    What wings do you expect from a fallen angel? I think it was quite appropriate to let them look ruffled and a little bit burned up - still it gave me chills to see Ezekiel awaken in Sam and sweep away the demons single-handedly! I just hope he is a good one, I like him, and Sam and Dean have enough on their plate right now as to worry about an angel gone rogue in Sam's body.

    I missed Cas, though, and cannot wait for the next episode... I love him to bits, and even if I am mourning the trenchcoat, his new look suits him just as well!

  • jenniferlmelv Oct 22, 2013

    I still want to know how the fallen angels managed to keep their graces when Anna lost hers as a result of falling??

  • Drop-dead-gorgeous Oct 22, 2013

    Oh, Anna, she was one of my favourite characters so far... Long time ago, though. I seem to recall that she didn't lose her grace because of falling; on the contrary: She fell because she removed her grace on purpose. She was unhappy in heaven and said once to Dean that she detested to be obedient to God and missed to be able to feel emotions. Therefore she removed her grace to become human.

  • coolhandkate Oct 20, 2013

    Just caught up on both episodes. I didn't overly love either one, but they're still building up some points here and hey, who doesn't love a good journey into the crazy brainspace that is Sam? I'm still desperately disappointed they weren't able to close the gates of Hell; I badly wanted them to have a win and it seems like that storyline could have major consequences of its own if Heaven's shutdown is any indication.

    I thought it was interesting they brought up two things in this episode: Sam and Dean's anti-possession tattoos and Sam unlocking Lucifer's box. Not that we would have forgotten either, but it seems like the show reminding us of those two points might matter in the not-so-distant future.

    I'm with you on the ickyness of the Sam possession--it's going to be so mad/sad. But I never considered he and Ezekiel could be wing buddies like Dean and Cas.

    Question: Why aren't they trying to continue curing Crowley? Sam may have stopped the trials but the cure was clearly working and shouldn't do anything to reset the trials. Still, A+ for morally conflicted Mark Sheppard.

  • ChicN Oct 18, 2013

    I was just thinking about Kevin, who I don't even particularly like, but I appreciate not having to listen to Sam and Dean talk in circles, so yeah, please stay.

    What the hell have the Winchesters told him was the cause of the Closing the Gates of Hell Forever plan failing?

    Kevin had all his future life plans ripped away by suddenly inheriting the prophet mantle, his GF was killed, he had his finger temporarily cut off, he had to live on the run with his mom, his mom has at best been killed and at worse is walking around as some demons meat suit to terrorize him in the future. He lived in isolation and was mentally screwed with by Crowley.

    And, Dean's excuse is what? I couldn't give up my only biological family member, even though that family member was willing to complete the task, then I went to extraordinary measures to find a way to save said family member when they appeared to be dying anyway even though they NEVER COMPLETED THE TASK. But you and me Kev, we're totally bros! Your mom being alive and somewhere suffering, NBD, have some prune juice for your plumbing.

    I think this upsets me more than the Non-consent Consent ploy Dean engaged in. It brings up all kinds of questions. Why is Dean still hunting with Sam if he can't bear to lose Sam? Why is Dean hunting when he is capable of letting anyone he's there to help die, if it meant saving Sam? The Co-dependency is a sickness.

    If Kevin loses it and decides to set Sam and Dean ablaze why they sleep or release Crowley on the condition he whisks those two straight to hell, no evil monologuing allowed, I might cheer him on.

  • libra113 Oct 19, 2013

    Dean has always been that way with Sam and keeping him around even if he doesn't want it that way is kind of Dean's way. He has a real blind spot when it comes to Sam and everyone knows it.

    Thing is it is such a sickness, especially at this point, that it's actually getting a bit scary.

    When it all comes to a head (and it will) Dean will have it from all sides (espiecally Sam and Kevin) and that will not be pretty.

  • ogechiwosu Oct 19, 2013


    However, most of what happened to Kevin is Crowley's fault, not the Winchesters. Also, Kevin knows the pain of losing the only person in his life; I am sure he would understand why Dean did what he did. Heck, he was on the phone with Dean when the latter demanded Cas to take him to Sam to stop the trials.

  • ChicN Oct 19, 2013

    We could just blame God for designating Kevin a prophet.

    Crowley is responsible for mucho shit. He's a demon, I'd expect nothing less. The shown carelessness of the Winchesters with him or the absymal thought process of the writers have shown at times when it comes to human behavior, which ever your prefer, lead to or compounded the crapfest happening to the kid.

    Kevin is going to have to be revealed to be one extremely empathic and forgiving soul for me to believe he'd give a pass on this colossal selfish fuck-up. So far, Kevin has been shown to be goal orientated and high strung.

    When Sam initailly usurped the task of The Trails from Dean, Dean should have pulled a mull then, and handed The Trails over to other hunters. Whenever we're reminded that other hunters exist outside of Sam and Dean and that the brothers TALK TO THEM, you could knock me over. So, why can't some other hunters take up The Trails now? Just because the Winchesters said, "Screw it. I want to liiiiive, until I don't", doesn't mean someone else can't complete it.

    I must be getting old. I'm getting less distracted by the pretty on this Show these days, lol.

  • libra113 Oct 20, 2013

    I guess Kevin's reactions will depend on if he buys what Crowley is trying sell not only the possibility that his mother is alive and needs his help (which I would guess is about fifty-fifty right now) and that stuff about how Sam and Dean use people up and throw them away without a thought to the fall out. If he buys the later it might justify (in his mind) he's taking Crowley and heading off without Sam or Dean to try and save her and that would be a horrible, horrible mistake.

  • libra113 Oct 21, 2013

    Well, ChicN I wouldn't be surprised if he grabs up Crowley and tries to find his mother on his own and ends up getting double crossed by Crowley. Now if he actual dies or not depends on if Crowley needs him for something that given week or not. He might need him to try and reverse what Sam did to him because he Crowley does seem to trying to suppress the effects of that so that might keep Kevin alive for awhile. I really like Kevin and would like to see him live longer but I guess that really depends on if they feel they have anything more to say about profits or not but I would love for them clarify the stuff with Chuck since some people are still refusing to accept he was God hiding as a profit and we need something more definitive to put that to bed once and for all. :)

  • ChicN Oct 21, 2013

    I think Kevin's due for a terrible end no matter what. But with this show, who isn't? Part of its charm.

    As long as they don't mess with Garth's happy zen hunter personality, I'll be OK.

  • GirishKrishna1 Oct 18, 2013

    I love Abbadon. So glad to see her back in the hot meatsuit. I didn't quite get why they had to have soldier bodies since everyone of them are as strong in whatever bodies they find themselves in. Abby is probably building her own brand. Good episode.

  • libra113 Oct 19, 2013

    It's not for the strength, it was for the acess to weapons and to vital areas I would guess. I mean it would have been hard to have them hunting down Dean and the others with their military grade weapons otherwise. :)

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