The Supernatural Spin-off Has a New Name and New Lady Werewolf

By Kaitlin Thomas

Mar 10, 2014

Over the weekend, The CW announced that it's changing the name of its Supernatural spin-off from the much-mocked Supernatural: Tribes to the still-bad-but-slightly-better Supernatural: Bloodlines. I will be taking full credit for this, obviously. While it's not perfect, Bloodlines is still a better fit for the series, which follows five mafia-like monster families who run the Windy City, and as an added bonus, doesn't sound like a long-lost season of Real World/Road Rules Challenge

Bloodlines has also finished casting its series regular roles. According to TV LineMelissa Roxburgh (Arrow) has landed the part of Violet Durant, a werewolf from one of the five families being tracked and hunted by Ennis Roth (Lucien Laviscount), a human cop-turned-hunter who discovered the truth about monsters after the death of a close family member. Violet has been hiding her true nature from her lover, David Hayden, a shapeshifter played by former Vampire Diaries star Nathaniel Buzolic. David has also been hiding his true nature and living as a human. Rounding out the rest of the cast are Pretty Little LiarsSean Faris as Julian Durant, Violet's brother; Stephen Martines as Detective Freddie Costa, Roth's mentor; and Danielle Savre as shapeshifter Margo Hayden. 

Supernatural has been criticized over the years for its mistreatment of female characters, in that there has never been a regular female character on the series, and those who've recurred, including Meg (Nicki Aycox, Rachel Miner), Jo (Alona Tal), Bela (Lauren Cohan), and Ruby (Genevieve Padalecki, Katie Cassidy), were often treated poorly before eventually being written off. Felicia Day's Charlie is the most recent recurring female character to be whisked away to a far-off land—literally, because she's in Oz with Dorothy right now—and she's generally liked by fans. I'll be watching closely on Tuesday, April 29 when Bloodlines airs as a backdoor pilot during Supernatural's ninth season. Don't f*ck this up, guys. You only get one chance.



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  • ZombieGirl1313ImSuchASwee Apr 30, 2014

    I liked the concept of Metafiction, even though I hate Metatron. That was an amazing episode. Maybe they should do one with the Angels point of view, or Demons. But the whole five families thing kind of sucked. Because the boys won't just let them go, they kill people.

  • jamesbarrett90038882 May 01, 2014

    EXACTLY! It would be much better with someone Sam & Dean didn't want to, or could not kill.

  • Neejan Apr 23, 2014

    Supernatural: Casa Erotica would be fitting,

  • Bicketybam Mar 14, 2014

    I still have trouble understanding how this will be in the same universe as Sam and Dean. These werewolves will have to be the Mother Teresa of wolves because if Dean gets a say so he will gank every single one of them just for looking the wrong way.

  • libra113 Mar 17, 2014

    Naw, they just have to be like that pack Garth is part of that Sam and Dean both let go.

  • LOST-TWD-PP-GOT Mar 14, 2014

    When is Bloodlines getting it's own page on TV.Com?

  • MarkOlive Mar 14, 2014

    When I first heard about Supernatural I remember thinking "that guy from Dark Angel is in this? OK, could be good". This series on the other hand proudly boasts actors from the likes of Vampire Diaries and Arrow. Oh dear.

    Not to mention the fact that they now appear to have stolen their catchline from Vampire: The Masquerade.

  • libra113 Mar 17, 2014

    Nothing wrong with "Arrow".

  • bookworm Mar 13, 2014

    The premise for Tribes/Bloodlines is really very uncreative and flat.

    It sounds exactly like many other genre shows already airing, TO ,TVD Bitten, and has no connection to original SPN at all, other than the fact that Sam and Dean will make a quick appearance in the'pilot' episode.

    It would have been far more honest to leave Supernatural out of the title and leave the show to stand and fall on its own merits, but of course TPTB are expecting that to pull in long-term fans.

    Other than a natural curiosity to see what Carv and his writers serve us up, this 'spin-off leaves me absolutely cold.

    The writing team would be better dedicating their efforts to giving us good SPN bro-bond eps, as Sam and Dean are the reason Supernatural is still one of the CW's top shows.

    Who knows how this umpteenth pilot will go; I fear it will follow the demise of 'Cult' or 'Emily Owens 'more than the success of Supernatural!

  • zikzak Mar 13, 2014

    oh and this show's going to suck. it's a pity that they have to work with the post-vampire-craze aspects of pop culture to do another metaphorical romp (i mean that vampires and werewolves are metaphors for types of people in and of themselves) where it's beautiful people with monstrous "dark" sides who have problems and rah rah rah.... if they went and created another duo/trio/team of hunters who went around having vintage s1-s2 type "monster of the week" adventures (you know, recreating the early years of SPN before it got story-arc-intensive) that could be ok, but instead focusing on beautiful people (who literally have monstrous "dark" sides) with problems we're just gonna get another iteration of the vampire diaries, which hey isn't that what the CW really wants anyways?

  • zikzak Mar 13, 2014

    dude you can't bemoan supernatural for having to kill off any attractive/interesting female characters rather quickly in an overtly grisly manner; it's a function of their diehard "hambeast" fandom (who oft populate tumblr) not liking them to the point of revolt and therefore the show's quick to appease said fanbase by making sure nobody on screen hangs around the brothers long enough to start some kind of relationship with them (that might get in the way of any "mary sue" type fantasies these fans like to envision themselves having with sam/dean)

    in fact it's become a time honored tradition for people watching supernatural to see an interesting/attractive female character show up early on in an episode and immediately begin to predicting how long it's going to take for her to end up dead. the last case i can think of was that demonic chick working @ the NSA listening post; everyone was like "oh yeah she has no chance" and sure enough by the end of the episode abaddon (a character who obviously is bad and evil and ultimately going to get hers, as opposed to the face-turn that crowley has basically had since he first started showing up in season t) took care of the chick. i reckon there's a drinking game that could be made out of this; until then we'll just have to continue cracking jokes in various live threads when the show airs.

    so yeah, i suppose you can blame both the success of the show and the impact of bela all the way back in season 3 for this situation. TL;DR = as long as supernatural's putting on along there will be no recurring female character with traditionally modelesque looks (charlie doesn't count, as felicia day is, naturally, supposed to embody the "quirky" mary sue type character; not to mention that no offense to felicia aesthetically speaking she isn't striking the fear of god into the hearts of tumblr massive, so wil wheaton can stand down and not have to worry about whooping my ass for talking wise about his heroine felicia =) who can survive long enough to seriously piss off the fandom by potentially being some sort of a companion to dean and/or sam. even poor lisa and ben had to get written off quicky, as in the end there is no doubt that dean and sam are always going to be available for any and all fantasies cooked up by the most hardcore of SPN fans/

  • libra113 Mar 17, 2014

    I don't disagree but Lisa and Ben were terrible characters. There was nothing believable or compelling about either of them and they were basically one shot characters who got expanded and each time they showed up the situation got worse and more ridiculous.

    As for Charley, all else aside, the fangirls are comfortable because she's a lesbian and thus not a threat to their fantasies. :)

  • jjkrock Mar 14, 2014

    I'm sure there's a place for women in SPN -- the writers/casting folks just have to get the formula right. She can't be a bitch (Bela), evil monster (Ruby), milk toast (Lisa and Amelia), childish brat (Jo Harvelle), or bobble-headed flake (Tracy Bell).
    Ideally, she should be a hunter with enough grit, courage, and smarts to deserve a place next to one of the boys. She'd essentially need to be a female version of them. I personally think the show is molding Jody Mills into becoming a hunter, but she's too old to be a romantic interest for either of the boys. A character more like Tara or Ellen would work, but she'd also have to be younger.
    Eventually, it would be nice to see something like that develop. The fans don't automatically hate women on the show -- we're just very protective of our boys!

  • libra113 Mar 17, 2014

    But one the major aurgements I heard about Bella when she was on the show was fangirls didn't like it when she showed them up. So, if you have a hunter they can't be better than Sam and Dean in anyway and will have to defur to them in all things.

    Given the sucess of Charley a lebian couple would probably be okay as there would be no chance of them hooking up with the guys at all.

  • jjkrock Mar 17, 2014

    You may be right about Bela. I knew she was unpopular, but never heard a single concrete reason why. I disliked her because she was a manipulative, evil bitch who was constantly working against the boys. I think fans would actually like a smart woman (Charlie is very smart, and so is Jody Mills -- not a lesbian, by the way), as long as she doesn't pose a threat to the boys and uses her skills to help them. I'd actually like to see a character like that...

  • libra113 Mar 18, 2014

    I rememeber all the bashing well. Especially, in "Bad Day At Black Rock". There's one scene where she picked Dean's pocket without anyone knowing and fans called BS. The later, in the same episode, it's obvious she's stealing his scratch off tickets and fans complained it was TOO obviuous. There was litterly no winning with them. I also remember the verynlaughable post one person made questioning how at about the same age as Dean she could be at their talent level. Hello. They're at that level to and about her age. It was just blind hate. Pretty sure Jody gets a pass because she's too old for either of them.

  • alcalde Mar 14, 2014

    &The; fans don't automatically hate women on the show -- we're just very
    &protective; of our boys!

    It's... disturbing. TV characters - and people - come in all sorts of personalities. Price Peterson nailed it the other day in one of his The Originals recaps....

    Literally do not tell me who to root for on a TV series. I don't care if you are a superfan just doing your thing or a showrunner whose JOB it is to make me feel certain ways; when it comes to the character I will become most invested in, that is MY decision and my decision only. Personally I always like the funny, strong-willed female character and that's just how it's always been.... But everybody is different! Maybe you tend to root for the sarcastic, witty males or, I don't know, muscular transgender shark people. But I think we ALL have a specific type we're most likely to become invested in, and from the writers' standpoint there's really no way to tell which member of an ensemble will click with individual viewers except maybe ALL OF THEM in some way to somebody. That's why the best TV shows provide a spectrum of heroes. Because options! But seriously, don't tell me who to root for, that is just too personal.

  • ManojMajhi Mar 12, 2014

    I still think this spin off is a truly awful idea. No doubt! So it has a better name. So what! Melissa Roxburgh first female actor. Ok. So a little known actress (at least to me) hopefully gets she big break. It is about the only positive thing I can see here. In case you are struggling to think where the Arrow link comes in she appears in 2 episodes in season 2 as one of Thea's friend. Like most actors today she is young 22 and attractive. Let's hope shes got acting skills. I admit I had to look that up. I saw her face and initially just could not place her. Being honest even now I still can't. Following Supernatural is going to be a scary hard gig!

  • alcalde Mar 14, 2014

    Thank you! Even having watched every Arrow episode and looking her up and the name of the character she played on IMDb I still couldn't figure out who she was on the show.

  • SupernaturalFan4LongTimez Mar 12, 2014

    To the CW -
    Please, please, please do not fuck this up and tarnish the legacy of 9 watchable seasons that we have been granted so far. Thank you for everything you have done for Supernatural, but we have enough dramatic soap-worthy thoughtless mind numbing IQ decimating trash on the air as it is if that's where you are taking yet another (OMG you mean neither one knows that the other one is, wow, i mean, they won't know until next week, or next week, or ooh I just can't stop watching. . . .) step in that direction please harm yourselves to the point where you don't get to make decisions that affect my entertainment pretty please.

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