Goodbye Stranger

Season 8, Ep 17, Aired 3/20/13
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  • Episode Description
  • Castiel returns and asks Sam and Dean to help him against demons seeking Lucifer's Crypt. When they set out to take on the demons, they rescue Meg, who is being interrogated for information. While Dean and Castiel go to find the Crypt, Sam and Meg fight a rearguard action to hold Crowley off.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jennifer Clement

    Wendy Rice

  • David Franco (I)

    Mr. Morgan

  • Alex Rose

    Crowley's Demon

  • Theresa Wong

    Naomi's Assistant

  • Jared Padalecki

    Sam Winchester

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  • Amazing episode

    By chrisalpha, Sep 06, 2013

  • Not the reunion I was expecting

    By carly-hope, Mar 21, 2013

  • From Heaven With Love

    By Neksmater, Mar 23, 2013

  • and Crowley is how old now?

    By trans8010, Mar 22, 2013

  • You got me at 'Kill you' *Spoilers*

    By Arska, Mar 22, 2013

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  • Quotes (13)

    • Sam: What is wrong with you?
      Dean: What's wrong with me? You kidding me? This is a first edition, dude. Do you know what this would go for on eBay?
      Sam: Nope. Why, do you?
      Dean: No. Maybe. Shut up.

    • Dean: Well, he puts the "ass" in "Cass," huh?

    • Sam: Wait a second. You've been telling Crowley the location of Lucifer's Crypts.
      Meg: What can I say? I needed a break from the constant torture.

    • Sam: Wait--so... a bunch of innocent people died so you could buy yourself some time?
      Meg: Hi, I'm Meg. I'm a demon.

    • Sam: Wait a second. Did you just say, "angel tablet?"
      Meg: You know, I get why Crowley calls you "Moose" now.

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    Notes (3)

    • Music: Goodbye Stranger (Supertramp)

    • Misha Collins is credited as Special Guest Star.

    • International Airdates:
      Australia: April 1, 2013 on Eleven
      Norway: May 3, 2013 on FEM
      UK: August 28, 2013 on E4
      Finland: January 1, 2015 on Sub

    Trivia (1)

    • Sam asks Dean if Castiel touching the angel tablet broke Heaven's control over him. However, as Dean saw earlier, Castiel spared Dean's life and then picked up the tablet. Neither Sam nor Dean would have any reason to think touching the tablet had anything to do with Castiel's freedom.

    Allusions (11)

    • Dean: Wait, are we talking a--a Maximum Overdrive situation here?
      Referencing the 1986 movie written and directed by Stephen King and based loosely on his short story, "Trucks." In it, machines come to life and go berserk, attacking humans, after Earth passes through the tail of a comet. The movie was almost universally panned and, as of the time this episode aired, it was King's only work as a movie director.

    • Sam: And, by the way, since when does a demon possess someone then go all Beautiful Mind and--and start digging in the dirt?
      Referencing the movie A Beautiful Mind (2001), about real-life mathematician and cryptographer John Forbes Nash Jr., based on the novel of the same name. Forbes struggled with paranoid schizophrenia.

    • Sam: I'm Special Agent Lynne. This is my partner, Special Agent Tandy.
      Referencing two members of the band Electric Light Orchestra: Jeff Lynne and Richard Tandy.

    • Meg: Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
      Referencing the first line that Leia says to Luke, from Star Wars IV: A New Hope (1977). She first sees him disguised in stormtrooper armor.

    • Meg: Every Crypt's been one Al Capone's vault after another.
      Referencing Geraldo Rivera's 1986 syndicated TV special where he took a camera crew to a recently-discovered vault in the Lexington Hotel, where mobster Al Capone supposedly kept all matter of illicit goods. Although the two-hour special received high ratings, nothing was found but dirt and a few empty liquor bottles.

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    In reply to :
    • Linc-o Jul 06, 2013

      Meg: "Do I look like Google to you?" LOL

    • Linc-o Jul 06, 2013

      BTW, I see people rate a low score on this episode just because it wasn't what they expected? Instead of enjoying the good parts of it? Seriously?

    • CharmedOneP391 Mar 21, 2013

      Is Meg gone for good?

    • Linc-o Jul 06, 2013

      They always find a way to get the dead recurring characters back.