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  • 9.0

    God is dead???!!!??? Not lol

    By paulmason5496, Aug 01, 2013

    Loved this premiere. Plus the casting of death is the best he is dignified graceful and has dry sense of humour as death should

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    Insane Sam

    By Azzuritis, Dec 20, 2012

    I was wondering how they would portray Sam's experience in hell. I must say they did a great job in making his expieriance into insanity. I loved how well this entire episode was done. Lucifer getting into Sam's head and messing things up was genius. I enjoyed the entire episode thoroughly.

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  • 9.0


    By DominicPappas, May 24, 2012

    I like it alot

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    Amazing episode

    By adssthemanOWNS, May 11, 2012

    This was a awesome way to start the season off

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  • 8.0

    The Power of Castiel

    By dreamgoat, Feb 07, 2012

    Castiel on a power trip, very scary. Quite frankly I was very scared of him and this episode we loses a lot of trust between Dean and Sam. Especially Dean which considers him family. Castiel believes himself god goes to gain control of heaven with the all the souls he absorbs which turns out he will not be able to stabilize that amount of power especially we learn later the special creature he absorb as well which is why he lost control. Great episode don't miss out.moreless

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  • 5.0


    By miastar2020, Dec 10, 2011

    Ok i've been waiting all this time for the comeback then suddenly bang :S:S, i couldn't finish the episode straight like always every 10 mins or less i paused and say d'oh, but i'm gonna wait to see the rest of episodes to see what's wrongexactlymaybe the problem was just this episode

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  • 7.5

    Season 7 premiere.

    By JaCkKbAuEr2424, Dec 03, 2011

    It seems that everybody had a different idea of what Season 6 was. To some, it was a highly uneven effort that had moments worth praising but had no focus whatsoever. The problem was that the season started off focusing on Sam having no soul and quickly jumped over to Death putting up a wall and then onto Sam, the brothers' grandfathers looking for Purgatory and Castiel teaming up with Crowley to get souls. If you split those things into three different seasons, you have a pretty good show. Cram them into one and you have a fustercluck of massive proportions.

    I'm not sure I'm convinced that the show is going to attempt to straighten things out here because the show was moving a mile a minute at times tonight, but there's still 21 episodes left of the season and a really good chance for it all to slow down and focus on some good ol' fashioned Monster of the Weeks.

    The premiere picks up precisely where we left off: Castiel as God and the Winchesters and Bobby freaked out. Castiel ends up letting them live but takes off to begin smiting those who anger him. I think we need to give Misha Collins some respect: he did a great job here and has done an even greater job of adding multiple dimensions to the character of Castiel, which is difficult for what is supposed to be a character with only one personality.

    Sam, Dean and Bobby spend most of the episode hanging around, listening to news reports about religious leaders being murdered by a man in a raincoat and Castiel goes even more off the reservation. He visits Crowley and lets him know that he'll be controlling the influx of souls into Hell. Finally, the group comes up with a good idea: harness Death and force him to kill Castiel.

    I'm not one to spoil everything in reviews, as I think there needs to be some element of surprise, but let's just say that we get our new villain for the season and it's... a bit lackluster. I'm not sure who this guy is, but Misha Collins plays him perfectly.

    Also, we get some development with Sam, and a pretty cool cameo by Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer, as he claims that maybe Sam is going crazy and that he hasn't been let out of Hell yet. It's a haunting idea but obviously not true. It would just render everything that's happened the past season or two moot. Either way, it's a weird development for Sam.

    I think the season has a chance to rebound and have some great Monster of the Weeks. At one point, I would've complained about it, but there needs to be a balance. Seriously, imagine if the X-Files focused only on aliens all the time. We'd be burned out from the mythology. I feel that way about Supernatural. Since Season 5, we haven't had a decent string of Monster of the Weeks. Let's make that change.moreless

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  • 7.5

    Solid opener to the seventh season.

    By kepa55, Nov 03, 2011

    So Supernatural is back. The cliffhanger from last season is (unsurprisingly) quickly resolved. The new god Castiel does a bunch of god-like stuff, realises that it's wrong and regrets. The new big bad, Leviathan, is revealed. Dean fixes the car, Sam gets hellish visions and Death makes another appearance.I really hoped Supernatural would go back to the roots this year, instead of all this larger-than-life stuff, but it appears there's no turning back any more. I just wonder how this new big bad can feel original after the last two seasons; hopefully they'll come up with something satisfactory.I did like this episode, but it wasn't anything special.moreless

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  • 8.0

    The boys are back in town!

    By sifichick, Nov 03, 2011

    The first ep of season 7 started off where the finale of season 6 left off. This is a good thing even though the finale of season 6 thoroughly dropped the ball.

    However, with a new season, we have new potential. (I've waited until the second ep was done before commenting on anything).

    This ep was pretty fair. There were some really good moments, like when Cas told our beloved boys (yes that means you too Bobby) to bow to him, then kinda huffed saying, "Forget it, it doesn't mean anything if you do it out of fear"... that is a PHENOMENAL commentary on fear based religious belief as a whole and I thoroughly applaud the writer (was it you Sera?) for that! Beautiful subtext, absolutely beautiful!

    Then of course there was the "Trenchcoat on a tortilla" comment Bobby made (The dialogue for this ep was what brought it up to an 8! Everyone was in character and those characters were written "spot on") followed of course by Cas's changing the stained glass window from Jesus to himself... utterly priceless! I actually laughed out loud at that! Brilliant!

    So... in spite of the fact that when Death mentioned "Leviathans" (Love that he appreciated fried pickles... I haven't had any yet, been in Austin for 2 years and still ain't had a fried pickle... sigh... ) it was a glaring neon advertisement for what was coming (foreshadowing? no, this was "Signpost Up Ahead") it was kinda blatantly obvious what their new "big bad" would be.

    Now... redemption.


    Finally we get the beginning of some repercussions to his wall being torn down. (Yes it wasn't hard to figure out after the lame ending for season 6 that, THAT was going to be a big issue at least in the beginning of season 7)... I'm not sure if I want them to fix this or to let it go on... frankly, personally... if it's done right, they can play this out as a struggle throughout the whole season unless the whiners start in with the "enough of the sammy storyline" garbage. I mean this is the kind of thing us ficcers have been wanking since the first season so truly folks, suck it up and enjoy it instead of bit***ng about how you're sick of sammy storylines okay? please!

    So, we got some delicious shattered Sammy-bits for our friday night cereal with the hopes of so much more to come!

    Now... having season ep 2 of this season... I've said all I will say about ep 1 except, it was a good solid intro to the season. How the rest of it all plays out, I'm reserving my faith after last season, but, I'm still watching our boys Live and saving Fringe for over the weekend so hopefully that says something.

    Kast and Krew, Welcome back, and thanks for your hard work!

    Jensen, Jared, Love and gratitude to you both. Jim, you too.


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  • 8.0

    I had the pleasure of being on set when this was made

    By wwwvad, Oct 08, 2011

    I had the pleasure of being on set when this was made and I was blown away at how well written this episode is and how fantastic the boys were at acting. Jim, Jensen, Jared, and Misha were all good, but I feel like Misha and Jensen deserve a Grammy for their performances. I'm not an emotional guy but this episode and Jensen and Misha's acting was so mind blowingly good that I teared up. Yes, I admit it!Of course, Jared wasn't at all bad either. He has a lot to deal with in this first action packed episode. He has to play many different scenarios and he does a convincing job on all of them. And, I can't forget Jim. He also nailed all his lines and had me cracking up when things became too emotional.I'm certain fans will love this episode, except for maybe the small minority that don't care for Castiel.

    You can watch it online at www.supernaturaltv.netmoreless

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