Southern Comfort

Season 8, Ep 6, Aired 11/7/12
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  • While investigating murders involving an avenging ghost, Sam and Dean discover that Garth has taken on Bobby's role as hunter coordinator.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Adam Glass

  • Tim Andrew

  • Jared Padalecki

    Sam Winchester

  • Jensen Ackles

    Dean Winchester

  • DJ Qualls


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  • Quotes (4)

    • Sam: Hold up. Are you the new Bobby?
      Dean: You shut your mouth.
      Garth: Yeah.
      Dean: You shut your mouth. What?!?

    • Dean: I was in Purgatory.
      Garth: Like the Purgatory Purgatory?
      Dean: No, the one in Miami.
      Garth: Man, that's balls
      Dean: That's not how you say "balls."

    • Dean: What, you--you were a dentist?
      Garth: Yeah, just for, like, for a hot minute. Where'd you think I got my first case?
      Dean: Let me guess--Tooth Fairy.
      Garth: Yeah. Man, I felt terrible when I ganked that SOB.
      Sam: Uh, you killed the Toothy Fairy?
      Garth: Yeah, man. I mean, not my proudest moment, but it happened.

    • Dean: So first the mom goes Natural Born Killer, and now the son? Well, what do we got--a ghost with an Oedipus complex? (Sam stares) I don't know what that means.

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    • Music: Fell on Black Days (Soundgarden)

    • International Airdates:
      Canada: November 11, 2012 on SPACE
      Australia: November 19, 2012 on Eleven
      Norway: December 20, 2012 on FEM
      UK: July 17, 2012 on Sky Living
      Finland: October 16, 2014 on Sub

    Allusions (4)

    • Dean: Hey, Chuck Norris.
      Along with Garth posing as a Texas Ranger, referencing Walker, Texas Ranger, a popular CBS TV series that ran nine seasons on CBS. Chuck Norris plays Cordell Walker, a high-kicking martial arts expert and modern-day Texas Ranger.

    • Garth: Even if there was any sulfur, Barney Fife and his crew probably contaminated the whole crime scene and any evidence that was here with it.
      Referencing the bumbling but good-hearted deputy played by Don Knotts on The Andy Griffith Show from 1960-1968.

    • Dean: So first the mom goes Natural Born Killer, and now the son?
      Referencing the 1994 movie Natural Born Killers. Mickey and Mallory Knox are a loving couple who go on a killing spree and gain a cult following when their exploits are broadcast by a ratings-hungry journalist.

    • Dean: Yeah, but not before Casper had a chance to make a run for it.
      Referencing the child-ghost created by Joe Oriolo and Seymour Reit in the early 40s. He appeared in early animated films and then was sold to Harvey Comics where he has enjoyed a long career. He has had several TV shows and live-action movies.

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    • HeidiHameed Nov 08, 2012

      If I could give "Southern Comfort" an 11, I would. First of all, D.J.Qualls is a magnificent addition to Supernatural- he's funny, cute and helpful in a dorkier-than-Sam way. The explanation at the end as to why he didn't get possessed was perfect- couldn't have done it better. Sam and Dean got their little words out but they are at an impasse on how to procede- they'll figure it out but we'll see what happens next. I HOPE that Benny ends up having to save Sammy's life and he understands that Dean is BETTER for having him in his life but maybe that's just wishful thinking.

    • GarryMclachla Nov 07, 2012


    • nilla_chelle01 Nov 06, 2012

      Will Benny drive a wedge between the Winchester brothers?

    • HeidiHameed Nov 08, 2012

      Initially, yes- it already has but I have a feeling, if they do it right, that Sammy will come to see why Dean would ever attach emotion to something he'd normally gank. We shall see.

    • Shadowfaxrider Nov 04, 2012

      I think that this episode is going to be awesome!!Especially if you watch all h=the promos you can find out that there is a great stroryline in this episode.I can't wait......