Survivor: Meet the Brawn (an NBA All-Star!), Brains (the Miami Marlins President!), and Beauty (an NFL Cheerleader!) of Season 28

By Jen Trolio

Jan 22, 2014

It's almost time for another round of televised island adventures as experienced by babes and hunks in swimwear: Survivor returns for Season 28 on February 26. The castaways will be separated into three different tribes—"brawn," "brains," and "beauty"—and CBS has just announced their identities, though I'm not sure you'll be able to tell who's a brain, who's a brawn, and who' a beauty just by looking at them, since everybody in the group obviously looks just fine in a bathin' suit. 

Anyway, let's meet the new meat, shall we? This is the first season in recent memory that hasn't featured any returning players, so all we've got to go on are looks, jobs, and silly quotes. Click through the gallery below to find out which former NBA players, former NFL cheerleaders, Miss Teen USA winners, etc. will be competing for a million dollars and/or Jeff Probst's love and affection, and let the judging begin!

Who's your early favorite, based on name and looks alone?

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  • MightyMad Jan 25, 2014

    LMAO @ the 21 ex-cheerleader claiming to have leadership skills.
    You're a baby! You have no life experience whatsoever! For your sake, shut up, look pretty, and let the grown-ups kill each other off - that's your best bet at winning!

    And, don't know about the rest of you, but... I'm completely rooting against David Samson - I'm actually hoping something terrible will happened to him while being on the island.

    I'm from Montreal - asked any baseball fans still around here what they think about that PoS and his father... 'nuff said.

  • geoffmaze Jan 22, 2014

    Yeah. An all new cast. Long overdue. Let us hope it isn't a similar cast to what they had the last all new cast, One World, the Worst Survivor ever!

  • romothink Jan 22, 2014

    They need to do a clear age breakdown of teams. 20s vs 30s vs 40+. I'd love toowatch the "geezers" run the table. Too many 21yo players lately. Traditionally, best & most interesting players have been 35+ (maybe even 40+). Another idea is NFL vs MLB vs NBA, or Olympians vs PhDs. No more returnees...maybe once every 2-3 years.

  • numberonecubsfa Jan 22, 2014

    Gee, making the preview picture for the article be the busty young cheerleader sure wasn't a ploy to get views for this article...

  • geoffmaze Jan 22, 2014

    Got you here

  • shocker713 Jan 22, 2014

    If the president of the Marlins is so smart, why doesn't he realize that no one in Miami gives a hoot about baseball? The only thing they've ever steadily cared about is Hurricanes football. They only like the Dolphins when they're doing well (which hasn't been in a while), and they didn't care about the Heat until the "Big Three" came along.

  • geoffmaze Jan 22, 2014

    Hurricanes football? The stadium is more than half empty! As for the Marlins, those clowns are in it solely for the money, they conned the city into building the stadium, they've got other revenue sources so they could care less who comes or not.

  • bluefish Jan 22, 2014

    The beauty team isn't really beautiful, they are less attractive than normal survivor casts are. Not saying a person can't be smart and beautiful or strong and beautiful but some people in the brawn and brains are more attractive than the beautiful team. Bad casting for beautiful team.

  • MiraTellia Jan 22, 2014

    I agree. The last few seasons have had way more attractive people on it that are on the 'beautiful' team, and based on these pictures I think the most attractive guy is the martial arts instructor on the Brawns team, and I'd have guessed the scrawny black guy belonged on the brains team, because he sure isn't a beauty.

    I am glad to have an all new cast though - it's good to get some new blood in.