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    Suggestion for a new Survivor

    By lewistaylor144734, May 28, 2014

    I think the people that were voted off first should be brought back. They might have been some great players if they had gotten the chance. It's hard to get to really know someone in three days.

    What kind of message is being sent to our young viewers when lying, breaking promises and back stabbing is being rewarded by being declared the qualities you need to win? Anybody should have been the winner other than Tony.

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    sweet idea for a new survivor

    By mitchellgraham75, May 24, 2014

    i love watching survivor and am a huge fan. my suggestion for a sweet new season of survivor is... make a season called celebrity survivor and have the money go to charity. i think it would b huge.... lets make this happen jeff probst...

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    Tony deserved to win

    By Litehouse9, May 22, 2014

    As much as I dislike Tony to the max, he was the one who outplayed, outlasted, out manipulated everyone else... yes, he had no "honor", but that is the way the game goes....

    I am NOT happy about another "blood and water".. did not like that very much.

    But PLEASE DO NOT BRING BACK EXILE ISLAND... I Hated exile island, so stupid.

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    Was a big fan... that's over!!

    By silentlystrong, May 22, 2014

    Where has this show gone... I agree with ember301 below. This show used to be about real smarts, clever maneuvering, building of alliances, strategy and tactics and has gone the way of totally premeditated deceit, lying, swearing on your fathers grave, wife and children and ignoring all of that and for the producers to now be promoting some life saving story for Tony the totally twisted cop with no values or moral base has all become too much. They come on your show knowing now one thing and one thing only, they must be dishonest from the start no matter what and the more they are the more likely they might win. And what another piece of fabricated / staged show business to try and make him seem better and your show through that "life saving" story and stunt as well. And you present in the reunion portion a bunch of children to further bolster your vain attempt at trying to make your show still seem like it is ethical or virtuous???? You are creating and developing some terrible role modelling for young children and audiences. Promoting the Survivor concept of openly cheating, lying, deceit, swearing on family members lives and graves with total disdain and with no regard for the effects you will be having on so many that are not even realizing what you are really pulling off, you should know better. Tony should have been eliminated episodes before last night and you should introduce some guidelines / rules for the sake of your especially younger susceptible audiences. Your show may be still getting some numbers and bringing you the almighty - no matter what $$$$$, but your obvious lack of regard for any values and terrible promoting / encouraging of such despicable behaviour should be reviewed by some higher authourity in television or media and your program should be either banned, regulated or brought back to what is once was a refreshing reality show of human survival and not some "social experiment" or "its a game" as you call it, which is just another attempt at somehow justifying your crooked and warped current production. Please think about what lessons you are bringing to the many young audiences and the effect that will have in the future. And stop bringing back people who have already been on before who clearly have an unfair advantage over others and often behave even worse than the first time. Tony should not be allowed to be a cop much less win for the way he did it. And to orchestrate a Lieutenant to be at the reunion and speak to his character and so obviously staged what are you all thinking??? He is totally undeserving of any praise or recognition and should only be seeking out professional help for what are obviously some deeply rooted mental and emotional problems to have behaved the way he did! Tony is a bully, plain and simple, something we are all actively trying identify and eliminate more in everyday society and you promote it? Your show has lost it and Jeff, you are a great guy but this is on you as well. You are an EP and seem to have some good common sense, smarts and values but to let this go on and keep promoting it as you do under the guise of being something good or amazing. Please get a reality check on yourselves. You are promoting and encouraging the lowest, meanest and basest levels of human behaviour. Its over for me and many of my friends.moreless

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    Finally the right winner is elected after 3 seasons.

    By DERBEST, May 22, 2014

    Tony was lucky to win I'll say from the start. But for Spencer and Woo he could have lost it all.

    He was lucky.

    But compared to the other people he deserved to win hands down.

    He worked more than everyone.

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    survivor 2014

    By ember301, May 22, 2014

    So disappointed. My family and I were "into" Survivor, but ultimately now realize it is not about those who truly should win. It is about deceit, manipulation, disrespect, disloyalty, corruptness, etc. We wanted it to be a game of smarts, loyalty, respect, fairness, and smart strategy (not "no-good strategy). Tony is of no character whatsoever. Watching him, we abhored him. Actually, he made us dislike "cops" if that is how they play the game, which is probably how they do it. Manipulation; fabrication; lying. It is disheartening to view this with family as a healthy medium. In this last contest, we rooted for Spencer or Tasha. They were smart and showed character and integrity. Plus Tasha won so many immunities. Rather it is a game about how people can use and manipulate others. That is not what survivor should be about? What is this world coming to when this is what is viewed as "winners"? Tony a winner? Really? We found him to be the most vile a characters. He used people; deceived people; vowed on his father's grave. Please... is this the message we want to sent our young people? We are back to the Roman forums. I am so dismayed as to where TV is going. Even though we were disappointed in Wu, at least we thought he showed some form of character. Survivor will no longer be on our family watch agenda, although we know it will continue to be popular since this is the state of where our morals and aspirations seem to be. As a teacher for over 35 years, I find it appalling that people would consider the "winner" to be one who lied, cheated, disrespected, manipulated, badgered, etc. Enough said.moreless

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    Tosha the one for me

    By terrysmith946, Apr 24, 2014

    I think she is the only worthy of winning has fought threw all odds,and has a clear understanding of the game

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    I'm Out

    By D1971BRB, Mar 21, 2014

    I am a big Survivor fan, but I am really having trouble with this group. They just voted out one of the more interesting contestants, and no one else seems worth watching. So I'm going to take a leave from the rest of this series and wait for something more interesting to happen in later series.

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    Get Back To The Original Survivor!

    By JerryIsbell47, Dec 16, 2013

    I have to agree with a lot of people saying that survivor is getting stale. In my honest opinion it is because the show keeps bringing people back to play again. When Survivor first started airing I looked forward to seeing the next cast of new characters. Then, they started bringing people back to compete again. The ultimate goal is to win the 1 million dollar prize. So, why are you bringing people back who have already won? Give others a chance. Keep the show fresh with new faces. It seems now all you want is drama. Example, "Co_ton the Quitter" should have never been allowed back. There are millions of people who genuinely want to play, so let them. Let's bring back the "Survivor" people really fell in love with!moreless

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    one problem

    By cuculhain, Dec 16, 2013

    One real problem I had with the reunion show... prior to this, if you quit the game you weren't invited back to the reunion. But this season, Colton, who quit... and who Jeff suggested faked his injury the first time he left, was invited back on the show. When he left this season Jeff Probst made it pretty obvious that the appendicitis wasn't real and that this was Colton leaving a second time? So how does he rate an invite back? Was it the only way to get Caleb back?? Did Probst say something he shouldn't have about the first "medical evacuation? Or did they simply not want it to look like they didn't invite back part of the only homosexual couple in the show??

    whatever the reason, I didn't think he deserved to be there.moreless

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