She Annoys Me Greatly

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (4)

  • Francesca: (after being voted out) I can not believe I got voted out again.

  • Brandon: I'm more intimidated by Andrea than anybody out there.

  • Shamar: I've been on over sixty combat missions in Iraq so as far this game goes, they're lunch meat.

  • Cochran: (on forming an alliance with Dawn) I'm willing to work with her. She's honest to a fault, unless she's reinvented herself over the past year and decided to play a much more cutthroat game. The fact that she's willing to take out Frannie, who she's confessed to really liking and wanting to work with, indicates that this is a new Dawn.

Notes (1)

  • Francesca is the first favorite to be voted out. She is the first survivor to voted out first in two different seasons.

Trivia (3)

  • Francesca is the third contestant ever to compete a second time despite not making the jury in his/her previous season for reasons other than medevac. Shii Ann Huang and Rob Mariano in All-Stars did it before.

  • Four similarities between this season and the first Fans vs Favorites: (1) a tribe of first-time players competes against a tribe of returning players, (2) all returnees are competing for the second time, (3) out of all the returnees, only one made it to a final in his/her previous season (Amanda in Micronesia, Philip in this season), and (4) one contestant is returning immediately after competing in the previous season (Amanda in Micronesia, Malcolm in this season).

  • With her elimination, Francesca now holds the record for fewest days (9) playing Survivor by a contestant who competed more than once, breaking the previous record set by Russell Swan last season.